Yeshua: The Sermon on the Mountain

yeshua @ eraoflightdotcomBELOVED CHILDREN OF MEN,

you who bring forth all beneficial and fulfilling realities, on earth and throughout the universe. Every heart is my home, and your comprehensive consciousness knows about the nature of all life.

Today I bring the truth, today I give the knowledge, today I renew my humanity. As one of you, today I work through you, and you work through me. It is this symbiosis that you are now becoming aware of, and this unity is already experienced and lived by many.

Again I give my messages full of love and trust, and for this the opened light channels of Jahn serve me.

Trust therefore also you, because many things which may seem to you “unbelievable” or even “unheard of” are true, and many things which so far have been so familiar to you and ,have forced themselves as “fact” into your life, are not so as it corresponds to the events around my life on earth at that time.

Stop and open your heart, so that you can distinguish, so that you can thus strip off the darkness; to add a completely new and fulfilling power to your life and to finally shine out of this power – to receive a fulfilled everyday life.

Because the truth will free you, the claiming of your comprehensive power is imminent and will be attained through this.

Again I direct my love to mankind, and as then I raise again the word.

God’s word to reach you and to kindle in your heart the love for all being.

And again I raise my voice to lift you up so that everything is fulfilled that is destined for planet Earth from the Original Source of Being.

The devotion to the perfection of Mother Earth and the unconditional devotion to your tasks that brought you here is the master quality that is now expected of every human being.

The master that you are unleashes its power only when you can fully surrender to your divinity. Then you are master, life and light.

This process leads first through the quality of trust, unconditional and absolute. Day after day, come what may.


In this state you still see yourself as separate from Him, but the more you promote the energies that lift you into this TRUST, the closer you get to where the merging with Him is given.

This TRUST in All-That-Is is the foundation that contributes consistently, sustainably and permanently to your growth as a divine being.

Without trust in God it is not possible, if you want to achieve the unity with HIM.

This beyond all measure blissful state, by you rising in HIM, and HE in you.

The trust in God is a very decisive state of being, in order to be able to spread its roots on earth, because through it your self-confidence, which is appropriate for you, is also given to you, and so you fulfill your orders easily.

Your contracts from eternity can only reveal themselves through this, since you are tied to your life cord and to your life flow.

The way to unconditional devotion is paved, if you trust. If you have often been confirmed in your trust, this feeling of life can spread within you until you are completely taken in and filled with it.

Truly, everything is taken care of, so do not worry. Take care of the kingdom of God, and everything else will be given to you in addition.

This is the eternal and universal law, the nature of all life. If you first trust in God, everything is given to you. And truly then you are blessed, for the kingdom of heaven is here.


Beloved Father, beloved Mother of all being.

I AM the trust,

I AM the unconditional surrender,

I AM the all and all encompassing love from Being.

I trust in the way, because:

I AM the way!

So be it.


This invocation, solidifies your trust. The trust in life, as it unfolds before you. To enter into a fulfilling way of life, you need this trust, the primordial trust from your home – trust in God.

This I AM invocation forms the breeding ground in your heart, and the unconditionality of being God’s unique expression and experiencing yourself as such on a daily basis is thus anchored in you. Thereby a new “operating system” is established in you, until you are completely networked with the universal power of God.

Through this, DEVOTION is possible, and when it is achieved, the mysteries of a human life are deciphered.

Those who trust and surrender to God unconditionally are truly blessed, and theirs is the kingdom of heaven; and the kingdom of heaven is in and with them. Yes, truly, such people are the kingdom of heaven!

Once you have found your way into this way of life, nothing and no one can harm you. You are blessed and exalted, enlightened and aware, in love and loved.

A knowledge given from God’s hand that guides you and leads you, gives you and holds you so that you never fall, that loves you and cares for your well-being. This unity is perfect and complete, sustaining everything and fulfilling everyone.

So set out, you beloved gods, you descendants of HIS omnipotence. Set out for new shores.

Do not be afraid and TRUST!

The words of the blessedness that you are, I addressed to the people who had gathered at the Jordan to hear and to see; to receive the Word of God into their hearts.

This blessedness filled them completely and spread out….

And I said:

Blessed are the meek, for they shall make peace.

For only a gentle, calm and loving heart, a heart in which peace has settled, can bring peace.

As is the inside, so is the outside. Everything you have within you finds a reflection on the outside.

So become gentle and have the courage to live “softness”. Be steadfast in this, for the kingdom of peace on earth has dawned.

Free yourselves from all warlike conditions in and around you. Release this imperfection from your lives.

Once and for all: get rid of the fears that are not appropriate to your being.

The light of God will liberate you until peace and meekness flow out of your healed hearts.

Peace on earth is then given, the time of love has begun.

And I repeat: the light of God will liberate you. Call the light! *

…and again I raised my voice. A profound fullness seized the people who had come to listen and to receive the Word of God….

Blessed are those who long for the truth, for they are the sons and daughters of God.

Yes, it is this longing for truth, for knowledge within us, that brings God’s activity into human life. The knowledge of the truth of all life, of the truth of a human life; of the truth that you are.

Everything is given, if you are ready for it.

Also the truth does not give way any more, if you are ready for this knowledge, so your heart is filled with this longing.

The truth about the interconnectedness of all life is accessible to every human heart that sets out to step out of darkness into light.

If you have completely surrendered to God, the truth will be revealed to you. An all-encompassing knowledge is given and – you are in the light. Forever.

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

This is also the central point here, the essential aspect that matters most of all.


Free yourself from all delusions and from the ideas that block the access to your heart. Uncover your heart!

Truly, all human hearts are pure at their core. But how will you reach that core when you are full of false assumptions about life? How, beloved ones?

End your “trip” in the darkness! Clean up the old, damaging images you have of life and of yourselves. This is the point, and this is always what I mean when I speak of purity of heart.

And I repeat: Call the light!

Beloved ones, go and free yourselves.

Go and trust in God’s all-performing and all-giving glory.

Go and act with the intention of bringing lasting peace because: To the meek belongs the earth – the new earth of peace.

Go! I, Jesus Christ, send you out. Bring the light and be the light.

And blessed are those who have seen themselves in the face of God.

…HIS blessing filled the hearts of the people who had been listening to the Word of God on the shore of the lake.

But I descended and went among the people who had come to see HIS Son and to surrender to HIS love….

I am with you, sons and daughters of the ONE God. I, the unconditional love from being.


**Translation to English by

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl


6 Replies to “Yeshua: The Sermon on the Mountain”

  1. Ben

    I AM does NOT judge.
    Any time I judge a person or thing, I put this thought / feeling into a ball and toss into the sky to be recycled for the good of all and does no harm.

  2. Susan

    Thank you for your pure Truth. This is the Time of walking everyday in the Way. Pray, meditate, cry, breathe in Holy Breath.
    We are more protected and powerful than many realize.

  3. Best817ch

    It is so hard to leave “it in God’s hands.” Because when I do everything seemed to have gotten clear and lifes worries are pushed away. How do I keep that state of mind?

    1. Deborah

      BE = keep your mind (thoughts) on what you are doing. If you are driving, keep saying “driving, driving, driving”. If you are brushing your teeth, keep saying “brushing teeth”.


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