May 2020 Energy Report: New Stage

universe reflection eraoflightdotcomMay begins a new stage in our ascension cycle and 3D/5D integration as we experience something we have wanted to see for many lifetimes, a collective awakening. This doesn’t mean that we’re finished with our work because we just move into new levels of ascension. What it does mean is that the Portal Keeper, light worker, holding energy, energy escrows, healing, and transformation work we have done for so long takes on a different dimension for us as we hand over the baton to others who can do the heavy lifting and we move into our new 5D paradigms.

We’re going to see a very big energy gap between those who are awake and those who are still asleep – whether they are making that choice consciously or unconsciously. We are in new levels of integration where we can see the density of 3D now, it’s what we are seeing in the tyranny that has been exposed by recent events – and so can everyone else. So what does that mean? Gear up for miracles, start your dream engines again, and if you have been idling along for a while, get ready to take action. May is here and ascension is in full high gear.

May kicks off a new 19 year cycle as the nodes move from Cancer to Gemini, which they previously did in October 2001 and March 1983. What was going on in the world then? Are there any similarities in what is happening in the world today and was happening October 2001? Interesting how these things work… And in May we have powerful themes of transformation vs change, self awareness vs fear, and empowerment vs domination. We’re in full 3D/5D ascension integration and it’s all happening now.

May opens with a big energy shift as we move into a new collective paradigm of awakening and awareness. We have experienced an event that was shared by nearly everyone in the world and this is an example of our level of connection now as we move along the ascension path. There is global awareness of everything, everywhere, by everyone. We are no long dis-connected, we know what is going on everywhere, to everyone, all of the time. This has made us more aware of our shared humanity as well as caused to collectively reach for a greater level of divinity.

And that is what ascension is all about. We have arrived.

But the journey isn’t over yet and we are still engaged in battle for our energetic freedom, which we see personified in the global lockdown and power grabs by governments and politicians all over the world who are seeking to capitalize on this event to further erode individual liberties and personal freedom

It isn’t working though. We have collectively realized that we cannot be free and sovereign when we’re overlorded by tyranny. If we were asleep before we are awakening in vast numbers and that’s a good thing. Just remember that the more people who awaken need more energy so the energy downloads this month will be intense. Be prepared for coma naps, exhaustion, motivation and a lot of multi-dimensional energy work which usually means no sleep until after 4AM.

First you have to see the darkness to be able to look for and find the light. April was a dark month for many and May brings in a new light of truth and understanding. It’s an empowering time even though it is surrounded by disempowerment. We are seeing the deep dark guts of 3D now, all of the corruption, evil, control, domination, and disempowerment.

For many years I have said that 3D is the paradigm of power, domination and control while 5D is the paradigm of connection, collaboration, community, and empowerment. I’ll add self awareness to that, as well as correlation because, as we are discovering, this is a co-relation between all of us and that is getting tighter and closer every day.

We’re seeing the truth versus what we believe, what we can see and what has been hidden from us. This is going to happen in our individual and in the collective realities. That may be a revelation of family secrets where you find out about long kept secret liaisons, activities, or find new family members thanks to DNA testing. On the collective level it is going to be about betrayal, corruption, and the disregard for human life and suffering embodied by entrenched organizations and political figures.

Learning new truths is tough especially when they challenge the foundation of truth that our reality is built on. But without these truths we cannot close karmic cycles and end the energies of the past as we shift gears in our 3D/5D integration ascension work.

We have to close the door on what drains our energy, keeps us in limiting energy cycles, maintains our karmic connections, and causes us pain, grief, shame, and disempowerment. The new era of empowered divinity is here – and it requires the release of our energy burden of pain.

The collective energy field is bigger, higher, stronger, and moving at a much faster vibration now which means everything is happening faster since the darkest density of 3D is being wiped out of the collective energy field and is being replaced with much higher vibe, lighter energy.

We’re also going to be asked to move into the transformation phases of ascension, rather than staying in the much safer, slower, and less invasive phases of change we have been in. This is the difference between dipping our toe in the water or jumping into the deep end. I call this ‘getting your hair wet’ moments since you’re not really in the pool if you didn’t get your hair wet.

We have to release our fear and be open to new potentials as our awareness expands. We do not fear ‘fear’, fear is not a thing. We fear consequences so we have to transform that inner dialogue that is preventing us from repeating the past to allow a new potential to become possible. What if there were no consequences to be repeated, what would be possible?

May’s full moon on the 7th is on the Scorpio/Taurus axis and with Mercury in conjunction. Be ready for some karmic revelations and tricky energies. Mercury rules karma so whenever it is strongly aspected there is some kind of karmic energy happening.

The new moon on the 22nd is at 2Gemini, highlighting the nodes entry into Gemini on the 5th and finally giving us a helpful aspect to Chiron, the wounded healer, which has been under heavy energy for months. This will give us some breathing room as we prepare for June’s eclipses and the big retro season that starts in May and runs through the end of the year.

Pluto began the annual retrograde cycles in April when it went retro on the 25th. That’s a relief. All of this Pluto excavation was beginning to weigh heavily on us. Now we get to start cleaning up the debris after our Pluto (and the Saturn/Pluto conjunction) storm. The week of May 11 is going to be busy as Venus goes retrograde, along with Saturn and Jupiter, and Mercury enters its retro shadow. Are you ready to plant some new seeds of potential in your life? Retrograde doesn’t mean do nothing or going backwards. These are times for review, release, renewal, rest, resolve, re-starts, and reconsiderations.

Are you getting tired of the fear, loneliness, uncertainty, and doubt? Does your mind need a rest from the worry? Take a journey within and find your spirit, connect to your guides, and find peace and comfort by staying centered, grounded, and balanced. Use my Energy Grounding Exercise that I have shared with millions since 2007, to create the energetic empowerment that will help you feel whole, complete, and clear in your energy. I have included it below.

Many things in the world have changed in the last 30 days. People are waking up to a reality they do not like. Expect to feel the grief for the naivete of the past as people realize that they must live with greater intention, empowerment, and maintain their energetic sovereignty. At the same time, there will be a new movement forward powered by a greater intention for peace, joy, love, prosperity, and awareness. The light always overtakes the darkness, even in the darkest of times.

Joy is your purpose so align with the divine and experience the thrill of being at your high vibes.

Have a great month.
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