Brothers Spot Tube-Shaped UFO Hovering Over Their Back Garden

A pair of brothers have been left freaked out after they spotted a bizarre tube-shaped UFO hovering over their back garden.

They spotted the peculiar object floating in the sky and yesterday posted pictures to social media.

They wrote on Reddit under the name MassacreYKS: “We stargaze, like to take amateur pictures of the sky etc.

“I posted this on another thread and he said as the night mode was used to take the picture.

“It keeps the shutter open longer and this is most likely a plane with two lights along the side and flashing red light in the centre.

“The camera shutter stayed open long enough to capture the middle light flashing.”

Baffled social media users soon rushed to give their two cents on the strange images which were taken on an iPhone 10 on October 21.

One wrote: “The long thing looks like a satellite in low Earth orbit.

“It would need to be pretty low to be seen so clearly, but it’s not all that unusual to see satellites after dark, since the sun would be reflecting on them.

“The only thing I find strange is that it is so low that you can make it out quite well. The other lights could be stars.”

A second added: “Hmm, you know what’s happening is we’re living in 2021 and everyone in the universe is arriving to see our extinction.”

People on Reddit believe it looks like the Nuremberg UFO painting
People on Reddit believe it looks like the Nuremberg UFO painting.
Reddit / @MassacreYKS

One user even went so far as to speculate that the UFO may be similar to those allegedly spotted in 1561 and documented in the Nuremberg UFO painting.

The person said: “Looks very similar to the objects in the Nuremberg UFO painting of the sighting they had in 1561.”

The Nuremberg painting was published in newspapers in April 1561 – and is thought to depict a mass sighting of UFOs.


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  1. María A.

    They are here…They are Pleiadians, Arcturians,Sirusians, Andromedans, Venusians, from all over our galaxy and our universe of Nebadon…They are benign and are here because we humanity as a species are ascending in AWARENESS…What you are saying is true…Share it with others…Soon we will contact them…Not all can do this immediately since they are not ready vibrationally to meet them at their same level of frequency…But they will soon appear in the skies for all to see…

    1. Maria Amparo

      Also I forgot to mention that the Galactic Federation of Light and/or Words have their massive ships surrounding earth…Our governments know this yet they are hiding the truth from us…or those who do not know…I have known of them since 2005…The biggest ships, bigger than earth are from the Andromedans…Also those pictures are real ships…I saw one live right on top of me but it was not in the atmosphere…That ship (cigar shaped) was moving from west to east and must have been 100 miles long or more…The reason why you are able to see it so clearly is because is massive…Now they are getting closer to earth…The moment is approaching…

  2. J

    They are here and have been for many years. Maybe they are here to help humanity now, wayyy more sightings than ever before. Lord knows we need it right now. I wouldnt be afraid at all, neither would many others. We would welcome any other species from the universe. To learn from each other and make it a better world to live in.

    The Powers that be want us to live in fear for our lives. Thats how they control the masses.

    Sorry, but many of us can’t be controlled.

    Theyre hiding so much from Humanity its sick.


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