June 2021 Energy Report

We start June with a lot of carryover energy from May. We have a number of important retrogrades, strong spiritual support, and we are at the halfway point between two powerful eclipses. That may sound like an omen of doom and gloom but it isn’t because in June we can rebuild from the ‘mayhem, mastery, and miracles’ of May. June’s energy themes include resets, upsets, reversals, and resurgence. And if you remember that one of the main themes of 2021 is energetic sovereignty (you can get this training in my GPS 2021 program) as I described in my gps2021 predictions, you have foundation for understand the bigger picture of what is happening this year.

June 2021 has an 11 vibration (6 + 5 = 11) and that’s the first of the master numbers. But it’s the number of the initiate, the beginner who is just beginning to explore their spiritual powers. That’s true for those who have not awakened yet and are just beginning the process? You can see June as an initiation into the next phase of using your spiritual power.

How much of the 5D energy have you integrated and how far are you willing to go?

What are you willing to use your spiritual power to create for yourself?

One of the hallmarks of 5D is that we take care of our own needs, you may call being in 5D being ‘selfish’ and that’s true only in the context of ensuring that your needs are met first. And by that I mean that you are whole, complete, and congruent in your own energy space at all times and you maintain strong energy boundaries. So bring on the selfishness and the level 2 initiation of the June energy.

Let’s start from the beginning with June and 4 big energy events:

The May 26 lunar eclipse and the June 10 solar eclipse – both have strong significance for us, as I have been sharing. The May 26 eclipse was last repeated on May 25, 1975 and the June 10 solar eclipse at the same degree was previously on June 10, 2002. This is not a do over as much as it is an opportunity to get a front row seat as our past choices and decisions parade in front of us to see what we did then so we can make the same or different choices now.

Energy moves in cycles and none of our life experiences are singularly unique –there is always a pattern repeating if we look for it. Now this may start with a past life issue but if you’re over the age of 18 and you have been an adult for a while, if you look beyond the challenge and look for energy patterns, cycles, similar people, experiences, and choices, you will find them.

The past is a stepping stone to the present and it is not bad. Whoever tells you to erase the past, forget it, and ignore it is ignoring one very important fact. Without the past we have no present. Without the past we have no knowledge. And without the past we have no experience. Imagine if you had to learn how to drive every time you got into your car because you had erased your past learning and experience about driving.

When you listen to people who give advice, use common sense.

June’s themes are aligned with the significant retrograde activity, Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto. The Mercury retro is also similar to the one, by sign and degree, of the one we had in May 1975. Now a quick astro lesson here. Gemini is Mercury’s home sign and it also rules karma. So when we have the planet ruling karma in the sign ruling karma and a repeat of a cycle that happened in 1975, a time when many of us were experiencing life changing events, some of them out of our control because we were children or we had few options available to us. And we’re seeing an opportunity to now make different choices.

Guilt, shame, judgment, criticism, self recrimination are not helpful or useful here. You cannot undo the past. All you can do is use the experiences and outcomes of the past to make different choices now.

Saturn went retrograde on May 23 and I was personally glad to see this one as Saturn is making a difficult transit to my moon. Saturn’s forward momentum digs the trenches of transformation and during its retrograde we have a chance to fill them in. It goes direct on October 6 and doesn’t get out of shadow retro until mid-January 2022. So we have from now until then to use the power of Saturn’s relentless, laser clarity to use the past constructively to create our new reality.

While all of this is going on we have some foresight into a major energy of 2022 and that is the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces, which happens about every 155 years and usually heralds big changes in spiritual awareness and understanding. The previous Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces happened in 1855 and that was the start of the spiritualist movement around the world.

With the greater awakening and more spiritually aware mindsets now, this could be a big leap in the ascension cycle. Jupiter slipped into Pisces on May 23 for a few weeks but we are already feeling its effects. How many people are now turning to spirit for answers and becoming more energetically sovereign?

This is the awakening of our divinity on a whole new level, a chance for us to embody true divine congruence, the synergistic partnership between human and divine. Remember 2021’s theme of energetic sovereignty? Now is the time to declare yours.

I have to mention the annular solar eclipse of June 11 which again repeats an energy cycle from June 10, 2002. If you are wondering why all of these energy cycles are coming up now, look at where we are in our 3D/5D ascension integration path. We are uncovering and upleveling 3D density on an unprecedented scale now. We are seeing a mass awakening of humanity and a corresponding attack on human sovereignty and its very existence.

Make no mistake, what is going on in the world is a full frontal attack on humanity and our only way out of it is to declare our energetic sovereignty and use every energetic and spiritual tool we have to ensure our very survival.

One thing I have to mention for June because it ties into the energy of resets, upsets, reversals, and resurgence and that is Pluto which has been chugging relentlessly through Capricorn since early 2008 when it made its first touchdown in that sign. I wrote about this in the May Energy Report and it holds true for June too.

The US has its first Pluto return on February 22, 2022 but Pluto has been inching towards that degree for several years and the US Pluto return will last until 2024. But this is not a US event, it is a global one. When the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776 it was a huge upset to the monarchies that ruled the world at the time.

They ruled by ‘divine right’ and had supreme authority over everyone. There was no energetic sovereignty, no rights of the individual, no civil liberties, and other modern day beliefs which, at the time, would have resulted in severe punishment.

The monarch was the singular ruler and everyone else was his ‘subject’, subject to his will. When ‘all men are created equal’ was announced to King George, I imagine he probably had a mild coronary. This was an unprecedented declaration of energetic sovereignty, of having equal standing with anyone, including the monarch, and of our right to self governance, outside the purview of ‘rule by divine right’. Monarchs cannot be tried by courts for podcast

So here we are, on a global level, once again seeing our energetic sovereignty challenged by those who want to ‘subject’ us to their whims and will which are not in our best interests. This will play out strongly this year and next year, with the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces (Neptune’s two rulers), and we’re being challenged to declare our energetic authority now.

We are also seeing the separation of the wheat from the chaff, those who are going to move forward and those who are not. Do not look back here, everyone is energetically sovereign and everyone makes their own best and most perfect choices.

One other thing that comes to mind now is the May 26, 2021 lunar eclipse forbearer in 1975 was one year before the US bicentennial, its 200th birthday. There was a lot of consideration about what the American Revolution meant at that time and now, 246 years (one Pluto revolution), it’s coming up again. And we are very close to the first USA Pluto return. The uprising against totalitarian authority that happened in the years of Pluto in Capricorn then is being replayed.

But the fight today is happening at another level. Will we, as the family of humanity, step up for ourselves and stand up for our authority and energetic sovereignty? I believe that we will and that we will overcome the evil intention and depravity that we are seeing in the world. If it all looks really dire now it’s because we have cleared out the lighter aspects of 3D and now we’re at the bottom of the barrel, the veil has been removed from the darkest aspects and we are seeing it in its full, no holds barred, nothing covered up, aspects. Does it look really ugly? Can you believe that this is happening? Know that it has been happening for eons, we just have not seen it before.

The veil has been lifted – how many times and for how long have we heard that phrase? I have said that the veil has been lifted for at least 10 years but our ability to see beyond the veil did not occur at the same time. Our awareness did not expand at the same time that the veil was lifted because we were not ready to integrate the information about 3D and its density, power, greed, corruption, and darkness.

Now we are because in the last 10 years we have been moving forward along the ascension path, we have been integrating more 5D energy and light into our 3D paradigms and now we are ready to face what we could not face before.

Before you think this is about the earth and the elite it is also about our own veils and our own illusions. This is about how we deny the truth that is in front of us, whether that is about someone’s true nature, ourselves, our abilities, or our beliefs. The veil was lifted long ago and part of this year’s energy has been focused on steering us towards the embodiment of our truth, our potential, and removing the illusions of disempowerment, denial, discouragement, and powerlessness from our own energy paradigm.

We need to see and acknowledge the truth of everyone and of everything and then use that information to make new and different choices. And our reality depends on how we access and use our energetic potential, so seek out the highest energies, the biggest potentials, the most empowering path and make it yours.

There are two ways to combat this and to continue to move the light forward. First is to realize that darkness is obvious when you look at it but that is because we now have an expanded awareness to be able to see that darkness. It has no power over us unless we give it our power. It is our natural inclination to look at the light and to go towards the light, so make sure you’re doing that.

The other is to understand that our creative ability is what moves us forward in any situation. This is one of the 5Cs of 5D, one of our 5D powers. It is our ability to use and to channel energy into new and different forms. This is how you embrace your energetic sovereignty, by becoming your own creator, by using your ability to receive and channel energy into the reality that you want to live in. There are two ways to create your reality, by following the path of 3D destiny or the path of 5D creativity. Choose the one that works best for you.

June can be a powerful force for change if we do not keep knocking at the door that has closed and instead, create a new door of opportunity for ourselves. We can restructure, rebuild, renew, reboot, and refresh our lives in any way we wish. All we have to do is to avoid the temptation of not seeing what is in front of us because we do not like the view or wish things were different and instead, move beyond our limiting beliefs, grief, sorrow, and regret about the past and use it to create a more joyful, joy-filled present and future.

Have a great month.

Copyright (c) 2021 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved. You may quote, translate, reprint or refer to this message if you mention the author name and include a working link to http://enlighteninglife.com

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