Energy Update: Life Changing Events and Healing

Dear love, light and soul family, brothers and sisters. We are experiencing much inner change and with that comes outer change. We are being pushed by the divine in many ways to look deeper within and finally let go of any false personalities, old programming, the old vows, the hurt and pain, the trauma, drama and karma.

I know it is not easy to let go of all the protection persona’s(ego) and walls we have build around us for protection against all people who want to control and manipulate our lives, the ones that abused , harmed, betrayed, lied, stolen from us in this life and the ones before.

We have carried the feelings of pain and hurt and abuse with us far to long, the earth game in 3D was never meant to run this long.

The last few days I have been blessed by connecting with a beautiful soul who helped me discover my own deeper false protection beliefs. Another dear friend also told me I need to let go of putting so much pressure on myself and this I now see and it really awakened me on a deeper level.

Most of us lightworkers and starseeds have had very tough lives and live lessons and these shaped us in many ways. Especially the empaths who deeply care for everything have been abused much myself included.

The dark forces have tried over and over to keep us in the dark, to stop us from expanding into the light, to teach, to share, to lead, evolve and ascend. The dark forces still use fear tactics to control humanity and try to pull us back.

Religion has kept us in the dark and even in the spiritual community there are many false leaders and false lightworkers being selfish and greedy, not in service of the divine, still trying to feed of people.

Millions have already awakened and see the truth, more are awakening fast so they can not stop the evolution and ascension of humanity and the planet. Yes the ones still in the dark feel that, they are getting desperate by spreading more lies and more fear but it is to late for them.

The masculine energies have abused the world and humanity far to long for greed, lust, control and fake power, no more!

It was normal to protect our life, love, and light as most of us have been prosecuted in other life times, even in this life time for just being a light beacon of Divine love, Light and Truth.

Finding people to trust, to really love unconditionally in a 3D low vibrational world was hard so we kept building up our armor.

Being an empath I can speak for other empaths that we are great in loving, forgiving , helping and try to heal people however we have been abused and taken advantage of way to much. Many of us have given up and those still present are very tired but now we are almost at the finish line. Freedom is here.

It has always been our souls mission to ascend to live in 5D.

We now can let go of our old life as we are divinely supported on all levels. The feminine energies (in man and women) will take over so all will be more balanced.

It is time for us to step out of the shadows and receive and receive. The rewards are here for us but first we need to learn to open up again, put our armor down, to know we are being supported and receive the love we so much need.

The 5th dimension is here and ready for all who choose to ascend, the timeliness have changed.

Let go of beliefs we need to go down into lower vibrational energies to help others ascend, this is a trap. Every soul is responsible for it’s own journey. We can affect even more change for all of humanity and the planet by staying in a harmonious, balanced, high vibration, peaceful observer role. Our energy will do the work for us.

It is time for you to dive deep, release, recharge, rest and know your path is clear and divinely guided and supported.

The uncertainty of what comes next is normal as we no longer shape our world by force but by allowing the feminine creative energies to guide and flow. Allow higher dimensional divine love to enter and to follow your passion, your dreams. Use your gifts and talents, be creative, loving , kind and to understand, the universe has your back.

We find new connections and true loving partners again, many twin flames who not have found their counter part will meet them and might already connect with them in their dream time.

Please take baby steps and be honest to yourself and others as old soul connections of the past are still releasing old stories and new soul connections need to connect better. We do not want to create any new karma or drama.

We need to work on opening our hearts again, to know it is safe to love and trust again and this time with true higher dimensional love supporting us and guiding us.

Be aware of your old thoughts and old ways that no longer serve your highest and best purpose.

Stop doubting and being so hard on yourself, you are on the right path always when your intentions are good and let your heart lead and speak. It is now time to let the feminine energy guide you.

Much love and many blessings, take care/

**By David Alexander Lightfoot


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