November 2020 Energy Report

light waves eraoflightdotcomWelcome to November! We’re finally out of the tough energy of October and close to the 2020 finish line. This year has been a game changer in many ways and in November we get our power back so we can move ahead and start creating from the pool of new potentials that has been uncovered with all of the work we did in October. If you think you didn’t get much done think again – the individual and collective levels of healing, clearing, and release has been massive. And if you felt the big energy shift as we moved from October 31 to November 1, you know what I am talking about.

From November forward we start making progress, we do not have to wait until the end of 2020. And if you aren’t sure what to do next, what’s right for you, or where to put your intention don’t worry, you’ll get the message loud and clear. The November Energy Report explains all that and more.

Wasn’t October a challenging month? Every day was something new in the drama, trauma, and chaos department and the clash of energies was tiring. 2020 has been a rite of passage, starting with the January 12 Saturn/Pluto conjunction and we’re now heading towards the finish line. In November we reclaim our power and get a glimpse of what’s ahead. Almost all of the retrogrades end in November so while you can take some time to regroup, release, and re-vibe your energy, don’t take too long because the action starts this month and you want to be fully present for it.

Let’s start with November’s main energy theme which is ‘changing the rules of engagement’. For so long we have tried to change the rules of the 3D game since we thought that was part of the 3D/5D ascension integration. We have tried to be nice, polite, and compassionate. We have been the Martyred Healer, the support person, the generous healer, and the teacher. We have given until we had nothing left to give, cried until we had no more tears, dimmed our own lights to help others feel more comfortable, and the game never changed. That’s because we weren’t supposed to change the rules of the 3D game or how it is played. Free will reigns in the 3D paradigm and we can’t force transformation or ascension on anyone or anything.

What we can do is change how we engage with 3D. This is a battle that cannot be won by trying to heal others, fit in, or beg for inclusion. We have been doing that for lifetimes and it has never worked for us. We have already experienced the rejection, abandonment, persecution, and prosecution that results from trying to force our light into spaces where it isn’t wanted or doesn’t fit.

To shift this paradigm we must be self aware, self confident, and congruent in our own energy. We don’t need to play the 3D game or try to respect its rules. To be honest, the reason that has been so hard for us is because we can’t do that. It is not possible for us to participate in 3D at a level that makes us feel successful and until now, there has been nowhere else for us to go. So we sat on the sidelines and watched while others managed to create success and happiness while we tried to figure out where they got the playbook and how we missed out.

But this changes now because we do not need to figure out the 3D rules or even change the paradigm, we need to change the rules of our own engagement. We do not have to sit on the sidelines of a crumbling 3D reality and try to figure out how to join it. All we need to do is decide what we’re going to participate in and at an energetic level that is comfortable to us. Remember it’s about integration, not assimilation. Then we can watch as the addition of our energy and light changes the paradigm. Or we can create our own reality and enjoy ourselves as much as possible and let others come to us.

I remember wondering how others had life figured out and what I was missing. Even though I tried to participate on their level I always failed and it never felt right for me. That’s because I couldn’t engage at the 3D level even though I gave it my best shot. Now we have a whole new level of engagement available to us, thanks to the hard work we have been doing for so many years and lifetimes.

How do you change the rules of engagement? You decide the reality you want and you use your intention to start creating it. You do not have to worry about what others think or what they do. This is energetic sovereignty and it’s going to be a primary driver in 2021.

And you have to decide whether you want to live fully, freely, and joyfully, or not. This is not about having a death wish, it’s about fulfillment, joy, love, and living to your full potential. Whenever I think about this I think about one of my first coaching clients, a woman who called me because she was dying of terminal brain cancer and had no more than 2 weeks to live (listen to the rest of the story on the podcast).

In November we see the end of the Mercury and Mars retrogrades, which is going to release the energy limitation we have felt all month. It’s going to take Mars a while to get out of shadow on January 3, to be specific, and that’s OK because we don’t need to deal with another Mars square Saturn/Pluto this month, we have other things going on.

The biggest aspect in November is the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction, a beneficial aspect, which offsets some of the harshness of the Saturn/Pluto energies that have been turning the entire 3D paradigm inside out, upside down, backwards, forwards, and sideways. I don’t know anyone whose life has not been profoundly impacted by the 2020 energies in some way and the year isn’t over yet. But relief is on the way.

We also have a new moon in Virgo on the 15th that is an example of the November ‘changing the rules of engagement theme’. Virgo is the sign of the servant and healer, represent the work that we do on both material and spiritual levels. As a healer we are either the Martyred Healer or the Empowered Master. As a servant we are either in service as a servant or of service, serving from our own energy, power, and light. While Virgo is said to be ruled by Mercury, I believe that Chiron is a better Virgo ruler as our wounds determine our spiritual path and how we engage with the 3D realities.

This new moon is the end of the Saturn/Pluto joy ride (that was not very joyful) and winds up that aspect in such a wonderful and peaceful way. It is an example of the extreme confidence and self awareness, with clarity and congruence that is so clear and so self assured that we do not need to broadcast it to the world. Imagine what your life would be like if you were so self confident and certain of your power that you could move through life with effortless grace and ease, so clear about your mission and purpose that you could choose how to experience them, drama, trauma, and chaos-free. This is what we are approaching in 2021.

Then at the end of November we have an eclipse that is a bit of a wild card. This one sets off energy that we first experience in November 2012, with an eclipse at nearly the same degree. What were we doing then? We were all getting ready for the end of the world, or something like that, which was supposed to happen on 12-12-12. Since that didn’t happen, we get another chance to see this through. No, the world isn’t going to end but the world as we have known it is going to go through some big changes.

And finally, if you have been feeling left out of the process, alone, stuck, and isolated (aside from any lockdowns or restrictions), get ready for some big changes starting in mid-December when we have a very rare Saturn/Jupiter conjunction at 0 Aquarius (this is one for the record books), the final Mars/Pluto square, and an eclipse, all on the same day.

To give you some encouragement, let me share a story of peace and redemption that’s about one of my clients who overcame life-altering trauma to find joy, love, and peace again. You can hear the story on the podcast.

Have a wonderful month.

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