August 2020 Energy Report

wave after wave eraoflightdotcomI’m glad to see July end, are you? It was a tough month and we didn’t even have the familiarity of our routines and normal activities to help us stay grounded and balanced, to anchor our energies in a familiar comfort zone. August is going to stretch us again but in different directions. What we purged in July we have to fill those energy gaps in August. And it’s a brand new paradigm if we allow it to be. There are miracles available to those who are open to them and some truly wonderful, powerful opportunities to move farther along the ascension path, to become soul energized and energy masters.

August is traditionally the month we hear about the ‘dog days’. This is because it is hot here in the northern hemisphere but it’s also when our Sun aligns with Sirius, the ‘dog star’ and the brightest star in our galaxy. This month opens with the Sirius alignment, along with a big full moon on August 3 that is another marker for the 2021 rare Jupiter/Saturn Aquarius conjunction.

Something very powerful happened in July as I wrote on Facebook on July 25:

“Something was going on today, all day, the energy felt stalled, slow, off, but I could not figure out why. Then I got it. Don’t you love it when your guides just tell you what’s going on (it doesn’t happen all of the time but it is great when it does)!

We broke through a major karmic timeline today and if you finally understood a karmic issue or saw a connection’s meaning, or you have had a significant relationship end in the past few days and you have been looking for answers, this is it.

Since I began channeling in 2003 I have been saying this is the lifetime we will use to end our karma and today we cut that timeline’s energy. That doesn’t mean it is gone for everyone, just that the energy supporting karma and karmic cycles has been removed so it’s easier to get through the healing process (remember healing is a process of completion and closure) and release it without guilt, shame, or regret.”

If you were aware of this energy shift you may have suddenly lost interest in your karmic dramas, partners, traumas, and cycles. You no longer want to work towards their healing, enlightenment, transformation, and ascension progress. And that’s a good thing. In fact, it is perfect for the times because, as I have been writing for several years, it is time for everyone to choose which side of the light they are going to be on.

For a very long time we have been holding that energetic space for them and doing their work, so to speak. We cannot do that any more. We saw the energy gap and filled it with our own energy, effort, and intention. Not only are we tired and worn out, but we have our own work to do and we need all of our energy resources to do it.

If you do the karma release work that was empowered by this July 25 energy surge, then you will have the clarity you need to move in a new and more fulfilling, fun, joyful, and joy-filled path. That may mean you cut ties with a lot of people in your life but that is a necessary part of this journey.

You must respect others’ energetic sovereignty and know when it’s time to stop your healing work with them. If they’re rejecting you, they’re giving you their answer. Listen to it. Move on, you have other things to do now. That path has run out of energy road for you.

August is typically the month of harvest. The growing season is over, the crops are mature, and it’s time to reap their yield. My garden is getting really overgrown, rather scraggly, and the plants are a little wilted from the intense heat of the past few weeks. I’ll get a little more bounty from it and then everything goes to seed, to prepare for next year.

Isn’t it interesting how our lives parallel nature in that way? Every path yields something, then there is a harvest time, and then the garden is finished for that year. What is finishing now represents lifetimes of soul growth, lessons, and the completion

In August we have the full moon of the 3rd which is square Uranus. This can bring some unexpected surprises – not good or bad, just unexpected. Then Mercury is square Saturn so we may see some arguments and battles of will. By August 15 all of the larger planets are retrograde which may be a relief.

We have been under a lot of energy stress all year since we began 2020 with the rare and historic Saturn/Pluto conjunction. It’s not over yet as Saturn is retrograding back towards Pluto now and while we won’t see an exact conjunction again, they will be close enough to continue the relentless transformation we have experienced all year.

By the end of August Mars enters its retro shadow and it’s going to square both Saturn and Pluto several times between now and December, making this historic planetary transformation personal.

The full moon of August 19 is in Leo, close enough to the August 2017 ‘Great American Eclipse’ degree to activate that eclipse energy. While Leo is the sign of the lion and we can ascribe the noble lion qualities to this sign, it’s also ruling the 5th house of children. Childish and child-like are two very different things. We have to be careful so the pride of the lion doesn’t become arrogance and the leadership doesn’t turn into self righteous bossiness.

On a more somber note, we are living in very challenging times and it looks like we’re all going to go over the cliff at any moment. No one said ascension would be easy or graceful. Like any birth process, it’s messy and has its harrowing and difficult moments. We have been through this process before and we know what to do.

This time we are not doing it alone or with a small group who needs to hold the light and energy for everyone. The collective of humanity is involved and it’s awakening at a pace we have never seen before. We are also connected to each other in ways that have never been possible before. While that can be used for bad, it is also used for good. Stay focused, grounded, centered, and balanced. Keep your light shining, your energy boundaries strong, and your intentions high. Dark always gives way to the light and it will this time too.

Have a wonderful month.
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