Assumptions and Reality; Land Mines to Watch

energy waves eraoflightdotcomIn these moments of chaos, division, and global climate of dissatisfaction, our conditioned instinct is to long for certainty and some semblance of normalcy. We are wired to be more comfortable with the status quo, even if we could create a better reality. Energies of 2020 have upended our habits and push us to evolve. A big lesson involves challenging our assumptions. Continue reading to understand what this means in your life and how it changes our outer world.


It’s common knowledge that our assumptions can get us into trouble or simply delay our progress. We all make assumptions, so you’re in good company. We can make assumptions about ourselves, other people, situations, the past, the present, and the future. Our assumptions can make us vulnerable to blind spots and translate into a distorted view of our reality.

It’s our linear human conditioning to assume things in a black-and-white way – not allowing for variances or a bigger picture. Examples of things we may assume: (1) our car will start tomorrow like it does today (2) our loved one will grow old with us (3) we have X amount of time to prepare for something (4) if we don’t have any symptoms of sickness, we are healthy (5) the information we read online is true because it’s from a trusted source and our friends believe it’s true.

None of these assumptions are guarantees. Our ego-self, however, cannot entertain this idea. This linear part of us wants certainty and sees life through that lens. This cripples us, preventing us from accessing a holistic and realistic view. When things don’t show up as planned, it can feel annoying or even devastating.

Our Ally

Our ally for this dilemma is our larger quantum self. As we learn to master connecting with this more aware part of our being, we begin questioning our assumptions with inner inquiry.

Our larger self, aware of its eternal nature and natural cycles of change, understands the futility of assuming that things will continue showing up like they did before. This aware part of us – boundless and quantum – is fearless about change and norms dissolving. When we access this aspect of our being, we have the space and openness to flow with changes and trust that we are continually morphing into better versions of ourselves.

Challenging Assumptions

As divine changemakers, we must challenge our assumptions, applying a higher consciousness that helps us to discern truth and reality. We live in a time when many things have become weaponized to sway public opinion.

In my book Predictions 2020, I wrote:

“As a former journalist working with words my entire life, I’ve never seen the current level of language manipulation on the world stage. To be sure, some journalists from my days covering the White House and Congress had a slant on stories – a point they wanted to make. That’s much different than omitting or changing words or photos to serve as subtle weapons of hate. Our role in 2020 is to develop more discernment as we ingest information. What we want to avoid is tuning out and disengaging. Too many people in our everyday world are doing this now, to the detriment of humanity’s awakening.”

Assumption Land Mines to Watch in 2020

This year, in part because it’s so pivotal determining our future in the next decade, we have a number of assumption land mines to watch.

Firstly, corona virus models based on assumptions – without a full set of data and lacking a coordinated base of facts – can be misleading and inflame society’s already divisive social discourse. The second element in some countries like the US involves anti-science leaders inciting a culture war that uses fear and disinformation.

Secondly, this year we are witnessing historic highs of citizen weariness and distrust in institutions and country leaders. It’s an election year in the US and numerous other places, too, and the stakes are high in determining the fate of democracies already threatened by authoritarian leaders. Many people may assume that their voice does not matter – that no one in power cares. A good number of people may assume that their vote doesn’t matter either, so they may not vote.

Thirdly, due to the pandemic and our upended norms, the universe is nudging us to update countless things. This includes how and where we work, how we interact socially, and how we allocate our time and energy. In fact, the whole notion of time is shifting. Ideas about productivity are changing. Many long-established protocols for daily life have disappeared forever, or are temporarily a faint memory. All kinds of problematic assumptions can be made in these scenarios. Some people assume, for example, that the time warps and currently blocked activities mean it’s useless starting something brand new or making the extra effort it takes during the pandemic to make progress on heart-felt goals. Others put off their self-care or inner work, assuming that it will be more productive when they are more inspired and active in the outside world.

What You Can Do

The solution for each of these assumption land mines is action. Examples: (1) further develop your curiosity and inquisitive mind – question what you are taking in from the media, from social media pages, from country leaders, and from your ego-mind with its negative self-talk (2) intend to discover the whole picture of things and how it applies to you personally (3) avoid pack mentality, going along with group-think about issues (4) be willing to regularly revisit issues and update your views (5) in every way that you can, vote – whether it’s in an election or expressing your views in the world; more than any other time in history, your vote in elections and your personal voicing of thoughts is essential to both self-evolution and creating changes for a more kind and loving world.

I look forward to your feedback on these themes and knowing how I can serve you in an expanded way in 2020. Feel free to contact me at my website.

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