New Codes Incoming from the Sun

In Meditation yesterday morning I was given a message to share with everyone from the Council of Light that I work with. Two beings shared information as there was much excitement.

First council member:

“Many are feeling that the earth system and humanity are lost and will not be able to right itself. There will be much information in the coming time to confirm this supposition. We would like to share with you that this is not the truth. Your earth is not dying nor are her people. Humanity and the planet will survive this transition.

Yet, if the creative potential of humanity is derailed into a catastrophe, of asteroids, starvation, war, and other cataclysmic events this transition will be made much harder for all.

With the intensity and frequency of the information coming at the population, discernment is difficult yet paramount to master. We have urged each of you through the years to master discernment, to master your truth. It was for precisely this time. For to move through this transition with greater ease, one must be able to see through the fabricated reality into the truth. To see through the overlay that has been created.

We have urged each of you to use your heart space as a guide, as your place within to center. We have also urged you to spend time in nature to help clear the distortions within the field that create a disconnect from your highest aspect and Source.

Now we are urging you to connect with nature not only for the clarity but for the connection itself. The interface that made such interaction with nature and her kingdoms difficult is no longer in place. It could not maintain itself in the vibrational rise of the planet. Many will find themselves connecting more with the previously unseen kingdoms of nature and through this interaction healing.”

(It is important to make note that the interface or overlay that kept us from connecting fully with nature is no longer present because it could not stay active in the increasing vibration of the world and her people. THIS is why it is so important to keep our vibration high and to heal what brings it low. With our very vibration, we shift the world.)

Second Council member then spoke:

The sun will continue to be very active as you go forward in this transition. There is much activity that is not recognizable by your instruments, yet the sensitive among you will feel these energies.

The information being sent no longer simply contains awakening and remembering codes it now holds codes for your next steps.

Each person carries within them coding that is to be activated, “turned on” when the time is right. That time is now. You have moved into a new phase at a personal and planetary level that will bring about large shifts within the micro-level of your world. The macro-level will be affected when enough have shifted their micro.

We ask that each person draw their focus within. What can you do to make your life more aligned with your truth? This is the most important question to be asked at this time. Do not wait for the world to align with you, rather align to your truth, you’re knowing, and let the world do what it will.

The coding coming forth is activating the next steps of this journey, awakening it within you, yet it is through your alignment that this activation becomes action and direction. It is through action that you ground the information into something tangible.

You may notice that pervasive unease and anxiety are being felt by many. This may be interpreted as incoming doom/gloom. In fact, you will find confirmation of the doom/gloom in your media. Yet, that is not the reason for the unease, unless that is the desired outcome you wish to create.

The unease is your indicator that something within your personal world is out of alignment. There may be something that needs to be seen, understood or an action that needs to be taken. This will be heightened as you receive the codes that awaken you to your next steps.

To understand what the unease is telling you, quieting your mind and ensuring that you are as clear as possible will be essential. If your mind and body, both physical and etheric are busy with all that the world would like you to pay attention to, deciphering your next steps will be much more difficult. This is where maintaining the integrity of your energetic field and connecting with nature will assist you greatly.

(I questioned how this could make people feel that have not connected in with themselves or begun the process of honoring self and it was described as a fire alarm going off that you can only feel, not hear. This has the potential to be very overwhelming, understanding this will make our interactions with people easier.)

Many of you will find yourselves energized with ideas and receiving confirmations. This is particularly for those who have felt that their journey has been in a holding pattern. Others will begin to grasp their potential and what their heart holds. Many will find themselves asking “What does my soul want?” (This can be different from what the human wants.) Upon glimpsing this truth, their task will be to move through the limitations created by a fixed world.

These codes coming in from your sun will be sent in intervals so that there is time for integration between each activation. Simultaneously you will find that your sun is also exhibiting increased activity that can be categorized. You may find that there is a pattern between the two.

There is much excitement and joy as reaching this phase of ascension has been an anticipated event. We want you to know that you are loved and guided. The next steps of our evolution are being activated within you. Allow them to unfold within your heart and then breathe them into existence within your physical plane.

I thanked the Council members for their message.

This morning I was on Facebook and saw this message from Jennifer Hoffman, that she posted on January 18th, the same day I received the channeling. Her facebook page can be found at Jennifer Hoffman | Facebook

“Today we have another big energy event which is a highlight of this year, the change in the lunar nodes to Taurus/Scorpio, something that happens every 1.5 to 2 years in 19 year cycles. So go back to April 14, 2003 which is the last time we had the lunar nodes in this position and I point this out because it’s when we started on the active phases of this ascension cycle.

Prior to that it had been happening in the background and then it became very public. It’s the year I was first contacted by Archangel Uriel (in October) and I started writing and channeling, as did Karen Bishop and others who were pioneers in the ascension work. We’re coming full circle on that cycle and starting a new one. It’s ascension 2.0 starting today.   

This is a Beautiful confirmation of what the Council was saying. We have entered a new phase of Ascension. I hope that you are well and finding you embracing more of who you are at the deepest level every day.

Thank you to all that support and share this work. It really means the world. If you share, please share the entire post with the website link so that others can subscribe and find me. Social media is shifting rapidly and profiles are often disappearing.

**By Jenny Schiltz


5 Replies to “New Codes Incoming from the Sun”

  1. Maria

    Paying close attention to the message is vital…and so is discerning of information while feeling it with your heart, not just judging it with the mind…I only take what I know to be for me…Doom and gloom is a personal perception caused by lack of alignment with the truth of who you are…It is a belief that keeps people held in that lower energetic field…All around us could be in disarray yet when in balance and connected to our hearts we will not experience that happening around us…We will observe it, yet it won’t affect us…We will overcome it by seeing it for what it is…An energy not in alignment with our truth…

  2. TheNOWTeam

    5 Replies to “Merlin: The Open Hearted Path”

    01/21/2022 at 7:55 PM

  3. Douglas A James

    Many different predictions ..many qhht practioners clients state mass disclosure now.. then some chaos then ships arrive Sping 2022 take those off planet who can’t handle energies then wave arrives..tlrhe above channeling seems vague and speaks of a cataclysmic event if we don’t do the right things..what??? Our timeline is secure … Seems fear based to me

  4. Creative Educator

    Thank you for this uplifting message. This kind of information is badly needed as earth beings are taken for a hypnotic ride by the Oppressors. Inner freedom is just a heartbeat away. Just tune in and remain outside the Spell boundarirs. Your Innate Creator will guide you.