September 2020 Energy Report

wave after wave eraoflightdotcomWe knew that 2020 would be a momentous year since it opened with the historic and rare Saturn/Pluto Capricorn conjunction. Even though this aspect has not happened since 1516, and we anticipated the appearance of some important events, I do not think we knew just how much would happen. Or how strange, weird, and odd this year would get.

And now that we have experienced the chaos of the year so far and have awakened to new truths, we can start gathering the scattered pieces of our realities and think about how we want to reconstruct our lives in a new paradigm. We have seen the truth of 3D, of chaos, anarchy, and fear and have either decided that we want to live this way or not. In September we have the opportunity to gather the remnants of our reality that have been dis-integrated, and regroup, reconsider, reprocess, restructure, and decide how we want our lives to look.

We’re helped by a brilliant full moon on September 2 with strong aspects to eclectic, energetic, surprise-a-minute Uranus and a strong full moon on September 17 in Virgo whose energy grounds the energy of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in a more helpful way. And all week there is some pretty volatile energy with Mars, Venus, Saturn, and Pluto. Better batten down the hatches and fasten your seat belts.

I always mention the month’s keywords which are the bets descriptors of its energy. September has several and all of them are centered around the concept of reconstruction, which means to ‘build again’. For some this may be a full rebuild as their lives have been taken apart down to the foundation. For others it may be just a minor shift in various aspects that move them forward in new directions. Redo, remake, repair or restructure – but not repeat (unless you think that is necessary). No matter where you are in your life, take heart because there is help and progress on the way.

Since 2012 I have written that the path of healing is just one aspect of our journey. Although it is an important aspect, we get stuck in healing cycles when we do not do healing properly and then get stuck in what I call ‘healing cycles’. We have to take healing into wholeness and then into congruence. What ties all of this together is action – but not the ‘get me out of here as fast as you can’ action.

This is inspired, intentional action, with goals and objectives, envisioning a new reality, creating the energy container for it, and then paying attention to how we are aligned with and can integrate these new realities. It’s too easy to want to the instant version of healing and reach for that but what we get instead is the slow cooker version. As I say, you can be the fastest cake mixer in the world but you still have to put the cake in the over for about 20 minutes for it to bake. Half baked cakes are not very appetizing.

September’s reconstruction mission is a call to action but this is purposeful, intentional, energy driven action. What energy frequency do we want to embody? What do our energy boundaries look like? Are we maintaining our energetic sovereignty in every area of our life? This is what we need to focus on and we can achieve calm even in this chaos, peace in the midst of confusion, and joy when we’re surrounded by pain when we do not trade-off our energetic sovereignty for a quick fix or a desire to escape.

There are so many aspects in September to talk about –we still have Mars in Aries and it’s going retro on September 9 but has been in shadow retro since July 26. We’ll be covering old ground and re-energizing our energy, perfect for September’s themes, until mid-November when the retro ends. During this time we’ll have two passes of the Mars square Saturn/Pluto which we have enjoyed in the past two weeks (they were tough). But the first pass in a retro cycle is usually the hardest, so we’re out of the woods there. The passes in September and December will help reinforce the work we have already done since March 2020 when Mars was touching the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn.

And overall the energy of September 2020 is very grounded and stable. 2020 is a 4 year, 4 represents completion, stability, and grounding. This is our chance to enhance our ‘Become 360’ being-ness, to fully complete our healing cycles going from healing to wholeness to congruence. And September is also a 4 month – 9 + 2020 è 9+4 = 13, which is 4.

So we have the stability of the 4 year supported in a 4 month—double the stability, double the fun. Seriously, we are fully supported in our own desires for the fulfillment of our safety and security which is our primary consideration when making any kind of change. If you are a student of my Soul Energy Alignment Mentorship program, you know why this is true and why we spend so much time on this issue. It is the single most important reason we do not make changes, sabotage our growth, and delay our transformation.

Let’s look at some of the month’s aspects in detail. We have a full moon on September 2 that gives us some powerful building block energy to begin our month of reconstruction. It’s always a good idea to build on solid, level, well reinforced ground. Even with an aspect to surprise-bearing Uranus, I think we’ll find resources and support we did not count on in the coming weeks. Some surprises are good and very welcome.

Mercury is in shadow retro starting September 11, preparing for its October full retrograde. So as we’re reconstructing our reality we will get help from Mercury to ensure we stick to our ideals and values, and don’t get sidetracked. And on September 11 every planet except Venus is going to be in some retro phase (Sun and Moon never go retro).

The Virgo New Moon on the 17th is another grounding aspect for the Saturn/Pluto conjunction which I think is going to feel better than the chaos and hard aspects we have had in the past few months. As an earth sign Virgo complements Capricorn’s earth energy which will feel much better than the fiery Mars square we had in August.

And at the end of the month Venus in regal (and fiery) Leo squares the Saturn/Pluto conjunction so get ready for some temper tantrums, bad feelings, and other strange happenings with others as there may be some ‘my way or the highway’ confrontations with them. Or you may find that you ‘have enough’ of certain people and situations and you are finished and ready to turn your back on them. Remember as we reconstruct we are also deconstructing so take them together as they present themselves on your path.

This is a good month to make some decisions about where you want to be in your life – look to the future and take the steps in the present that will help you achieve your outcomes. Everything works together in synergy and everything is connected. Details matter a lot so don’t overlook anything as you move through this month of reconstruction, review, restoration, and renewal. And stay in your energy path and your energetic sovereignty with clear intentions, strong energy boundaries, and joy in your heart and soul.

Have a wonderful month.

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