May 2021 Energy Report

energy astrology forecast era of light dot comDid you feel the energy shift on April 30? The annual Sun/Uranus conjunction happened on that date and this one was turbo charged. It brought all of the weird, tough, challenging, topsy turvy energy of April to a close on a high vibe note, just as we turn a corner and move into May. Now May is going to have its moments but we have come through a lot so far this year and in May we get to experience the miracles we have earned, as well as some mayhem, and there will be opportunities to step into our mastery. Miracles, mayhem, and mastery are the themes for May. Let the games begin.

You know April was tough and in fact, this whole year so far has been a bizarre descent into the weird and unusual as we look at a world that appears to have gone mad. In a way it has because we are watching the dis-integration of 3D in full panoramic display right now. For at least 5 years I have been talking about how 3D is dis-integrating to allow more 5D energy into this previously closed paradigm. And as 3D dis-integrates the byproduct is chaos and boy howdy have we been seeing that.

This is happening on an individual level and on the collective level too. We’re seeing it in the world as it is happening to us simultaneously.

Do you remember about 10 or 15 years ago when only a small group of us were experiencing the ascension symptoms and our lives were falling apart while everyone else seemed to be just fine? Well, we’re seeing the expansion of the dis-integration that we experienced happening across the collective energy body now and it is not a pretty sight. Although it is necessary because we need the 5D energy integration to happen and the 3D paradigms of control, domination, greed, competition, and power do not dis-integrate gracefully.

When 3D dis-integrates the first byproduct is chaos as the paradigm comes apart but then the energy starts to settle, and it does that in waves, we can build a new paradigm that is fully integrated with 5D. So while there is more mayhem in May it will give way to more balance, harmony, congruence, and divine truth in June and beyond. I have been saying for a year that we will get back to normal starting in June and I still stand by that prediction.

May opens on the heels of the high vibe, brilliant Sun/Uranus conjunction on April 30. we all felt the high vibe energy on that day and it was a brilliant end to a difficult April as well as a fitting beginning for May. It’s also a 5 month in a 5 year so we have a new cycle beginning – May 2021 is a 1 vibration. What a relief after the heavy 9 vibe of April. Bear in mind that there are going to be some challenges in May, so don’t get too happy just yet. But we have come through a lot in April and have plowed up the ground to plant the seeds of new beginnings in May. Is it time to bloom now? If you’re feeling the urge to shine brightly, it is time so show your glow and expand your energy.

May is the only month whose name is part of our vocabulary. Think of how we use the word ‘may’

May I – asking permission

I may – giving ourselves permission

Maybe – what we say when we are not ready to commit to yes or no

You can use the energy of May to get permission to take each step forward or you can give yourself permission to expand your light, put your sails up to catch the wind, open your wings wide, put your sails up to catch the wind and soar into new potentials. You get to choose how you use this energy.

Let’s take a closer look at May’s themes of miracles, mayhem, and mastery and what they mean for us.

Miracles are a movement of energy from one state of being to another. They are not magic or special or only available to the lucky or very important people. Everyone can create miracles and so often we create them under the most dire and compelling circumstances instead of seeing our miracle creating ability as another way that we can use our energy in our daily lives.

When I wrote my first book, 30 Days to Everyday Miracles, I included stories from clients in my Miracle Coaching program. These stories show how miracles are part of our everyday manifestation process and they can be used to create anything we want or need. If you want something in your life to change, you create a miracle to shift the energy. The word miracle means ‘wonderful’ so a miracle is something that you think is wonderful. Think of miracles as a shift from the unfulfilling and mundane to wonderful and fabulous.

There will be more mayhem this month as chaos is a byproduct of 3D dis-integration, which we are seeing examples of every day. It’s important to be an observer of the chaos and not a participant in it. Even if it is happening in your life, consider what is being dis-integrated – taken apart- and how it fits in the overall scheme of your intention. We often forget that once we set an intention for transformation everything that is not aligned with that intention has to be removed from our reality, in one way or another. The removal is not done to hurt us or cause us pain, it is part of the overall energy movement that was initiated by your intention.

Mayhem is not bad, it is part of the ascension cycle and the more dense an energy is, the more mayhem happens when it dis-integrates or comes apart. Think about that as you watch the world events in the next two months. Hold your own energy vibration and frequency and stay grounded in your energy field and the mayhem that could be happening in your life and all around you will make sense as you can see the bigger picture and understand what is happening and why.

Mastery is the third of May’s major themes and this one is a mixed bag of misunderstanding, misinterpretation, and wishful thinking. The biggest misunderstanding of mastery is that we can achieve a level of perfection where we will become untouchable – nothing can ever happen to us again. This is so untrue and it has been a major source of disappointment for many people.

Mastery is about achieving competence and understanding, not about becoming an untouchable super human. We master our energy when we can stay in our own frequency and vibration no matter what happens around us. I always say that challenges will happen to everyone, it is how we respond to the challenges which determines whether we have learned the lesson or have mastered the experience. The more you are able to master a challenge the less challenges appeal to you and the less time, energy, and attention you give them.

To give extra oomph to the miracles, mayhem, and mastery of May we have Mercury retrograde at the end of the month, starting on the 28th, with the shadow starting May 15. And this one is in Gemini, Mercury’s sign of rulership which is interesting given other May factors because Gemini rules duality, multi-dimensionality, and karma (as well as communication, transportation, and siblings). So with the Pluto retro, which started at the end of April, and Saturn retro which starts on May 23, we will be having some karma boomerangs happening in May.

Not to worry if you have done your healing and energy work but if you have not, and you are not being a very nice person, May just might deliver some bad news and bad experiences to you. Karma is not a pleasant life companion and it decides to visit those who have been creating mayhem for others when they least expect it.

Pluto in Capricorn has always had a global impact, creating lasting change, upsetting the status quo, and transforming the world. This is particularly true for the United States as it is close to experiencing its first Pluto return since the US Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 1776. It came within less than a degree of that point on April 28, just as it went retrograde and will be exact at 27.33 Capricorn on February 22, 2022. Pluto was in Capricorn in 1528, when the Spanish explorer Vaca first set foot on North American soil in what is now Texas. That opened the door to European exploration of the ‘new world’ as they called it.

The signing of the Declaration of Independence was a declaration of individual sovereignty at a time when only kings were considered sovereign and everyone was their ‘subject’. It was a social revolution that saw the beginning of the destruction of monarchial rule. This Pluto return is the first for the US and is occurring as we re-discover our energetic sovereignty, one of the themes for 2021.

The May 11 new moon is in Taurus at 21 degrees which is going to highlight Uranus in Taurus so expect some unpredictable happenings. And it also aspects many of the outer planets so look to the global stage for some changes that may begin to unfold.

The May 26 full moon is both a super moon and a total lunar eclipse so buckle up for that one, it’s going to shake things up but it is just another step on the ascension path.

And another big happening in May – Jupiter goes into Pisces on the 14th, closing a cycle which began in January 2010. What were you doing then and what is going to be different now? Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces so it is extra powerful there and it adds an extra layer of intuition, spirituality, and higher thinking to our lives. It will be there until the end of July, then retro back into Aquarius, returning on December 30 to stay in 2022. Remember those June changes I told you about? Jupiter in Pisces is going to help usher them in.

I know things have been tough for everyone and not just last month, since last year we have watched things unfold that make us feel like we are living in a bad sci fi movie – can we stop the movie now? But, as I have always said, we never had a guarantee that this would be easy or fun or even enjoyable, although some parts are OK. I blame the people who have been teaching that ascension is all about unicorns and fairy dust, just hold out your hands and you’re in lala land. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Ascension is like any birth process – it’s messy, at times painful, difficult, challenging, and there are moments when you think you are not going to make it – but you do and we will.

If you learned important, powerful lessons in April it’s time to put the pain and suffering behind you, to let go of the grief and move on. Whether we let those experiences bring us down or take us into a higher vibe is a matter of perception (how we look at it) and choice (what we decide to do next). It is easy to be victimized by our challenges and much harder to get out of that well worn path and break new ground.

If April energy and events brought out your wounds then let May’s energy bring out the will to heal and close them.

If April’s energy and events showed you that your friends are not who you thought they were, then let May’s energy allow you to accept their choices and move on.

If April’s energy and events forced you into a corner where you had to choose to be a victim or a victor, choose victory. Even if you’re standing in the victor circle by yourself, you’re in the space of achievement and accomplishment and that is something to celebrate.

We can wallow in our wounds or decide to live in freedom from pain and suffering.

Lest we forget, mighty Chiron, the wounded healer, is very active right now so use its wisdom to help you see what isn’t working and instead of trying to fix it, to choose another path for yourself.

We are not supposed to live our lives forever trying to fix ourselves and everyone around us. It is not our soul mission to heal the world, it is our soul mission and our life purpose to rise in spirit – to embrace our light and expand it into joy.

You may enjoy this month and live it in joy. You get to choose and you do not need anyone’s permission to make the most joyful, joy-filled choice for yourself. Let May’s miracles, mayhem, and mastery be your mantra for manifestation, joy, and divine congruence.

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