Argorians Update; High-Frequency Pulses

Keep an eye on your well-being, magnetic disturbances are possible, the energy background is not stable. The high-frequency pulses of incoming quantum flows of a complex transmission system will affect the events and the general situation on the planet.

We will mitigate the sharp jumps in the power fields by our impacts on transforming radiation. 3D spheroids are actively removed from the planet through the Portal of the Mediterranean which is actively working now.

The reception of high-frequency flows by Earth increases, as does the outflow of three-dimensional energy.

North and South Poles, all Portals and abnormal zones are in tension. Be careful not to expose yourself to unnecessary risks of intensified energies in such places.

The cities with a population of 1 million and more began to strongly emit low-frequency vibrations. The quantum “press” effect increases the impact on the 3D matter.

Do not forget that the effects of higher frequency energies on unprepared people, who don’t know how to pass through and transmute these incoming flows, cause anxiety and loss of self-control.

They subconsciously try to defend themselves by increased aggression.

Conflicts of energy cannot be removed in a person from above. It can ONLY be done by inner work and consciousness.

We have to pump out from Earth the negative mental emissions all the time to smooth out the situation.

Each of you can feel the influence of high-frequency energies. Often, it’s not pleasant. Only those energies that come into resonance with you easily and freely pass through your cells and Subtle Bodies.

Previously, we have repeatedly voiced the main task of each person now – to become pure conductors of incoming energy. It means to eradicate all negativity from self.

This is the work of the Soul for all incarnations. It is not so easy to remove envy, pride, aggression, hatred, greed, and etcetera, to close and adequately pass all karmic lessons.

Those who have coped can calmly transform their body and consciousness. Those who retain gray and dark spots in self, suffer pains in Soul and corpus, as a consequence of the negative thoughts, feelings, and actions.

The processes are proceeding at their pace, and we are correcting them along the way. The Creator’s plan is being implemented, nothing can stop it.

Gaia is reborn, dresses in new energies’ clothes, shines in Divine lights, and heals together with her children whom she has nurtured with great Love all the time.

Those who are not ready to change with her will leave the planet in due time, as the Law of Energy Correspondence will manifest itself in everything.”

Two days earlier, on November 17th, 2021, at 7:24 AM CET, Argorians transmitted more detailed info about their transformation ops on Earth using quantum energies which DNI already described not once.

In the figure, Earth is depicted as a multi-layered sphere of four energies tightly covering the planet. Namely:

1. Lilac GLASIR collects free l-gamma Intelligence particles in the Earthly space.

2. Blue FIRSCO cleanses and stabilizes the mental development of people.

3. The yellow SFARGO cleanup matter from outdated intelligence and helps earthlings to adapt to the 5D space with new quantum waves impulses.

4. The brown ERMIGO (the dot in the center of the sphere) reshapes 3D energies that are processed and removed from the planet.

Argorians move this multi-layered sphere into a retracting funnel for a stepwise transforming for 5D through layers of 14 energies. Each layer consists of spheres of Universal quantum clusters of a given spectrum.

1. The purple energy of GRASIMO synthesizes plasma, neutralizes side effects, and removes impurities of unnecessary and false information and knowledge.

2. The orange LECAS strengthens temporary programs for the formation of new 5D matter.

3. The dark blue GRICADO creates life support structures for 5D on the planet.

4. The light green FEARIS forms new layers of Intelligence on Earth’s Subtle Plane.

5. The light yellow SFALIS corrects the thinking process of earthlings.

6. The gray-ash BIGS transforms the state of space and opens Portals to the inner worlds of the planet.

7. The blue and silver ERMAGO transmutes incoming and outcoming energies.

8. The crimson and gold MIRO is pumped into the upper atmosphere to condition, purify, extract and sort the accumulated 5D plasma. Argorians use MIRO to overcome energy barriers between dimensions. In small doses, this energy has a beneficial effect on plant growth and natural selection in the animal world.

9. The dark pink SLESURIS builds Matrix structures of 5D plasma and helps its preservation.

10. Brown GLASSO collects the remnants of knowledge from the previous stages of civilization development.

11. Lilac GLEGES cleans the near-Earth space from negative and waste energy.

12. Red-golden ERFAGO changes the frequencies (timbres) of sound streams that process the Earth’s power fields.

13. Purple KAROS condences particles and cleans the space for 5D structures.

14. Black CHEGREN sorts and removes Evil particles (chyrons) from the planet. In the human body, this energy stimulates and strengthens the kidneys’ work.

Argorians direct this huge quantum funnel in the Portal (in the picture – a circle with arrows) of the golden energy LOBE. It forms temporary programs and the signal system of the planet, directs the flows of negative energy being removed.

The Portal is compressed by the force fields of the dark purple energy KAROS (arrows in the figure) that condenses particles and clears space for the fifth dimension.

Inside, the Portal has an energy grid of blue and silver BLISCO energy. It uploads into a Hologram a program for the development of men’s intelligence and thought process.

This is briefly the info about the latest Argorians’ ops as of November 19, 2021. New data is received daily. DNI will continue to convey them as they become available.

**By Lev


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