June 2020 Energy Report

wave after wave eraoflightdotcomNow we’re in July, the 7th month in 2020 which gives us a month with an 11 signature. This signifies mastery and the ability to pull our resources together to rise, like the phoenix, from the ashes of what is no longer serving us. July has several themes or energy signatures, that include commitment and re-sourcing, as well as completion and congruence. The big retrograde cycle also begins this month, lasting until mid-September. It’s a big month with lots of support for our ongoing 3D/5D ascension integration.

July opens with Mars entering Aries for 6 months and the 3rd eclipse in the cycle that began in June. Mars squares the June 21 eclipse degree and sets the stage for the July 5 eclipse. A lot is going on in this first week. The desire to clean out, clear up, release, and move forward will be strong, even though Mercury is retrograde until July 11.

These past few months have felt like we were under attack, and we have been, by forces that are challenging our light, power, and energy. I have seen more scared, depressed, and angry people lately than I have ever seen before. But I have also seen more decisive, determined, and awakened people than ever before. The tide is turning and the light is winning. Yes the process is uncomfortable but dis-integration is never easy, especially when we are watching an entire paradigm shift happen as it is now.

One thing we won’t have to worry about this month is Mars square Saturn and Pluto, that doesn’t start until late August and lasts through the end of the year. So we get a little reprieve from that. At these times we have to find the light spots and appreciate our blessings.

July’s energy signature of re-sourcing asks us to reapply our energy in new and different ways, abandoning what truly no longer serves us or what we no longer need.

Do we need to repeat a lesson or revisit an old life challenge? It’s our choice but it is going to be much less attractive to us now.

Do we need to go through another karmic cycle or healing path with someone?

We can if we want to but new horizons are beckoning and we just don’t have the time or the inclination to put ourselves through that suffering now.

It’s time to make new commitments to ourselves and to our path. While we make commitments to others, we forget about our commitment to ourselves. How are we making ourselves happier, expanding our joy, increasing our fulfillment, focusing on our success? If the unfulfilling, joyless, painful, and hard aspects of our lives do not leave by themselves (and they just might) then what you may find is you no longer have a need or desire to deal with them any longer.

And we have the themes of completion and congruence coming up again. Completion is one aspect of healing, where we know that we have done all we can in a situation and we feel complete, without regret or a need to go around that karma wheel again.

Congruence, a topic I have been writing and teaching about since 2011, is once again coming to the forefront. This is more than a desire for our life to function with some degree of normalcy and predictability, it is an aspect of our soul’s energy priorities that we can now embody to a greater degree. Congruence is a process of getting into energetic alignment, using our intention to create energy containers for manifestation, creating an energetic resonance with what we want to manifest, and then leveraging that into mastery so we’re on the path to being in synch with our soul’s 5 energy priorities.

Congruence at the soul level is divine harmony, the fit, flow, and effortless movement of energy into and out of our lives. It involves what I describe as the ‘revolving door’ process we can achieve when we are at the soul’s aspect of congruence. The revolving door process works just like a revolving door – what we no longer need or want moves out as new potentials move in. It is an aspect of our soul’s energy that is always available to us and it is already ours should we choose to accept it. All it requires is for us to be willing to let the flow happen and to have completed the healing work we need to do.

And finally, Saturn moves back into Capricorn on July 1 to complete its transit there, where it will finish the cleanup work it began with its Pluto conjunction in January 2020. It’s going to be in Capricorn, an ongoing part of that stellium, until the end of the year. Saturn won’t return to Capricorn until January 2047. Remember this is a repeat of the cycle that we last saw in 1988, which was Saturn’s previous Capricorn transit (Saturn takes 29 years to go around the zodiac wheel). Saturn started its recent Capricorn transit in December 2017 and it will end in January 2021 (looking forward to that).

So what we have in July is more of what we have had all year except we are now in the second half of the year and we have done the demolition work that was the promise of Saturn/Pluto, now we can do the salvage and reclamation work to rebuild in new ways.

What is still standing in your life is worthy of a second look.

What has moved on is no longer necessary or useful to you for the path that you are on.

It’s a good time to set powerful intentions, have good energy boundaries, and think about what you want to commit to in your life. Use this month’s powerful energy to its fullest potential, a lot of transformation is possible if we apply my 4L transformation formula:

Learn the lesson

Leap into a new energy

Land in a new potential

Leverage the learning for greater success, to expand your energy field, and to be open to receiving the abundant blessings that are yours.

Have a wonderful month and keep that revolving door moving.
Copyright (c) 2020 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved. You may quote, translate, reprint or refer to this message if you mention the author name and include a working link to http://enlighteninglife.com