The 5Cs of 5D

welcome to 5d homo spiritus eraoflightdotcomThere are specific energies in the 5D paradigm that are replacing the 3D energies that we find so hard to deal with, such as competition, control, domination, greed, and separation. These are what I call the 5Cs of 5D – community, connection, creativity, collaboration, and co-operation. We don’t have to work with them but it makes the ascension process a lot easier when we do.

To fully understand the 3D/5D ascension integration process we have to rethink what so many people wrongly said about ascension. It’s not a leap into lala land where everything glitters with fairy dust and unicorns dance in the streets.

If you have been part of this process for the last 15 to 20 years, you know this isn’t so. It has been some of the most challenging, grueling, painful periods in our life. But it does get better when we understand the 5D energies and how they are being integrated into 3D. Remember as I always say, ascension is an integration, not a takeover. It’s called creating ‘heaven on earth’, not destroying earth so heaven can take over.

Before we go into the 5D energies, let’s look more closely at 3D. First, it’s a closed system and 3D operates with greatest efficiency when there is no light interference. Do you now see why the world appears to be in such a mess? Once light infiltrates the 3D paradigm it starts to dis-integrate those closely held systems that operate best in the dark. Then you have chaos, which is what we’re seeing in the world today. It’s tough to watch but it is part of the 5D light integration.

The dominant energies of 3D are;

competition – being the best, having the most
control – being the one who holds all of the energy
power over – telling people what to do, having dominion over people with no energetic sovereignty
domination – Being the strongest and using that power to control others
greed – the idea that abundance is limited and one person or group should have it all
singularity – the cult of ‘me’ being the most important, being disconnected from Source and spirit
win/lose – there can only be one winner and everyone else loses.
Listen to the podcast for a more detailed description of each of those energies

The 5D integration of those energies are described in the 5Cs of 5D, which are the dominant energies of the 5D ascension paradigm.

The dominant energies of 5D are what I call the 5Cs of 5D;

Community – The co-existence of the individual within the group, the collective of humanity
Connection – the inter-relatedness of all things with light and energy
Collaboration – working together on a shared ascension goal –
Creativity – energetic sovereignty and self awareness
Cooperation – recognizing the value of everyone’s gifts and talents that play an important part in the ascension cycle


The 5D C of community is the single most important aspect of this new paradigm. 5D community is the un-animity of humanity and the soul source of the collective family of humanity. We are un-animus, a single soul but we are not all the same although we have the same Source connection.

We are individual sparks of light that emanate from a single Source. Each one is imbued with Source light, energy, and frequency. Our un-animity refers to the single soul, single Source we all emanate from and are part of but we are also each individuals, each one of us expressing that Source light, energy, and frequency in our own individual, unique way. The individual is part of the collective but his individuality is not lost within the collective expression of energy.

Within the concept of un-animus we are a community of light expressed as individuals. Our individuality includes our individual expressions of power, our soul mission in ascension, and the life purpose we have chosen to express that soul mission. Of course we are all also on our own individual karmic path and healing journey but we are also on a larger, collective ascension path of un-animity, each of us contributing to the ascension journey, the individual is part of the whole and the whole is the collection of individuals.


The 5D C of connection refers to the un-animus Source and soul that is within each of us. This is what establishes community in the 5D paradigm. In 5D we recognize and celebrate the energetic sovereignty of everyone, including our own energetic sovereignty, which creates a 5D connection, it does not separate us as it does in 3D.

We are connected by light and through this light. We are also connected through the energetic frequency that we ascend to when we decide to dis-integrate our 3D path and embrace a higher frequency. As soon as we choose to leave the closed 3D paradigm and open ourselves to light we re-establish our Source connection, which we must disconnect to be part of 3D, and become part of the connected soul family, we rejoin the un-animus family of light while also being grounded in our 3D physical presence that is now integrated.


The 5D C of collaboration refers to how we share the work and effort of ascension. No single person has the answers, there is no standard, and there is no right, best, or most perfect way to do it. Think of the word as co-labor, to do the work together.

Because it is collaborative, we each contribute our light, energy, and frequency, our experiences, and our individual soul expression and life purpose to the journey. It is a co-labor, a joint effort where each person is important and the whole exists because of each person’s contribution but no single person is responsible for any part of it and no one is more important than another.

This conflicts with the 3D paradigm of competition, control, greed, and singularity because there is no best or winner in 5D. Ascension is not and can never be a contest. This is why I lose patience with people who smugly comment about how they are the first or doing it better or even, that they have ‘ascended to 12D’ and are beyond everyone else. That’s so arrogant and it is an indication that they are still part of that 3D paradigm of celebrity.

The cult of celebrity has no place in 5D because everyone is celebrated and no one has priority over or is not more important, special, or gifted than anyone else. This doesn’t mean that some people are not better at certain things than others because that is true everywhere. I am a gifted writer but I do not paint or draw. One of my readers, David Mannesse is a gifted musician but he is not good at other things (by his own admission). The collaboration of 5D means we share the work of keeping the energy moving towards a common goal and ascension is our shared journey although each of us follows an individual path through the process.


The 5D C of creativity refers to our energetic sovereignty. We are each energetically sovereign in our realities which means we control all of the energy we receive and give and everything it creates. Does this mean that we are responsible for everything in our reality all of the time? Yes it does. Did we really create our problems and challenges? Yes we did. Do we also have the power and ability to change them at any time? Yes we do.

It also means that with energetic sovereignty we are each endowed with the creative power (our miracle power) to create our own reality. While we already do that, this takes it to a new level, where we actually own and use that power in our daily lives. Activating our 5D creativity means we stop blaming others for our problems, we take full responsibility for our reality (this is one of the 7 Steps to Miracle Creation in my 30 Days to Everyday miracles book), and if something needs to be changed, we take responsibility for changing it.

We acknowledge that no one needs fixing or healing and it is not our job to do that. We cannot be creative or to use our creative energy and power to fix or heal someone else or even to fix or heal the world. It does not need fixing or healing, no matter how much we think it does. 3D dis-integration creates chaos and chaos invites us to bring in more light or descend into the abyss of chaos. We have to choose what we will do.


The 5D C of co-operation refers to our soul mission and ascension path of operating as a collective, working together to bring this ascension cycle to completion. Shift how you look at the word cooperation which we think means agreement or participation. It does but in 5D, it means being a collective operating unit.

It also means that ascension is our job to do, we are the operators here, and we are not just pushing buttons and driving dump trucks while someone else is managing the ascension roadway project. We are the operators, this is our ascension journey and we are responsible for every step on that path.

When we co-operate we see that the individual contribution of every person is important and everyone has a role in this journey. That is why the cult of celebrity, the control, domination, competition, singularity, and greed of 3D do not work in the 5D paradigm, because there is no co-operation. Everyone is trying to be the best, to be better than, to have power and domination over others, to stand out, to be first. And that will not work when ascension success depends on co-operation.

The 5Cs of 5D are not an imperative, we do not have to integrate these energies, recognize, them or work with them. But the 3D/5D ascension integration will not work as smoothly and efficiently unless we do. And it is a lot easier to work with them than to work against them. While the challenges we face as we watch 3D dis-integrating into the madness and craziness of chaos every day are distressing, we are also seeing the awakening of humanity out of the 3D darkness and slumber into the light and that is exhilarating.

Even our daily roller coaster between terror and exhilaration is an example of the 3D/5D ascension energy movement as we create huge energy gaps that bring more of the 3D darkness and density to light.

“When is the journey finished?” is a question I am asked very often and the answer to that question is that there is not a clear answer to that question. We do not ‘finish’ ascension because it is not linear, it is a spiral. So we go through various stages of the ascension process and we then start again on another level, armed with the wisdom, insights, and understanding that we gained from our turn on the previous level.

There no finish line, there is only completion and closure with one level of soul mission and life purpose, and then we move on to the next level of potential in our life.

We see ascension as a multi-course dinner and we’re waiting for dessert to signal the end of the meal. Think of it instead as a progressive dinner instead, where each course is served at a different home and dessert is available at any time we decide to visit the home that is serving dessert. We need to stop looking for ‘the ascension’ and ‘the ending’ and instead see that there are multiple small ascension victories that occur every moment and celebrate those instead.

When we do that, we open a new portal of potential and access new levels of abundance, joy, and prosperity for ourselves.

And do ignore the people who say it’s quick and easy and if you follow them you’ll end up in the land of fairy dust and unicorn glitter. Also ignore the people who tell you they have ‘already ascended’ because as you know, there is no end to the ascension cycles, just another beginning of a journey that takes us into greater levels of high vibe living and new potentials that expand our joy, peace, love, and abundance.

**By Jennifer Hoffman


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