Dances With Terra

expansion image eraoflightdotcomGreetings! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj. The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. Tune into the light within you.

The light quotient on Earth is increasing by the minute. The dark is crumbling and dissolving. There is no space for the unnatural in the 5th Dimensional Earth.

Unnatural things cannot exist in 5th Dimensional Earth. From the food to medication. From the paved roads to the gas powered machines. And everything else that is consisted of unnatural components, will gradually dissolve. Much will also be transmuted by advanced technologies into something that Earth can use.

The new reality is being anchored on this world similar to an ice tray being filled with water. The light flowing from Source to Earth will not stop until every dark or empty area has been filled with light.

This includes the humans as well. All blockages or dark pockets in your physical bodies are being transmuted to light.

This is why many are getting sick. Some with severe diseases. While others are snapping emotionally in various ways.

All that is not of high vibration is being transformed or released. And this includes Mother Earth’s imbalances as well. She too is making the necessary changes to her physical vessel.

The dances with Terra have begun. The twisting, shaking and turning of her physical vessel is well underway.

These changes to Mother Earths body, in extreme cases, are manifested as quakes, volcanoes, severe weather conditions, and so on.

The process of cleansing and transformation will not stop until all on Earth becomes light of the purest form.

This process will continue for another twenty years.

However, the major changes that are paramount to Earth’s stability in the 5th dimension, are to happen within the next four years. And this has already begun.

What does this mean?

The process of ascension may not be so easy or as smooth as some have predicted.

The trembling, and other means of release of Mother Earth is not only inevitable, but necessary for her cleansing of the lower vibrational energies.

There is nothing to fear here. For only those with prior agreement may be caught up in the storms, we will say.

If you find yourself fearing any of this, you are only projecting. This may also be do to past life traumas, or similar past experiences.

These are times of joy. We will each find ourselves where we are needed and destined to be.

All the light to you.

6 Replies to “Dances With Terra”

  1. Doug James

    KejRaj can you please comment is Trump working with alliance and wont 3 waves hit earth all before 2025 as the ascension window closes by 2025

    1. EraOfLight Post author

      Donald J Trump is 100% with the Alliance of the Light. Three waves will ascend to 5D, between now and 2027. The major wave being in 2024/5.

  2. Doug James

    Ben Fulford sure isnt a trump fan I dont know what to think of trump is of the light or not!?!?!?!?!? Are tunnels being cleared or not?

  3. John L

    Although one may not agree with everything Trump does and says , he knows the Light is the only way to go. He is doing what he can considering the circumstances. Fulford seems to have a dramatic perspective on things.

  4. Doug James

    KejRaj wont there be 3 waves by 2025 to help humanity ascend with wave 1 this yr. When I read 4 yrs or 20 yrs it kills me as we cant wait any longer or 5G will be our undoing.

    Also is Trump of the light or not because many like Ben Fulford AMD others are questioning his slow moves..