Scientists Officially Announced The Discovery of a ‘Second Earth’ (video)

Haven’t you heard the news yet? Earth 2 has officially been discovered in the Proxima Centauri System. It is referred to as the Second Earth because of how identical it actually is to our own planet.

Since it has liquid water on it scientists believe that the probability of finding life on it is extremely high, to say the least, considering the fact that that is how life began in our world too.

Its official name is Proxima B, and according to most experts it is larger than our Earth. And it has a lot more rocks on it than we’ve ever had. But apart from that, it is the closest we’ve ever gotten to finding life on another planet, to say the least.

Ranging in at 1.3 times our planet’s own size. It sits somewhere around a constant of -90 and 30 degrees Celsius.

Because of this scientists believe that if we don’t actually find any life formed yet. We could still use the planet to our advantage for colonization purposes. Since it is located somewhere around 4 light-years away from us it means. That we cannot actually go there as of yet. But after discovering it scientists have begun working tirelessly towards finding a means to get there as soon as possible.

Although we cannot see it for ourselves using our telescopes, Proxima Centauri is still the best chance. We’ve ever gotten to finding more life out there or even resetting our whole existence on that other planet by colonizing it step by step.