Creating The New Dream World

Greetings! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj. The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. Tune into the light within you.

The old constructs must collapse in order to make room for the new. This is what is occurring on Earth at this time. Nothing will stop this. Nothing will stop the light from flowing and taking a new form. Creating beauty, abundance, cities of light, realities and experiences never seen before.

You, as a starseed, lightworker, are contributing to dissolving the old, outdated ways life, and all that came with it. While simultaneously radiating positive vibes, sending light to the world, visualizing what you desire for the world, how you imagine the new reality to be.

When you stop and look at the outside world, it may feel that we are still too far away from the new reality, from the new realm of 5D. This isn’t so.

One can zoom out, you can do this during meditations. See yourself a few miles above Earth. You will perceive all the higher light that is going into the Earth at this time. All the timeline constructs which have been held together by fear and old beliefs, are in a state of deterioration. One after another, they are being “shut down.”

You are not still laying the foundation for the new world. This has already been completed.

At this time, with the power of your heart, with the light of your soul, as you radiate the energies of love, envisioning the (now)future Earth, you are laying the bricks, and already building the light structures of the new world. The blue print for the new you, for the new world, is held within your DNA.

As you continue to move forward in this process, you will come together more and more, for it is truly time. And you will begin creating the light communities in real time. Each of you will know and resonate to the way in which you choose to contribute towards the creation of the light communities.

The gifts of your soul, the wisdom which you have gained through the many lifetimes, are activating and coming forth to your now consciousness. This will help you all immensely in creating that which ’til recent times was only a distant “dream.”

I am Kejraj!

8 Replies to “Creating The New Dream World”

  1. Douglas A James

    I am sure the Galactics and Alliance know of my concerns just so nice to have a platform where like minded souls.can meet and discuss. How close are we? Well Ben fulford per his Sources states military action has began. Leaders are being removed.. troops are in NZ and I assume Australia both nations are under extreme NWO control. Canada is a close 2nd .. an EBS will convince me as I have heard lots of rhetoric but nothing to validate it. Clearly Biden isnt real Biden and his WH is a set..

  2. Finn

    Yes; the time has now come for all of us to finally wrap up this so very old and tired third dimensional open-air-prison-planet grand-experimental-soul-school; in preparation for the much anticipated global January 2022 Changeover. – Thanks again KejRaj, much continued support and love to you and to Everyone, stay safe now.

    1. Douglas A James

      Yes I agree.. I see how people repeat the same pattern daily work eat sleep clearly this has locked many into a deep pattern. My siblings cant seem to awaken.. I pray divine intervention occurs now!

  3. Douglas A James

    KejRaj I see this rapidly happening once a trigger occurs to help awaken all and also once the old draconian monetary system is shut down. People must still pay bills.. mortgages food etc.. no matter how much light enters until this distraction is removed I dont see how the collective advances .. nesara is true addresses this .. remove all debt free humanity of this bondage then show them the real history and what has enslaved them.. we must address this to learn from them move up

    1. Daedalus

      Youre absolutely right about that – I mean, lets turn around and observe. Even us who are aware of certain things still are forced to live by same misery rules at the moment. We cannot progress further because the same old monetary system is still here, and advanced technologies arent released yet. Were forced to play by these imposed rules.

      And for many still rejecting awakening, this is a practical excuse – everyone is still preoccupied with surviving, rather than expanding beyond that.

      However, we need to take into account those who have mentality of pure greed. And for those, it doesnt mean to be materialistically rich – someone could have materialistically little, and still have greedy mentality. Now imagine those folks with such mentality trying to abuse any new system thats based on giving, rather than taking.

      I think were now in short period of time where peoples mentalities are given a chance to change. If theyre not, theyre incompatible with new world and new society. It feels like one part of population waits for the rest to “filter”.