Divine Mother: The Desire for Unity Consciousness is Expanding Minute to Minute

divine mother 2 eraoflightdotcomGreetings, I am Mary, Universal Mother, Divine Mother, Mother of Hope, Mother of Change, Mother of Constancy, Mother of All.

I step before your beloved team … and so many others to approach you, sweet one, as Mother to embrace you, to comfort you, to encourage you, to fortify you – and, yes, to remind you that all and everything is in the process of divine, human, and far-beyond unfoldment.

The light quotient of this planet, of my beloved daughter, Gaia, expands and increases every day. And the hearts and minds, the desires and wishes, of my beloved children, this human collective, regardless of who or where they have come from, increases every day.

What is significant is that the desire for this expansion out of the mayhem, out of the chaos, into the calm joy and serene wisdom of Unity Consciousness is expanding every day, hour to hour, minute to minute.

Yes, there are many scurrying about, embracing and promoting various chaos theories; it matters not, for much of this is falling upon deaf ears. But more to the point, it is seen for what it is, which is monumental distraction away from the heart and into the ego.

When I have placed this planet ‘in pause’, it was so that these distractions would clearly become identified and that, in their own heart of knowing, each and every person would become cognizant not only of what is true or untrue but that they would become deeply cognizant and desiring of the truth of their path, their values, their missions, because when that is truly divined, then the alignment with the energy of One, with the energy of truth, with the energy of love, is instantaneous.

It is not necessarily an elongated process. Once the truth of the intention is truly embraced within the heart, committed and transmitted to the mind and to the body, it is in place and it takes a monumental effort and decision to displace it.

So while things on your planet and what we would call the more obvious public realm may seem disjointed and chaotic – because it is – the collective, my family, yes, above the planet and upon the planet, is going about the business of rebirth, of reunification, and of setting and holding, erecting, the new paradigms of personal Divine Authority – authority that is based in the choice of love, not in the choices of derision or upset, but in the choices of prudent, fortified, unified love.

You are one, sweet angel, of my anchors in this undertaking, and it is essential that you not only are anchored deeply and firmly within the heart of mighty Gaia, but also anchored with me – and, yes, within the diamond, within the shield, that I have bestowed upon you.

It is a time of expansion and preparation, of preparing to go forth in very different ways. But this is something that you also have been preparing for, for thousands and thousands and thousands of years. So it is not something new or a surprise.

When you feel hesitation, or discomfort, or dismay, or anything – when you feel the greatest joy, the strongest, highest glee, the out-of-your-skin excitement – turn to me. Share this with me in exactly the same way I share my love and my joy with you.

I am with you, beloved, every step of the way, for you are my beloved, cherished daughter. Go with my peace. Farewell.

» Channel: Linda Dillon
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