Toronto Sun (Nominally-MSM) Editorial: Mandatory Vaccines are Just Wrong

Federal Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos shocked Canadians on Friday by stating that the time will soon come to make COVID-19 vaccines mandatory.

“Fifty per cent of hospitalizations now, in Quebec, are due to people not having been vaccinated,” Minister Duclos said. “That’s a burden on health care workers, a burden on society which is very difficult to bear and for many people difficult to understand.

“That’s why I’m signaling [mandatory vaccines] is a conversation which I believe provinces and territories, in support with the federal government, will want to have over the next weeks and months.”

This is troubling stuff, but it’s consistent with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s recent record of vilifying the unvaccinated.

Let us be clear: Mandatory vaccines are just plain wrong.

We already have vaccine passports in place, which severely limit the degree that unvaccinated persons can participate in society.

Let’s not even entertain some of the scarier methods that could be employed to vaccinate those who are unwilling.

We were told that vaccine passports would be our ticket out of this and that was clearly not true. Those living under the new lockdowns in Ontario and Quebec can attest to that fact. There is no reason to believe that mandatory vaccines will also be a silver bullet solution.

When it comes to the hospital data, as of Friday, three quarters of the COVID general hospital numbers and half of the ICU numbers in Ontario were made up of vaccinated persons.

We have always encouraged people to get vaccinated — especially high risk persons. There would be many more people in hospital right now if so many people weren’t already vaccinated.

However, mandating vaccines seems more about scapegoating a group of people. It seems more about hate and anger, than it does about facts. We feel bad for the people who have been misled into believing that vilification of the unvaccinated is somehow the solution to our woes.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has already wisely said the issue is a non-starter.

Instead, let’s call on our healthcare officials to make better use of the many billions of dollars they’ve been given to prepare for this surge in hospitalization numbers.

The current lockdowns are unjustified and a mandatory vaccine policy would be as well.


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