June 2020 Energy Report

we are now in the era of light eraoflightdotcomAs I wrote in the May 2020 Energy Report, it was a month for awakening and we got to see the full scope of the dark energy of 3D, in full density mode, last month. There were multiple results, including a vast awakening of the collective of humanity and strong choices being made for the light. June brings many new potentials and opportunities to transition into even higher frequencies, make course corrections, set new energy boundaries, and get clear on our next steps. With two eclipses, a Mercury retro, and some new energy aspects, it’s going to be a strong month for those who are ready to step into a new 5D energy paradigm.

June opens with Mercury at its retro shadow degree and it will be retrograde from June 17 to July 11, fully out of its retro shadow by July 31. It’s a strong retro period with a lot of karmic overtones because Mercury is in Cancer, which is opposite Capricorn, the sign that has had so much attention this year with the Pluto/Saturn conjunction.Here Mercury brings forward our karmic cycles, partners, and lessons in ways that will highlight the scheming and trickery that Mercury is known for, especially in July as it will square Pluto and Saturn

What I mean is that you may be challenged by your karmic partners who do not want you to end these karmic cycles. They are happy to use your energy, emotions, and keep you engaged in their healing cycles. Be aware of this and use your intention power to rise above the karma and move into a more fulfilling path.June’s theme is a combination of healing with new beginnings and fresh starts but only if closure is present.

We cannot focus on a new path just because we are tired of the old one or we’re too frustrated by our lack of progress. We must be complete with the old energy before we can move onto new horizons of potential. No skipping ahead to see the end of the story because we’re impatient or do not want to do the work.A challenge in June will be to overcome the darkness that we are seeing in the world and to not let it cloud our judgment or alter our decisions.

This may be difficult for those of you who are very empathic or who are strongly affected by the energy around you. Resist the depression, hopelessness, disempowerment, and fear that you may be feeling. We can be of greater assistance and support to those who are awakening by shining our lights brightly so they can find their path to it.

One of the toughest healing challenges we are now facing is knowing that we cannot heal anyone. All we can do is encourage them to find their path by themselves and to make their own choices. This is also part of our karmic healing and closure

Another big movement in June is Saturn’s brief foray into Aquarius before it moves back into Capricorn in July to finish its cleanup work with Pluto. We had a brief recess from that rare and powerful energy aspect, now we have to get back to work and finish the job at hand. We’ll see that a lot in June too, a glimpse in to the future to gives us encouragement and motivation to finish our own cleanup work.

Think the karma lessons are over? They have just begun. Venus retrograde since May 13 in Gemini, the sign of karma, is pushing that theme too. And in May the moon’s nodes, which point to karma and life purpose, also moved into the Gemini/Sagittarius axis. It’s the month for karma review and healing. Or not, depending on what you are willing to do. Look for the karmic issues in every situation, especially the challenging ones.

Focus on your lesson, not on healing someone else or trying to change their path, their mind, or their energy.And let’s not ignore another important energy aspect in June, Mars in Pisces. Here we have the ruler of the first house (Aries) in the 12th house (Pisces). The alpha and omega, coming full circle, the completion and closure that accompanies true healing.

Mars had an extended stay in Pisces in August and September 2003 as it was retro in that sign. What happened in 2003 that we’re experiencing now? The moon’s nodes were in GemiWe can use the forward driving energy of Mars to clean the cobwebs out of our spiritual attics because starting July 1 it plows into Aries, its home sign, where it will stay for the rest of the year. Think we’re going to see some action? I believe it’s time to check for seatbelts and prepare for speed. Mars will be in Aries from July 1 to January 7, 2021. Whew, that should be fun!

I know times have been tough whether you have lost your job or your business, been a victim of the riots and vandalism, or been impacted by the huge energy shifts and downloads that were relentless in May. I don’t remember ever taking so many naps, being so tired and exhausted, or feeling such a high level of what I call multi-dimensional multi-tasking. But we get some relief in June and there is a lot of energy expansion happening for the rest of the year.

It has been a tough year so far but, as I have written many times in my annual predictions, the second half of 2020 will be much different from the first half. I believe we have gotten through the toughest part, now it’s time to relax, enjoy ourselves, and shift our focus from healing to our personal fulfillment, from trying to fix others to expanding our own energy field, and to creating the divine harmony and flow of true Becoming 360 congruence.It’s your time to shine, so turn the lights on and glow!
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