December 2021 Energy Report

December presents a buffet of opportunities for resolution, restitution, and reconsideration. As with all buffets, we won’t like or want everything that is presented to us. We’ll take what resonates and leave the rest and we can always come back later if we want something else. Gear up because the show begins now as we wind down 2021 and embrace its gift of energetic sovereignty and prepare for 2022.

And here we are at the end of the year, this is the final month. As we look back on the events of 2021 I think we can agree that we never could have imagined many of the things that happened. But they did and the next question is, where do we go from here? What does moving forward look like? How do we rise above the chaos and believe in the traditions and structures we feel have failed us (badly). The energy themes of December include activating your self ideation triad – self awareness, self reliance, and self empowerment. Other themes include consequences, inspiration, and truth. Do nothing blindly – Trust, but verify. Pray for sun and carry an umbrella. Be open to following a new path and make sure you’re the one driving the car.

December is either an enjoyable ending or a mad rush to tie up loose ends because it marks the end of the year. This December ushers in an 8 vibration, which some will say is the sign of infinity and it is. But it also represents the endless loop of karma and healing cycles, the lifetimes of commitments and promises we make until we decide we no longer want to do that. We can either break the karmic chain or take a few more turns around its path and the energy to do that arrives with the powerful transformational energies of December.

In December we can break free from the old cycles that limit our soul alignment, growth, and joy and move into the creativity of the 5D path. But before you jump on board with that remember that the 4D bridge is the point of no return. Once you step on it, you can never go back. And once you release those energies, things, thoughts, beliefs, and everything else that prevents you from taking that first step onto the 4D bridge, you can never get them back either. If you have ever wondered what prevents you, or anyone else, from making this commitment, this is it. It’s a big commitment.

Knowing that you can never resume your old life, your old way of being, your old way of doing things, your old way of using fear and anger to empower yourself (see my podcast on how we use anger as a tool), adds multiple levels of complexity to that decision. It is not one we can make quickly or that we can make lightly.

So before you blame or judge yourself for not being able to take ‘massive action’ stop it now. The only reason anyone ever takes ‘massive action’ is because they are so afraid of where they are that they take a leap in any direction just to get away from it. Listen to the podcast for my story about how I set my oven on fire by taking massive action.

Several big energy aspects happen in December, starting with December 1 when Neptune goes direct in Pisces after being retro since late June. This is a big deal for 2022 which is going to have a Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces, something that happens every 155 years and always ushers in a spiritual revival. Neptune is also in its own sign since February 2012 and it rules, among other things, drugs, deception, illusion, and incarceration. Any of those themes familiar to us since late 2019?

Then on December 4th we have the total solar eclipse at 12 Sagittarius which is going to be a relief because since the November 20 lunar eclipse we have been in an eclipse window and it has been a tough period for anyone who is an emotional or energy empath and those who are sensitive to energy shifts. This includes most people now because as we have raised the collective frequency more people feel these energy shifts and that’s a good thing because it means we are approaching energetic parity in our 3D/5D ascension integration path.

Like the November 20 eclipse, the one on December 4 also mirrors one from December 2002 so we see the past coming forward for transformation (or repetition) in the present. This one has two special twists that make it very interesting and powerful. The eclipse is conjunct a galactic anomaly called the Great Attractor, according to the work of Phillip Sedgwick. This is referred to as a gravitational anomaly, a kind of super black hole that is so dense it can bend light. It draws galaxies towards it while at the same time sending out streams of high frequency energy. It is a creator and a destroyer of our universe. And the December 4 eclipse is in a tight aspect to it and surprise, we have Mercury exactly conjunct the Great Attractor on December 4 too.

Since we are dealing with lifetimes of karma and karmic cycles, the presence of Mercury, which rules karma, on the source of our universe, the Great Attractor, is significant. At the December 2002 eclipse we had Pluto conjunct the Great Attractor. And we have seen the effects of that in the last 19 years. Now Mercury comes in to alter course and give us some relief from the streamroller effects of Pluto to allow us to use this energy on a more personal level.

As I have said, there were many dark forces unleashed at the beginning of this millennium, now they are now facing the karma boomerang. If it all looks very chaotic, it is because chaos is part of the ascension cycle. I have spoken about this cycle for several years. We do not simply ascend into higher frequencies. It’s a process with three parts – descension, transcension, and ascension and within those 3 parts are steps which includes dis-integration and chaos, right before we cross the 4D transcension bridge. This is where we are now.

December also features Venus retrograde in Capricorn and that’s where it is going to be when it has a meetup with Pluto on Christmas Day. Remember the Batman/Robin themes in November 2020? Well we add a new superhero character to the lineup, Wonder Woman with her magic lasso and her fight for justice. It will make for an interesting holiday season.

And I have to mention the ongoing Saturn/Uranus square of 2021, which has been a strong energy signature for the year that had a short pause with Saturn’s retrograde but is back with a vengeance. We end the year with this square, a powerful standoff between the forces of 3D and 5D, with Saturn representing the control and domination of 3D and Uranus representing the freedom and creativity of 5D. This aspect is present the final week of 2021.

Now while this is happening, Venus ends the year in Capricorn which is where it began the year, starting January 8 and if you remember from the October Energy Report, Mars began the year at 27 Aries, the same degree as the October 2021 full moon and it was in Aries for 6 months in 2020. Now we have Venus spending a long time in Capricorn where it’s going to do battle with Pluto and bring some balance to the ascension cycle.

These are the personal planets, the ones that relate to us on a more personal individual level. Can you say ‘power to the people’ now? I think we are seeing the resurgence of our personal power in the face of our ongoing 3D/5D integration journey which is about community, connection, cooperation, collaboration, and creativity. The community of light gains its strength from the millions of lights within it. The light age is here so bring on the light.

In 2022 we will be addressing our self ideation, the idea of our self as healed, whole, and congruent. It is the only way we can make progress in any area of our energetic growth and expansion, by having a clear foundation and that means clearing out the trauma, grief, anger, regrets, resentment, fear, and all of those associated energies. In 2010 I introduced the concept of ‘Becoming 360’ which is the state of energetic congruence and divine harmony. Self ideation is the embodiment of that concept into our physical, emotional, mental, and energetic reality.

The three parts of the self ideation triad are:

self awareness – being fully grounded in our own energy
self reliance – being fully whole in our own energy and not dependent on anyone for energetic completion or wholeness
self empowerment – being our own source of power and without energy gaps or seeking power from others or giving our power away to them.

Two intertwined themes of December include inspired action and consequences. Inspired means in spirit which is about our co-creative partnership, not subjecting ourselves to a higher power or force we think is smarter, wiser, more capable, or more knowing than we are. Consequence means ‘what follows’ and these are intertwined because they are co-dependent. We fear consequences and avoid taking action. Or we take action and hope the consequences are favorable. We need to learn to control our fear of consequences to allow inspired action to be truly motivated by faith in our ability to align with, intend, and manifest the reality we want.

We are the authority in our lives, we have the power and control, and it is up to us to make the next moves, the best moves, and the decisions that will get us to where we want to be. We forget that in every moment we decide what we’re going to do and while we may be influenced, manipulated, coerced, guilted, and shamed into choosing, the final decision as to what we will choose is ours.

One of the most courageous and empowered decisions we can make for ourselves right now is to say no to what we no longer want, what does not serve our new intention, what is not aligned with the peace, joy, love, and abundance that we want in our lives, and what just does not fit or feel right to us any longer. Hint: don’t expect everyone to approve, agree, or like what you choose but that is their problem, not yours. You can continue to go around the endless infinity loop of coercion, manipulation, guilt and shame, or you can ignore them and do your own thing.

December brings us back to the beginning, where we started in January 2021 when we thought all of this mess would be over soon. It will be over but not because the perpetrators end it – because we, as the collective of humanity, decide what we want to do next. Remember when your record got stuck and you had to move the needle (I did a podcast on that)? Well, it’s time to move the needle and decide what we want and choose what is best for us.

As we move farther along the ascension path and integrate more of the 5D energy into the 3D paradigm (goodbye darkness and hello light) we are provided with access to new potentials that are aligned with our energetic intention in that moment. We make the decision as to whether the material aspects can rise up to integrate with the spiritual. No pressure here though, if we do not choose that as an option this time, it will come around again.

There is a little bit of nostalgia for the past this month as we release parts of our own ascension journey. Those who have been the light warriors, the Portal Keepers, the guardians of the ascension process, are finding that their jobs are now being done by others. Many more people have stepped up to spread the light and to do the work that was formerly reserved for light workers. That’s happening because the collective energy frequency is much higher than it was in the past 10 years or more and more importantly, because it’s time for the early light workers to move into new roles.

3D is the paradigm of karma, where destiny rules. 5D is the paradigm of creation, where there is no karma and there are no rules, we create it as we go along. Someone has to prepare the 5D energy spaces and that falls to the light workers who have been working so hard to bring the light to 3D. It’s like what happens when you raise your children and then one day they are ready to move out and create their own lives. There’s a period of adjustment that is required to shift from being ‘the mother’ to being ‘a mother’.

And that’s where we are now in the work that we have been doing for lifetimes. At some point there has to be a shift in our own consciousness, the birth of a new awareness, allowing ourselves to expand beyond our caretaking roles into roles that bring us more fulfillment. The days of karmic sacrifice are over. We have to move on from being Martyred Healers into our own enlightenment, to being fully empowered masters. The Christed Awareness paradigm is the 5D creator.

The spiritual awakening and revival that 2022 ushers in is a follow through to the mass awakening that we have nurtured with our work. Now that baby has grown up and we have other things to do, starting with focusing on our own joy.

We can use the energy of December to do a lot of things – tie up loose ends, plan our holiday break, buy gifts for family and friends, decorate our homes, prepare for the new year and a lot of the busy work that occupies the final month of the year.

But there’s another more personal and inspired way to use December’s energy. Use this month to find your points of inspired action. Take a break from the busy-ness of the month and nurture yourself. If your life is shifting from caretaking for others to taking care of yourself, explore what brings you joy. What gifts, talents, and abilities have you been holding back that can now be fully expressed? What no longer needs your attention so you can focus on yourself?

And to prepare for 2022, what does your personal heaven on earth look like? 2022 is a 6 vibration and that is the vibration of heaven on earth. If you want your reality to exemplify 5D energy you need to set that intention and let that energy roll in.

We are still facing the chaos of the tyrants and despots who want to control us and everything around us but that 3D paradigm is fading fast because it has no energetic support. We are ready for a new paradigm of truth, justice, transparency, that is grounded in the 5D paradigm of connection, cooperation, community, collaboration, and creativity. The 3D paradigm of control, power over, domination, tyranny, and competition is center stage now, in full display for everyone to see. If the view is not appealing, don’t worry, it won’t be there for long. But people have to see what 3D is about in order to make a choice to let it go. It’s all about free will.

December presents a buffet of opportunities for resolution, restitution, and reconsideration. As with all buffets, we won’t like or want everything that is presented to us. We’ll take what resonates and leave the rest and we can always come back later if we want something else. Gear up because the show begins now as we wind down 2021 and embrace its gift of energetic sovereignty and prepare for 2022.

Have a wonderful month.

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