September 2021 Energy Report Vibrations of 5

light meditation era of light dot comWell, here we are in the ninth month of the year. Are you tired of the drama yet? If we had not imagined what being a warrior for the light entailed, we are certainly getting an education about it now. From watching the absolute tyranny that is happening in certain countries around the world to the imposition of restrictions we thought we would never see happening in the world again after their disastrous consequences 80 years go, we are living in epic times.

This is the battle between the dark and the light, between good and evil, between the 3D paradigm of domination, control, competition, separation, and tyranny and the 5D paradigm of connection, collaboration, cooperation, creativity, and community. Whew, it has been quite the roller coaster ride and it is not over yet but we are approaching the point of transition and it’s happening this month. And we’re coming full circle from 2012 and prior to that 2003, which were also 5 vibration years.

September has a double 5 vibration – we’re in a 5 year (2021) and 9 + 5 = 14, 1 + 4 = 5.

We also had this double 5 vibration happening in our previous 5 year, 2012, and the one previous to that, 2003. What happened in those years, especially in 2012? We thought the world was going to end, the Mayan prophecy was going to happen and we’d all be taken away to a much happier, easier place.

Well that didn’t happen and in its place we have had nearly 2 years of absolute tyranny and a state of dystopia that we thought was just a fictitious narrative written by George Orwell.

In September we arrive at the midpoint of the energetic cycle that we began over 18 months ago. Don’t look at the number of months, think of the energy. 5 is the midpoint of the number line where 0 to 5 is the beginning of the journey and 6 to 10 is the end. What did we not know from 0 to 5 that we know now? How will we use this information after we pass the midpoint threshold? That’s the theme of September, achieving the threshold, resolution, restitution, and retribution. I’ll explain those in a minute but first I wanted to review the energy themes of 2021, which I wrote in each month’s energy report:

January 2021 opened with the rare and historic Saturn/Jupiter conjunction entry into Aquarius that happened on December 21. This energy signature will be with us all year and is going to move us out of the heavy earth energy of Capricorn into the air energy of Aquarius.  But that was coupled with the very strong Saturn/Uranus square and that set the stage for the year. January was all setting up the options and choices, not making decisions. The year of Intentional Creation and Energetic Sovereignty begins.

February 2021was a mirror of February 1962 which had the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn in Aquarius, at nearly the same degrees they are today. February’s themes included using the past effectively and transcension, which is the 4D bridge in the ascension integration from 3D to 5D.

March 2021 themes included motivation, mastery, miracles, movement, and manifestation. This was the beginning of our solar year too and that was an 8 month (3 + 5 = 8) in this energy cycle.

April 2021 themes were ACTion, alignment, and renewal. And it was a month to start using our miracle creation power, as well as align with the energy we want in our life. We had some unusual energy patterns and lots of support in April too.

May 2021 themes were miracles, mayhem, and mastery and a key aspect was how we put our lessons to work by knowing when we’re finished healing. It’s time to put your healing work into action and step out in style.

June 2021 themes were resets, upsets, reversals, and resurgence and especially, learning to use the experiences of the past effectively, to make more informed and wise choices in the present. June was also a mixed bag of energy that was going to lead us into the coming chaos.

In the July 2021 Energy Report I wrote “If we expected the density of 3D to give into to the light without a fight, we are seeing that this transition is not going to be made of the sweetness and light that we thought it would. Who would have thought that?” And then the wild ride began. We had the themes of rigor, resolution, and re-orientation, as noted here and we began the Alpha Omega Freedom Portal on July 23.

This month’s themes are rigor, resolution, and re-orientation and we’re going to apply them to our forward movement so we are moving in a forward direction with clarity, confidence, and congruence and without the questions about our worthiness or need for approval, acknowledgement, and validation.

Rigor refers to the discipline to stay on our ascension path and follow the call of our soul mission for divine congruence, joy, and harmonious fulfillment.

Resolution refers to the true aim of healing, completion and closure with the finality of knowing that our truth always leads us in the right and best direction. Every relationship is not destined to lead to joyful fulfillment and endings are always a consideration.

Re-orientation refers to our ability to plot a new course for joy as we use acceptance to maintain our energetic integrity. The need for security and stability can keep us mired in ruts of fear and when we realize that we can make course corrections without regret, guilt, or shame.

In August 2021 we had themes of energetic sovereignty, venerability, eminence, and majesty. We had the 8-8 Lion’s Gate Portal which was empowered by a new moon at the Alpha Omega Freedom Portal midpoint and the July 23 full moon, also in Aquarius, the end of this portal.  And that leads us into September the transition point.

Where do we go from here?

It has been quite an eventful year full of promise, potential, and powerful energies so why are we where we are and why isn’t this chaos over with yet? If that’s what you’re wondering you’re probably thinking that we have all done something wrong or we have messed up in some way and that is not true.

There is a big energy gap between setting intention and seeing an outcome and we cannot just set an intention for this to be ‘over’, we have a lot to process, learn, reset, review, release, and the choices to reject, restore, or rebuild is ours to make. That is September’s energy theme.  And let’s add reconsider to the mix because we always have the option to change our minds, choose another path, or explore other potentials.

Now we’re dealing with energy at the 5D level which impacts the collective of humanity.  But before you think I am going to talk about our collective responsibility, intention, and the good we’re going to do I am going to talk about being energetically exhausted, emotionally drained, physically tired, and mentally comatose. This is a lot of work and we have been working hard for a long time. We’re tired. We’re frustrated. We’re angry. And we’re reaching that point where one more thing becomes the final straw.

If that’s how you’re feeling, you are definitely not alone. So September gives us some relief and also a break because the ascension cycle is a relay race, not a marathon. Look around you and see how many people are rising to the occasion, are speaking out, and are not letting a few people with a dark agenda dictate their lives without pushing back. We have a strong and bold group of truth tellers who are willing to put their reputation, job, and even their lives on the line to speak up. Celebrate the small victories that happen every day.

We are making progress but we’re still in the relay race.

As we enter September I want to remind you of the energy themes of August, venerable, majestic, eminence. And if you’re entering September feeling a little tattered, tired and tossed, you’ll have some time to clean up as you’re moving forward. This isn’t the month to sit on the sidelines because you’re too tired to participate though. It’s time to forge ahead and make course corrections on the fly. Rather than taking a leisurely meal in the restaurant, order at the drive in window and eat in the car as you’re rolling down the road.

September features a rare event with all of the outer planets retrograde, and Mercury retro shadow starting on September 7 and in full retro during the final week. And we have a retro mirror happening – as Venus covers the end of the month Mercury retro degrees until September 7. Another interesting energy signature in September is all of the outer planets, except Uranus, are in the final 3 signs (10, 11, and 12) and they are all retrograde, and the inner planets are focused on the midpoint signs, 6, 7, and 8 and they’re all direct. They’re supporting the September transition energy which in ascension speak we also call transcension.

The future depends on the choice and decisions we make in the present, past and the present are equally important and they must exist in balance and mutual harmony for us to move forward with wisdom, clarity, and confidence. There is only one source of wisdom and that’s experience.

So what happened to the early signs, well we’re past that point. We are using the experience of the past to create the next steps. That’s why I used the first part of this month’s energy report to look back at what we have covered so far this year because it’s easy to overlook progress when we think we have not made any progress or nothing has changed because it appears that nothing has changed. Revealing what the light uncovers to people who have been in the dark for a long time requires patience. They can’t see what they don’t know exists.

In September we do get to forge ahead but with balance, achieving that midpoint between our usual all or nothing mentality, which I see so often in clients. We believe it’s all happening or nothing is happening and yet the truth is always at the fulcrum, somewhere in the middle.  Where are you making ‘all or nothing’ choices in your life? What happens when you move that process to the middle?

Our September energy points happen at the new moon of September 7 in Virgo and the full moon on September 20 at 28 Pisces, right before the Autumn equinox on September 22. The new moon is at the midpoint, as we had in August, and the full moon is at the final degree of the zodiac, the end of our journey. Before you get too excited, remember that the September full moon always falls on the Virgo/Pisces axis, highlighting the journey from learning to understanding, from ignorance to wisdom, and from questioning our mastery to claiming our mastery.

We still have the big 2021 theme of energetic sovereignty happening and that includes the ongoing  Saturn/Uranus square which is less active now as Saturn continues its retro back to where it first went head to head with Uranus in February 2021. Don’t make any mistake, we have won these battles and most of the war. How do we know? How much fear is being pushed relentlessly towards us? If ‘they’ were winning there would be no need to push the fear narrative so hard. Think about it.

As we enter the final third of the year try to avoid looking for the end of this journey. I know so many of you say that you want to go home well you are home, this is it. We are here to create heaven on earth, think about what that means and start creating your version of heaven wherever you are. The difference between misery and miracles is one intention for transformation.

Get ready for another busy, eventful, at times painful, month but know that we are all on this journey together, there are far more in the light than there are in the dark, and the light always overtakes the darkness.

Have a great month.

**By Jennifer Hoffman