January 2021 Energy Report

light waves eraoflightdotcomThis January is rather special because it’s the first month of a new year and everyone wants this new year to begin! We’re all tired of the fear and chaos of 2020. So we begin this year on a high vibe note but it’s not going to be an easy jump into a new reality. We have work to do and while January’s energy lends a lot of support for our intentions and transformation, but we still have to set the intention and start embodying, integrating, and using the energy for them to work. All will work out though, as we have some brand new energy portals to help move things along. And we are all tired of 2020 and are very motivated to move ahead.

January opens with the rare and historic Saturn/Jupiter conjunction entry into Aquarius that happened on December 21. This energy signature will be with us all year and is going to move us out of the heavy earth energy of Capricorn into the air energy of Aquarius. The Light Age is here, finally.

You know that I’m not going to announce this without also giving a reminder that we drive energy movement and momentum, so consider this new Light Age energy signature as being able to drive on smooth asphalt rather than a dirt road, we still have to put in the effort to move ahead and there will be a few bumps along the way.

As you read in my 2021 Predictions, which you can read here, 2021 is the year of Intentional Creation and Energetic Sovereignty. January is the portal between the awareness of these potentials and their embodiment and implementation– we know they are available, we just have to identify what we are ready for and start setting our intentions. We’re at another transformation crossroads and this one comes with the history of 2020 so we are all motivated to move forward and not backwards.

January is really a mixed bag of energy as we have so many different things happening at once – the new year, the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction, an upcoming Mercury retrograde, all of the personal planets change signs, and a very strong new moon on the 13th , as a reminder that the Pluto density clearing is ongoing. Remember that while the Saturn/Pluto conjunction is no longer fully active since Saturn changed signs, Pluto is still in Capricorn doing its density dredging work so we’re not out of those woods yet. Pluto will not leave Capricorn completely until December 2024.

The January 13 new moon is directly conjunct Pluto, reminding us that the work of dredging 3D density is not finished yet but rather than being caught in the whirlpool of density that there is no escape from, which we experienced in 2020, we can now watch the dredging from the riverbank.

And at the end of the month the full moon in Leo is going to give us a little energy jolt as it squares Jupiter and Uranus, like throwing us a little bit of luck our way – but more like a carrot on a stick that we have to move out of our comfort zone to reach than a beautifully decorated gift basket.

The best way to use January’s energy is to avoid jumping at the first opportunity and throwing all of your intention eggs in one basket, as tempting as that may be. So many people have told me how glad they are that 2020 is over and that can lead to jumping at any opportunity just to get away from the 2020 chaos and discomfort. But with so many potential energy distractions this month, it will be more effective to set intentions for the outcomes you want and then sample different options to see how they fit.

This reminds me of the ‘café gourmand’ offered in many Paris cafes, which allows you to sample multiple desserts at one time, rather than trying to choose just one pastry from among the beautiful and temping selection.

This is the month to look at choices, not decisions. Think about what brings you the most joy and choose that route. We’re still processing a lot of energy so you may feel tired, anxious, exhausted, and be taking multiple naps a day. I haven’t taken this many naps since I was in diapers!

We need a little down time to recover from 2020 so do take your time but work on those intentions to start creating your high vibe energy container, to organize your energy and start pointing it in the direction you want to move into.

And try to not let yourself get distracted by the many moving parts this month, everything will settle down by March and then we may have clarity to make a decision and know that is the direction we want to move into, for now.

Have a wonderful month.

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