Please Support Era of Light

Greetings friends! When I first made the decision to start the Era of Light website at the end of 2015, launching in the beginning of 2016, one thing I promised myself is that I would remain committed to the site no matter what. I would do all that is necessary to expand, and reach as many people as possible in hopes of spreading awareness.

I’ve received much positive feedback over the years. Also some negative messages. And even threats from people who said they would report me to the FBI, etc. My response was a chuckle to those types of messages. I always knew that I had guidance and protection from Higher Dimensional Beings.

One thing I also had in mind with starting Era of Light was to bring a bit of everything on one page. From spirituality, to alternative health and news, and so on. Some may not agree with that mixture. However, I think more people have found it helpful in this way.

Here we are now six years later, and still bringing and sharing light with you all. Era of Light has grown so much. Every year we reached a broader group of people. I have grown with the site myself, with all of you. I hope you have been finding Era of Light and the content we share here helpful on your journey of awakening. Your generosity and support keep us going, and move forward together. It is your support which has made Era of Light into what it has become today. I will continue to do this ’til the final upliftment into 5D. And perhaps then, there’ll be new ways of communication and sharing messages, with all of us taking on new projects.

For all your feedback, suggestions, and other concerns, our email is – We also use the same email for Paypal for those who wish to support us.

Thank You to All!

From heart to heart, Kejraj!