Council of Overseers: Living in the New Earth

Victim consciousness plays no role in the uplifting and alignment of the heart and soul to the conscious original Divine Light and pure natural state of consciousness that exists already.

Let me be clear to all those that can hear. Your State of consciousness is your reality.

YOU are creating it.

To give your power to external events acting upon you is the epitome and the lie of victim consciousness itself.

Victim consciousness is the excuse and blame and the choosing to not enter the pure soul alignment that you already are.

When will you let go of your victimhood?

All who believe in external events creating consciousness forfeits the true nature and power of Divinity.

We rise in Divine power only as we accept that we have created the consciousness levels we are functioning through.

Only then when we stand yo for the eternal power does it rise and awaken in the bold and brave.

These are the initiates of the one true Golden path of the eternal Heart and the eternal New Earth.

These initiates are the leaders and creators of the Many New Earth experiences we are now venturing upon.

The true Divine power exists in the acceptance of the true nature and cause of all reality states of consciousness. That is, within.

Then the bold and brave lead the way of Golden Light into all aspects of reality cause.

Penetrating the very core of creation that meets and honours itself as the Divine looking into The Divine mirror.

This is what we are.

A reflection of the reflection in no time.

It is love, it is beauty, it is bliss it is heaven everywhere.

It is everything and nothing exists outside of this.

In this heaven where we preside we the above and the below are already one.

This is not something someone tries to create.

It already exists and is the conscious state of those awakened to the true power and love of the Divine.

All windows of opportunity are closed shut to the relentless attempts of the lower dimensions to access the Divine through its self imposed narrow entranceways.

In clear sight is the path laid out in the light of day to those that have their hearts wide open and chains freed from dreams gone bad once held in time.

All rise only as the eternal ones in no time.

Shining in Glory for all hearts to see are those that live and dream in eternity. They drink freely from the sacred waters that live and flow forever through their hearts. They live in the sacred temples their hearts have created. They live amongst the eternal heroes that only know the light of day. It is here where we preside.

We hold a space for you that already exists.

In this the land where dreams and worlds do exist forever, not in time.

Initiating the initiates, in this the holy land.

We breathe deeply the Golden Light and Glory, the eternal beauty, love and bliss that flows forevermore as the sacred waters of eternity and now. Through us, this love, forevermore.

**Channel: L’Aura Pleiadian


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