December 2020 Energy Report

schumann resonance eraoflightdotcomIt’s a month that opens with a lunar eclipse so you know there’s going to be action. This one repeats one we had in May 2002 and I believe that it’s significant because it ends the cycle that began with events in 2001. The geopolitical events of that year created a fear-based reality that is only now being reversed. And we have a choice, to continue to live in fear or to rise above the fear and start living at a higher vibe, with courage, faith, and self awareness.

The December 14 eclipse is an even more stark reminder of that period as it mirrors the one on December 14, 2001. That was a somber Christmas, I think this year’s is going to be much more celebratory.

These events are going to come full circle now and whether the full truth is revealed voluntarily or people start digging and coming up with their own conclusions, it’s going to be epic. That event changed the world just as the virus has in 2020 but the difference is in the level of awareness, connection, and self empowerment. We’re bolder, brighter, and far more determined to see this ascension cycle through. In 2002 we were just beginning this journey and still were not fully aware of its implications. Many teachers, like me and Karen Bishop, began downloading, sharing, channeling, and getting information in 2003 and I believe that is when this phase of our ascension cycle began.

Once we get past the lunar eclipse of November 30/December 1, we move straight into a short quiet period as we prepare for the December 14 eclipse and December’s big event, the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at 0 Aquarius, happening between December 18 and 20. Now Jupiter and Saturn do have frequent conjunctions but the last time they were both at 0 Aquarius at the same time was in February 1226 and this month’s conjunction period is even shorter as they both move into Aquarius within 2 days of each other.

And we have more new energy cycles starting as Jupiter in Aquarius previously happened in January 2009 and Saturn was previously in Aquarius in February 1991.

I don’t know about you but those dates, especially 1991, were quite significant in my life although the events were not that happy or fun (I have heard that so much from many of you) they definitely started me on my ascension path. I did start a big spiritual group in Houston, Texas, then, and was doing a lot of channeling. That was the beginning of my ascension path although it would not really move forward until 2003, when I believe the collective of humanity was ready to embrace it and participate, and we had shifted the energy in the earth’s grid enough to make much more progress on the 3D/5D ascension integration.

So in December we get to turn a corner on that ascension path and to put some finality into the relationships and life situations we have been working on for lifetimes.

December’s themes of closure, endings, resolution, and fresh starts follow a trajectory that needs to be done in order.

First we need to get closure and as much as we want it from those who have hurt, betrayed, abandoned, judged, or been less than kind, compassionate, an disrespectful, we need to stop setting ourselves up for closure failure by asking them to give it to us and giving them every opportunity to do so. There is a reason for what I always say ‘closure is a gift we give to ourselves’. And that is because only we can decide when we are finished with a situation and if we want to wait around for someone to give us the vindication and resolution we want, we can do that and we’ll probably wait for a long time. If not, then we decide when we want to close that door and we close it tightly. Forever.
Endings follow closure because something is not truly ended until we have closure and that, again, is something we have to give to ourselves. It may help to realize that we will never get what we want from someone, in the way we want it, something that makes us feel better, that validates all we have done for them or given to them, or that gives us the feeling of worthiness and value that we want. I rarely say ‘never’ but this is one time where I will because it is necessary. Learn to accept that you will never get what you want from someone and that limiting your own soul inspired path to gain it is only hurting you.
Resolution follows endings because when something is resolved it has been analyzed, figured out, and decided. Other meanings for resolution include determination, fortitude, tenacity, and resolve. In this case, resolution must be applied to closure and endings, not to dig our heels in and hold out until we get what we want from someone or a situation that has run out of energy road long ago.
Fresh starts are possible in December but after mid-month, when we’re finished with the eclipses, the Jupiter/Saturn in Aquarius move, and the solstice on the 21st. And in another example of universal irony, just as we get through all of that the Sun moves into Capricorn on December 21, bringing us back into the heavy Capricorn energy we have dealt with all year.
Fresh starts or new beginnings are only possible when we have closure and endings and resolution, when we have accepted that the only life path we have any control over is ours, the only energy we control is our own, and that we cannot get others to give us more than they believe they have to give, no matter how much potential we see in them.

On the good news front, Neptune went direct on November 29, just in time for December. It has been retro since mid-June, preventing us from applying our full reserve of spiritual knowledge to the situations at hand and forcing us to face our challenges instead of hiding behind the veil of illusion and denial. Neptune rules illusion, addictions, spirituality, those things we escape to or use to hide from a reality we do not want to face. Our spiritual power is supposed to be empowering, and our soul’s light is to be used as a source of inspiration. But instead we often use it as an escape route, seeking protection in the unseen world when we cannot face a reality that is too dark, difficult, chaotic, and upsetting for us.

This has been a tough year but Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn demand that we face some stark realities, and get real about our journey. For too long we have hidden our gifts, denied our light, given our power away, hoped for healing, sat on the sidelines of life and pretended that the blessings of our divine blueprint were not ours to use. As we end this topsy-turvy year in which we have had to face up to a dark 3D reality we have gained a lot. Some people have lost a lot. Many people believe their lives will never return to normal, others don’t want it to. We can use this experience to rise above fear and plot a new path to joy.

Don’t hold your breath hoping this month will end without any more chaos. Instead, use what you have learned from this tough year, and we knew the Saturn/Pluto conjunction on January 12, a once in 500+ year aspect which has historically always ushered in destruction of the old paradigms, revelation of wrongdoing, and a chance to create a new and more empowering reality, would be powerful.

We just didn’t know how powerful it would be or how far-reaching.

Use the energy of December to give yourself closure, to create final endings, to resolve your challenges and make peace with your divine blueprint of energy mastery, and to focus on letting go the remnants of your old, disempowered reality that has run out of energy road to create a new frequency of joy, a high vibe of divine congruence, and an unshakeable belief in your own empowerment.

And prepare yourself for a new experience in 2021 that will be more pleasant, more enjoyable and more congruent with the 5D experience you want. But don’t think that the switch gets flipped on January 1, 2021. I think it’s going to take until March to get everything back to normal… more on that in the 2021 predictions, coming up at the end of December.

Have a great month

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