October 2020 Energy Report

light waves eraoflightdotcomAnd here we are in another month as we enter the final stages of this monumental year, one we will certainly not forget. If 2020 taught us one thing it’s that being grounded, energetically sovereign, with strong energy boundaries and a clearly defined energy container is so important to our ascension path. If we didn’t learn that yet we have a few more months to get it accomplished.

After months of tortuous waiting and suffering through one level of crazy after another, we seem to have reached a new level of energetic equilibrium. We are now in greater levels of alignment with 5D light and frequencies and if you’re feeling more centered, comfortable, and motivated lately, that’s why. October brings new opportunities for resurrection, evolution, and awareness as we warm up the engines for the big events coming up in December. No the fun and games aren’t over yet but they’re going to be more tolerable and the end is in sight. That’s the topic of this week’s article and podcast, the October 2020 Energy Report.

Are you still standing and breathing? Are you glad September is over? After months of chaos we have reached the cusp of this ascension transition cycle and now we pick a path so we can funnel our pent up energy from months of outer inaction and inner work into creation. October’s energy themes are reconstruction, evolution, and expansion and like September, the steps forward we take are grounded in intention, alignment, and integration. It’s time to burn rubber and make tracks as we’re all ready to get out of the chaos and into some creation.

As October begins and ends with full moons we know we’re in for some completion because that is what full moons represent. But we’re also blessed with an end to the strong retrograde activity we have experienced since March 2020 and especially the Pluto retrograde that finally ends October 4. If you noticed that transformation has been the dominant energy of 2020 look no further than the Saturn/Pluto conjunction of January 12, 2020 as the reason.

We knew this year would be powerful as it began with that historic alignment – I don’t think we knew just how historic it would be, even with the knowledge that this particular alignment previously happened over 500 years ago and it marks a fundamental transformation in the world’s power systems.

For many what happened during the period from mid-March 2020 to September caught them off guard. They were unprepared for the possibility of a global economic shutdown (who would be?) and the loss of jobs, their financial foundation, plans, projects, and their connections. Who would have thought that this would be a possibility in January 2020 but there’s more to come from this chaos.

One thing that was made clear for those who were unclear or undecided about their life path, they know what was not working for them or what they no longer wanted. Also, months of social distancing and isolation has given people time to consider their options, potential, to see where they are limiting or misusing their energy resources. It also gave many time to do some thorough energetic housekeeping and to become more determined to create energetic sovereignty. On a spiritual level this means having strong energy containers and energy boundaries, managing their energy connections, and having intention control of their energy. On a material level this means fostering uplifting, energy expanding connections, creating their own paradigm of safety and security, and being grounded, centered, and balanced in their lives.

Now we’re in the final 3 months of this year and we have a lot of activity happening in this upcoming period that is going to lay the groundwork for the completion of another ascension cycle which begin in June 2012. Does anyone remember the 7 Uranus/Pluto squares which happened between June 2012 and March 2015? Those were turbulent times for us, as I remember. This cycle ends December 14, 2020 when Mars stops its retrograde at 15 Aries – the degree of the final Uranus/Pluto square of March 2015.

Why is this important? Because the Uranus/Pluto square series was the starting point for the upheaval we are now seeing all over the world. The revelation of mass political corruption, the end of the globalists, the desire for personal and economic freedom, the daily news of the horror of human trafficking, is all part of the Uranus desire for higher consciousness, self awareness, and freedom.

And when it started to push against Pluto, which rules the status quo, the fireworks began. But as with all great transformation, the wheels begin to turn slowly and it takes time to reach peak momentum. We’re there now.

And to help us with the reconstruction we have a Mercury retrograde starting on October 14 ending on November 2. It’s going through Scorpio into the final degrees of Libra, within aspect of the October 15 new moon degree so it repeats that energy signature. Still thinking about that getaway to an isolated island in the middle of the ocean? It’s tempting, but we can We can handle this by remembering that intention is the

And in your own life, you probably experienced some serious upheaval during that time, I know I did. Remember chaos is a byproduct of dis-integration and as the 3D paradigm comes apart we are witness to vast shifts in every aspect of the foundation of our material reality.

Hold onto your hats, the fun is just beginning. The new moon on October 16 is at 23 Libra and guess what! It is in hard aspect to the Saturn/Pluto conjunction. Now this puts pressure on the systems that are coming apart so on the global stage we will be seeing more corruption revealed, more dirty dealing brought to light, and probably a few facts that will make a lot of guilty people very uncomfortable.

Remember what I have been saying about the 1516 Saturn/Pluto conjunction – it revealed the corruption of the church, which ruled most of the western world at the time. That corruption has spread to many parts of our reality and it’s all going down because the light of truth destroys the darkness of evil.

In your life, if you have been avoid the truth, hiding from your reality, not managing your energy resources, and dealing with some karmic issues, you may have a challenge with this new moon. But it is not a punishment. It is a reminder to do your own energetic housekeeping. Think of it as a big cleanout before the Aquarius actions happens in late December.

If you’re thinking you are going to hide in your room and sit this one out, please do not do that. This is a time for reconstruction, October’s big theme, to gather your energy resources, to set more powerful intentions for your life, to look at what is draining your energy, robbing you of your vitality, making you feel helpless, hopeless, small, and powerless and turn those situations around. You can be victimized by circumstances beyond your control (like a global lockdown) but you do not have to become a permanent victim.

There is so much powerful energy at work this month and yes it is going to bring up some painful truths but it is also going to equip you with the information you need to become the authority of your reality, to claim your energetic sovereignty, to expand your awareness to include your highest potential. And then to take action to align with it and integrate it into your reality.

What others call breakdowns is really a dis-integration, a coming apart of old beliefs, truths, and limitations so new light, new energy, and the new possibilities of new potentials can become our new truth. It’s the dawn of a new era for each of us and all of us.

Let’s make the most of this opportunity now, it won’t come around again for another 500 years.