Argorians Update; The Great Quantum Transition

energy waves eraoflightdotcomOn August 21st, 2022 at 2:34 AM CET, the following message was sent from the 25D Argorians’ Space Squadron Command assessing the current situation on Earth.

“Installed on the Subtle Plane in near-Earth space, platforms that receive incoming and outgoing quantum fluxes continue to generate new conditions for Earth.

Climate and landscape changes are entering the stage of active manifestation, according to the Creator’s Plan.

The planet has sufficiently accumulated and assimilated the Galactic Energy of the Oryx Star, in the space of which the Earth is transferred to a new 5D vibrational orbit, and is ready for a qualitative matter transforming.

There was a quantum leap in Gaia’s consciousness. It is caused by the transition of quantity into quality, which is a change in the vibration level of matter.

Purification of the cortical layer, on which human civilization dwells, is intensified. All accumulated low-frequency ballast is actively removing.

Chaos on the planet is intensifying. We will eradicate with special care all technologies of people consciousness manipulation, as well as performers and customers of the dissenting camp. Its hydra heads and networks are decapitated and cleansed of filth.

The world has changed, which means that the existence of what does not correspond to the new planet’s vibrations goes into oblivion.

The process is running and cannot be changed or stopped. The cycle of the program will be repeated until it is fully executed. We and the friendly space races are directly involved.

There is a choice in everyone’s life – to support the Darkness or to go towards the Light. Think that it depends on your decisions how quickly the Darkness will fall on the planet.

Many actively feed fear. Their negative emotions are giving food to the parasites, thereby lengthening their stay.

It’s time to remember that you are children of the Creator, take responsibility, and stop generating these low-frequency energies.

It is time to reach out to the Light, become a conductor of new energies, and illuminate everything from within.

We constantly have to cleanse the planet of chyrons – Evil quantum particles, that are being generated again and again thanks to you.

Stop giving in to the manipulation of your mind. Stop being the source of Evil on the planet! Watch out for the purity of your thoughts and deeds!

We see the results of our work, but with you, it would be much quicker to carry out the Creator’s Plans.

Our helping hand from above and your helping hand from below must be together.

That way we can help the Earth and each other through difficult times faster.

The magnetic field and the Earth’s axis brace for change.

Everything has its timing that carries out the Creator’s Plan.

Be mindful of each other and what’s going on in these challenging times.”

**By Lev


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  1. Lifting The Veil

    “*On August 21st, 2022* at 2:34 AM CET, the following message was sent from the 25D Argorians’ Space Squadron Command assessing the current situation on Earth.”

    Was the *date* a typo?

    I’ve seen patterns of info how something big is coming in August 2022.
    1) The watchers that are responsible for The Elites, Bloodlines, Royalty, AI, etc. will attempt another energetic/time reset, for all intents and purposes to align humanity to AI/Metaverse/Augmented reality.
    2) This kind of reset occurred in the past, that led to the Mudfloods. Prior, Tartarian empire existed, where mankind lived in harmony with nature, lived on free energy and in a higher state of consciousness. That period of time was removed/wiped out.
    3) I can see the pressure to peddle AI/VR, for work, to play for kids (for even education/school)..a dependence on AI – Which i believe was part of this Plandemic…to move the populace to merging with a planet size metaverse.

    Was this date a typo or an indication for August this year (2022)? Been a reader for sometime, first time commenting, i think. 😉 Thanks!

  2. Douglas A James

    Interesting message almost angry at us who have been prisoners on an AI controlled planet invaded by Archons dracos chimera etc and literally taken over for 1000s of years while the galactics sat and watched allowing the dark ones more time to build their defenses like toplet bombs and other exotic plasma weapons .. plasma implants bio implants..I am grateful for my galactic brothers and sisters just putting it in context what has happened here since Atlantis went down. Clearly there must have been negative influence to cause the wars that took Atlantis down.. law of one doesnt state it but something happened to create the wars that set us back so so far. We would’ve ascend to 5D like the venusian did so smoothly RA speaks of how smoothly they did this on venus .. we were hijacked

  3. John Robbins

    Just raise the planet’s frequency really really quickly, that will do the trick. There is no death, so what’s the fuss??? We are ready!!!!!


    “We constantly have to cleanse the planet of chyrons
    you work like 3d stupid people-
    you have to remove the cause and not remove the consequences (they will disappear and dissolve ….
    from what dimension of consciousness are you?


    :We constantly have to cleanse the planet of chyrons – Evil quantum particles,
    you cleaned the hydra’s head ..
    better vib cleaned tv propaganda was more useful


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