Power of Unconditional Love

In the last few days I have been asking the Divine Source, to prepare me for my webinar on Saturday on the New Loving Relationships in the New Earth.

With this I have had the most amazing experience of the Divine Love and the Power of Love as never before. It indeed has shown me again, the Power of Unconditional Love, in its purest and highest sense, where waves upon waves, upon waves of Godly love, indeed expand the Heart center and thus permeate every single cell, atom, electron of our Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and all our bodies.

When one experience such, there is just Love. All else fades into the illusion it in truth is.

In the 5th dimensional state, the Heart Chakra becomes Pure WHITE with a touch of Gold, as it incorporates pure, unconditional love, and LIVES this!

One cannot be separated from the Divine Love – ever, unless one chooses to – and indeed this is what humanity chose in the 3D. Nor only separation from the Divine, but indeed from themselves and others.

I am seeing this playing itself out now in the 3D, and I am being reminded this morning, of the Apartheid system, I grew up in.

My Mother, indeed, taught me, since I was a child, that every single person on earth was SOUL, more than the physical embodiment. It did not matter whether anyone was pink, red, blue or green. What mattered was that the Divine lived within each and everyone of them, and that I had to honor and respect that, and treat them as such.

I thank my mother for this lesson in unconditional love.

I remember how, as Librarian, in apartheid (segragation of races) years, we had books for Whites, for Indians/Asians, books for Blacks. The same applied to Libraries. I could never understand this, for to me a book was a book, and that everyone should have access to them, and knowledge they contained, no matter who they were!

Indeed, as I was then working the Regional Library, which supplied books to Libraries all over Northern Natal and Zululand, we serviced all the libraries. I found that no matter where we went, in the apartheid years, whether these were black libraries in townships and rural areas, or Indian, or White, we were always welcomed with open arms, and hospitality, and indeed within the communities. Remember that these were the years, when you had armed army patrols everywhere, armed with machine guns. Yet, I only ever found love and indeed a deep acceptance wherever we went, even in the prison Libraries, where we had libraries too.

All of this taught me, that souls are souls and every single soul just wishes to be loved who and what they in TRUTH are. Without the masks some put on, without personas, without the roles they may be playing out in this lifetime, for whatever reason or in whatever season. All souls stem from the very same DIVINE SOURCE, as does all the rest of Creation!

Let us remember this at this time:

Separation breeds more separation – we are transcending this in the New Earth.

Judgement breeds more judgement.

Hate breeds more hate.

Divisions breed more divisions.

Brute force breeds more brute counter force.

Fear breeds more to fear.

One can differ from each other, without the need to hate each other, or call each other names, or tag them for whatever reason.

For what I see in you, is there present within me too.

Every single human trait is there present within us in some form or way. We have been saints and sinners in other lives and this one. To deny the shadow, is to deny half of ourselves!

“No matter what you or I have done, or not done, you/I are worthy of love.” (borrowed from Dr. John Demartini and adjusted)

When we move into the highest state of Unity, in the 5th and 7th dimensional state and higher, we cannot see black nor white anyone. We cannot live separation. It is impossible, for indeed we can only live Unity, Harmony and Oneness, for this is present deep within us.

When we truly live in unconditional love, we cannot separate ourselves from any others, nor from the Divine, no matter what aspires.

“There is no higher love than a man who gives his life for another.”

If this may be the case, remember how many times your soul has been persecuted, or died in other lifetimes – yet here you are alive and well and on planet earth again! Not because you were forced to be here: – but because you CHOSE to be here!

The Soul lives on!

Yet, for the first time, souls now are given the opportunity to not die, in order to ascend or be resurrected into a totally new life! Indeed we can now be reborn into the New Earth and highest mastery.

Yet, we cannot take ANY baggage with us, from the Old 3D.

Let us stay in the Heart of Unconditional Love for self and others.

Let us sow seeds of love, respect and harmony and more than this, unconditional love, no matter what.

One can stand in one’s highest soul powers and not be moved, living one’s highest truth with integrity, and with so much love!

Love is indeed the highest power there is!

**By Judith Kusel


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  1. Malissa

    Divide Not

    Divine Source Oneness

    ReBirth I Life Plan 4 Infinite SouLite Life

    From the Daily Planner (Planet) & Beyond

    Sew Much Luv 4 Source Divine

    Xxx 4 ur SouLite Delite 🙂


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