A Sirius Look at “Lion’s Gate”, the Egyptians, and Why New-Agers Always Seem to Miss the Point

lions portal eraoflightdotcomThe purpose of this article is to clarify the astrological event that new-agers have arbitrarily termed “Lion’s Gate/8:8” so it is finally understood and can be used beneficially. To accomplish this, I repeatedly contrast functional and dysfunctional approaches. If I seem a bit too “serious,” understand that what I point out with regard to this one event is much too universal in the behavior of new-agers still at this late date.

In 1992 a woman named Solara announced to the world that she had been “told” that on November 11 there would be an special influx of galactic energy reaching the planet that would produce powerful changes in human consciousness:

“We hereby announce the next major planetary activation to take place on January 11, 1992. This is the Opening of the Doorway of the 11:11.”


Many humans enthusiastically accepted this pronouncement, gathered for this never-before-heard-of-and-frankly-hard-to-prove event and, basically, had a new-age party. Many have been partying religiously on this date ever since. Somehow, the “11:11”-ers still haven’t put it together that galactic forces do not follow the Gregorian calendar.

While it’s great for groups to gather to raise energy and consciousness, many do it under the guise that something “galactic” or astrological is occurring, when nothing is actually going on except in their imaginations. Pulling the cosmic polyester over our eyes and going into a pretend state does not draw merit from the stars. Only sober, consciously reflected upon, universally-supported action really does anything for our field. When we go into fantasy we actually create a split in our psyches. We lose a lot of power through these distractions. We end up blowing off the very steam we could be using to push the human evolutionary train farther forward. This is NOT how ancient peoples worked. This is NOT how enlightenment is cultivated.

You may ask, How do you know the “11:11” is a phony?

I knew immediately, because in 1992 I tuned into the concept to ask Spirit about it and feel what was going on, and nothing was going on. It was empty of any tangible lifeforce, other than what the celebrants were generating of themselves. The feeling was quite similar to the one I had a few years later when folks started talking about “Y2K”, when civilization was supposed to fall apart because we were turning from the 1900s to the 2000s. It was an empty idea. Energy-less. Unreal.

The “11:11” invention was the progenitor of quite a number of pseudo-holidays…

…such as the “12:12″s, “1:1″s, and the second-most popular of all, “8:8/Lion’s Gate”. This one is of particular interest to me, because it is based on something the ancient Egyptians really did celebrate, but somehow new-agers have managed to distort the original event into something the Egyptians never had nor ever called it. The name “Lion’s Gate” sounds formidable, but serves only to distract from what is really going on. (Hint: Sirius was not “The Lion Star” to the Egyptians – it was “The Dog Star”.)

And this is why I have taken the time to write this clarification: these habitual, calendrically-determined new-age holidays are enjoyed immensely by dark forces who love to provide distractions so we miss the mark. That way, they stay in control. While we’re busy chanting “Lion’s Gate – Eight-Eight!”, we’re missing the actual energy doorway through which we could do some good.

I read articles by these celebrants of the “8:8” feast-day who try to correlate it to something Sirius did that the Egyptians liked. They even write about the Nile flooding and Sirius somehow being connected with that. But they don’t do the research to see what really happens or that it is not a fixed date every year when it does. (Yes, you read that right.) Here is a good example of their very confused thinking and its extrapolations:

“Welcome to the August 2020 Lions Gate Portal Energy + Ascension Update! The Lions Gate Portal opened on July 21st as we entered Leo season, right after the New Moon in Cancer and closes on August 12th. Every year the epicenter of the Lion’s Gate Portal is on 8/8, this year it falls on a Saturday. On this date (every year) there is unique astrological alignment of the Sirius Star System with Orion’s belt, the Great Central Sun, Our Solar Systems’ Sun, Earth and the Great Pyramid of Giza. The Ancient Egyptians were deeply connected to the Ascended Star System & Civilization of Sirius. The Great Pyramids were all built on powerful Earth energy vortexes to be conduits and portals of energy connecting Earth and the key Star Systems, they were literal Stargates.”


There is a lot of made-up stuff in that statement. But for us, the relevant questions are:

Where did anyone get the idea that a special portal suddenly opens when the Sun goes into Leo and that it’s called “Lion’s Gate”?

Or that it always has an “epicenter” on our August 8th?

And what is this “unique astrological alignment of the Sirius Star System with Orion’s belt, the Great Central Sun, Our Solar System’s Sun, Earth and the Great Pyramid of Giza”?

Are you baffled? So am I. Sirius and Orion’s Belt are always in the same relationship to each other, and there is no special alignment between the Great Pyramid and them and the Earth or their Aunt Tillie and her dog. Wait. Maybe the dog! Sirius was called the Dog Star by the Egyptians! That must be it! We should rename this holiday “Dog’s Gate”!

New-agers force the made-up term “Lion’s Gate” onto Egyptian mythology, and conflate the sign Leo into it to make up an imaginary mythology to play in. What an illusion! And how completely unproductive. If you want to get to L.A. and you pretend you are in Brooklyn when you are really in Detroit you will get lost. Fantasizing is pretending, and it’s based on illusions. Imagining is creative, and it’s based on reality.

Above: Ancient Egypt’s version of the holy trinity associated with Sirius: an obelisk representing the masculine energy, Osis, a half circle representing the feminine energy, Isis, and the five pointed star representing their child Horus.

What the Egyptians actually did-

The Egyptians celebrated a Sirius season, from our July 3rd to August 12th, when the Nile flooded the surrounding plains, giving life to the fertile soil, and the heliacal rising of Sirius, which took place at the end of the season was the climax.

“Heliacal” is formed from the Greek name “Helios,” meaning the Sun. The day on which a star or planet rises exactly with the Sun is a conjunction, but as we cannot see that star or planet because the Sun’s light is too bright, we must wait for it to rise ahead of the Sun before we can see it. The day it becomes visible is the day of its heliacal rising, and that is what we are celebrating. For the Egyptians, this was the start of the new year.

This is the event our new-agers would like to pin down to August 8th every year. The date, in fact, is constantly in motion because the stars and planets are constantly in motion.

According to astronomer Jeffrey L. Hunt, to whom I wrote about this:

“From my latitude 41.7N, the sun and Sirius rose at about the same time (within a minute) on August 3 this year, according to U.S. Naval Observatory data. At 1350 B.C., just before the time of King Tut, the heliacal rising date at Giza was approximately July 19, from a quick look at the computer program Starry Night. Remember that we have had corrections to the calendar; so before 1582, the dates do not match the equivalent dates with today’s sun’s position.”

Read his article: “2020, August 15-16: Helical Rising of Sirius”.


This means:

1. For the Egyptians of 1350 B.C., Sirius had its heliacal rising on about July 19th.

2. Sirius now, 2020, conjuncted the Sun August 3rd, and reaches its heliacal rising on August 15 or 16th, depending on where one is.

Nothing happens on the fixed date of 8/8. Period. Fixed dates do not reflect the actual state of the Universe. Everything is always in motion. And if you do your ceremony on 8/8, despite what the Universe is actually doing, you will end up with little more than superficial excitement for your efforts.

To clarify: If we do not act in sync with the Universe, there is no real power for change.

5 Replies to “A Sirius Look at “Lion’s Gate”, the Egyptians, and Why New-Agers Always Seem to Miss the Point”

  1. Percy Vader

    Does any time or date matter anymore , did it ever in this world we have been manipulated into creating , the time is now the date is now to wake up out of this bullshit , the divine is available at every moment, every breath every thought, put your bare feet on the earth with your hand on a tree and look to the sun and feel the fear burn , fear is your only combatant .

  2. Maria

    Foi muito esclarecedor! Gratidao pelo sentido que deu a algumas duvidas que pairavam nos meus “Campos” Intuitivos. Tudo muito……bom, é oque é.!

  3. Raksha

    The Lion’s gate is not a new-age thing. It has been part of the astrological and esoteric tradition since antiquity. And it does have a meaning. Basically, the four “gates” (lion, scorpio, aquarius, and taurus) are when the Sun is at the middle of the corresponding signs in the tropical zodiac. These points are exactly between the soltices and the equinoxes and represent therefore the mid-point as well as the very peak of each season. There are many “holy days” which used to happen around this dates in many cultures. The exact date was on the 7th though. It seems to me that the new-agers wanted pretty badly to put it on the 8th in order to make it congruent with these very fashoniable “miror numbers”. The relatiionship to the star Sirius is a coincidence at best though.
    Good article though.

  4. susannedonoghue

    Thank you for clarifying all of this. I was born on August 8, 1945, and I just read the things you mentioned (about this date as bunk) this year. So I was all excited about there being something special about my birthday until now. I guess the special thing was that no one was getting atom-bombed on that day. That’s pretty special, but it could be said about all days but two. Thanks for the reset!

    1. ladybirdbeau

      Susan, the fact that you were born on that day is what makes it ultra-special, lovely. Happy Birthday for 8th August and may you have many more! XXX