Starseeds on Gaia, Your Soul is Very Powerful

lightworker eraoflightdotcomStarseed-Lightbearers—Quick reminder—If this message and the coming message after December 21 is reaching you then we are in a similar timeline. For the past few days, we have faced once again our greatest fears and soul contract cycles that we were previously handling in months, years even lifetimes. Now, you have handled them differently, you have reacted in a different manner, you have faced them squarely and you let go. This is a great proof to yourself of how much you have changed. How much you have ascended.

The strength that you have shown in shifting your thought despite the enormous pressure of negative whispers you heard in your mind is divine strength. The faith that you have shown despite all the ascension symptoms of your physical vessel…you trusted…you never fell to fear…you believe and still believe…that is divine faith. The light you are emitting and keep on holding despite the darkness around you– that is a divine task. When you look up the sky shouting, crying in your mind all your plea for support and guidance in this life you chose to carry yet continue believing that you are being guided no matter what…that is divine hope. When you look at others with no judgment, with only pure compassion and complete understanding that we are all one traveling differently in different levels of frequency and resonance… that is divine wisdom.

Now you feel more at peace, more content, fill with inner joy that you can’t explain…You feel more balanced and in control of yourself–that is your divine gift…the divine spirit is now freely flowing through you…Now you are truly ready to live as a divine creator that we are all truly are.

Starseed-light-bearers, this timeline we are in, there will be no solar flash, there will be no big light in the sky that will abruptly awaken many on December 21. Instead, there will be a great timeline shift for many of us. There will be a big light not from above but from within the third eye, crown, and heart chakra of many. This will trigger their awakening…You will see the beginning of mass inquiry in different groups about ascension. Questions will be enormous, answers are plenty within you. People will start experiencing the ascension symptoms that we have been through but you will be there to guide them through based on what you have experienced.

Starseeds on Gaia your soul is very powerful that is why you took and allowed to take this mission because you know you and the council know you can handle it. In one Starseed light bearer now on Earth is equivalent to a multitude of souls who also desired to assist here…but you are screened and chosen based on the countless lifetimes you had in this planet or in another star systems…your mind, heart, and soul are so pure and strong…only you can carry this task successfully to the end. The ascension of this planet is very crucial to the whole multiverse for it will be the pattern of all 3-D planets like Gaia who will desire to ascend together with their inhabitants, what is happening now here is the blueprint.

Your presence here is a gift and badge of honor to your soul for eternity. You are ahead of the ascension process because of your inner strength even though you are wearing a human form. This will prove to others that it can be done. You are no perfect but you are the trailblazers. Ascension in a physical form can be done. Your guidance and example will show many how to easily carry the light codes that will shower on them…and they will pass it to others…and then to others…and then to others when others are ready. This is the plan. This is why we are here. This is ascension. It is a gradual but continuous process of sharing with others. That we will do one day at a time. Helping one soul at a time until it spreads like wildfire of light and love on Gaia. There is nothing here we need to fight there is only light that we need to share. Take care all of you.

May the Source be with us all. Namaste.

**By Dezmein Blueray

**Shared per request

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