How To Embody Your Passion; Born To Do What You Do

Have you ever met someone you sense was born for something they are doing? As you observed this person, you likely noticed his or her enthusiasm and how it seemed so natural to be doing it. Continue reading to understand this enthusiasm, where it comes from, and why it is essential in your life.

Enthusiasm and Passion

The person you met who seemed born for something they were doing was connecting with their innate passion. The driving force of passion is enthusiasm, a quality all of us naturally house within. We are wired to have feelings of intense enthusiasm or interest in things.

Examples: an idea, cause, activity, or physical world expression of something.

Sometimes when we see a musician with a big deep voice, we can palpably feel their passion as they sing, our whole body tingling with the sound. Other times we can feel our own passion, an enthusiasm arising within us as we do something we’re keenly interested in.

Understanding Passion

It’s part of being human to be able to connect with our passion. We are born with it. When we connect with this passion, it’s coming from inside us vs outside.

We typically have feelings, even strong emotions, arising when we are involved with something we are passionate about. We can feel eager about something by merely thinking about it, learning more about it, or communicating about it. Finding like-minded people sharing the same passion can amplify our own enthusiasm.

We can be passionate about our relationships, too, yet this is different than the passion we can feel involved with the various expressions of our soul here on Earth.

Things We May Be Passionate About

A cause like climate change or societal reforms

Expressing a talent or skill

Developing confidence or mastery with a talent or skill

Serving a certain sector of society

Why Passion Is Essential To Your Life

Since passion is naturally within us and tied to how we express ourselves here on Earth, connecting with it and  embodying it is essential for feeling whole and expressing our soul in the world. Think of your innate passion as a divine powerhouse of unlimited enthusiasm for the things you are meant to do!

Tapping and embodying our passion is an essential elixir for manifesting things we are born to experience, express, and learn from while on Earth. There are no accidents. All is a divine orchestration designed for our self-evolution and serving others in the highest ways.

Passion Potentials Revealed Through Your Astrology

An excellent resource for understanding our passions lies in our birth chart – a map to our soul’s potential expression for this lifetime. We get more clues about our passions via our annual solar return chart, and by tracking key transits of planets as they impact the birth chart. This last two examples are especially relevant when seeking understanding about new passions that arise during our lives.

Embodying Your Passion

What does it mean to embody your passion? When we embody something, we energetically house it inside of ourselves and make it into something tangible here in physical reality.

Contemplating – or thinking about what we are passionate about – is not enough. We must embody it and bring it into concrete form. We are spiritual beings here in bodies. The very purpose of being physical is to be able to manifest in physical form.

Trust that you can do this. Know that your reading this validates that you have passions you can potentially embody – and in the process find immense joy and a sense of purpose.

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