Reality Shift

Greetings friends! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj. The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart center. Tune into the light within you.

Allow us to start with the following. What is unfolding in the world, from a higher perspective, it has one purpose; that is to unite humanity, and bring them to rise as one. You will see this rising.

The last of the dark influencers who’ve lead humanity into the abyss are being neutralized. Those who have held the throne for millennia are being removed. All which they stole is being taken from them, and shall be returned to humanity. This is what is occurring now, this is all part of the shift. So the dark is making a few more attempts at distracing the masses. It is to be short lived.

You must rise above the dark’s old tactics, rising above fear, rising in love. Through the expansion of consciousness we open doors to realities we desire and are already present. This is how we are saving the world.

Beloved one, it is through you that the higher light is being anchored into the Earth. This is leading to the collapse of the low frequency structures, & laying the foundation for the new reality. Focus on your heart center, see your inner light expand, encompassing all of Earth.

The new energies entering the planet at this time do not support the current structures of 3D governance, control, deception, self-service, and other forms of manipulative rule. All of this will dissolve. You are to see a great shift in the days ahead.

The Light prepares to reveal truths on the world stage. The political and social matrix put in place by the dark ones is to collapse. The process of disclosure will accelerate. The next phase of this awakening begins.

This collapse of the old may be alright by You the lightworkers. However, for the less aware, it will cause fear and confusion. This is where you come in and hold space for compassion and share your wisdom with them.

We are aware there are many lightworkers who want swift change. However, the veil cannot be removed too quickly as it would cause fear and shock in the population. Imagine a dark room at night, and turning the light on, all becomes bright at once, all is seen. Many would collapse from shock and disbelief as they are not ready.

The Soul is patient. It exists beyond time. And knows what “divine timing” and the “highest good of all” truly mean. It is only the ego which seeks to move abruptly because it is self serving. The goal is to make this transition as smooth as possible for all.

The first major shift that you will see is the change of the financial and economical systems, and the full exposure of the few remaining dark agents. Their pyramid scheme is to fall once and for all.

It is time for humanity to realize that this world cannot and will not return to the old normal. Things will not continue as they are now. With the new frequencies of light, you are to witness the complete dissolution of all 3D aspects of life, and shift entirely into a new reality of divine light.

That is all we have for today. All the light to You!

16 Replies to “Reality Shift”

  1. Bronnie

    I’m so happy and excited. I have know idea what’s going to happen but it’s going to be amazing. Thank you.

  2. Harriet

    Japanese saying means I think, in needle work, rush too much and you can’t get needle in the hole, woodwork nail in the hole. And in life, rush too much and can’t accomplish desired result. Article is asking us to be patient, so transition goes as smoothly as possible for all.

  3. Diamond Black

    For decades it was KIEV
    Now, it’s KYYIV
    Changed from 2003 apparently going by my 2 paper back atlas. The 1992 atlas just has KIEV, the 2003 atlas has KYYIV (Kiev).

  4. Gem Ascending

    ✨Thankh you Love. It’s all coming out now. Looking forward to more disclosures. Infinite Love and Light to you!✨

  5. Dan

    Go outside and look up to the sky , did you ever notice there are some liquid white energy floating there ? These energy are responsible for a less bluer sky . Try breathe into it deeply and you will know there are higher ones on the way . The shift is always about awareness . Ask more questions like ‘ Why/what is this ‘ ‘ What’s behind it ‘ etc Those questions will drive you into more awareness , more inner self . There are knowledge there for you , only you reach that mature level like a teenager from infant can you harvest them . [ smile ]

    1. Neil

      No Dan, the white-ish pale blue sky is caused by the light reflecting/refracting elements present in the aerosol dispersions of the commercial and military tanker jets used in global geoengineering programs. And when you breathe this air deeply, you are inhaling the toxic fallout of these sprays which include nano-particulate aluminum, the top element named in US weather modification patents, along with barium, strontium, manganese, graphene, and polymer fibers. It’s time to wake up now, Dan, and look at the world through a clear lens. In order to change this world, you first need to understand what has been happening to this world while the majority of the populations have had their collective heads in the sand and have been sleep-walking through their lives preoccupied with the latest entertainment, gadget, or political drama. Please go to geoengineeringwatch dot org to learn more.

      1. Susan

        Neil, it is true what both of you and Dan say. Yes, they have been spraying nasty stuff since about the 1930s when the first patents were authorized, but here’s one way out of that: We have the power to change energy. So next time you see chem trails, instead of making it real, maybe call forth your team in spirit to co-create and say thanks for the opportunity to practice flexing my 5D muscles and neutralizing all harmful elements in this pollution, transmuting them to positive. As to seeing more energy, I’ve been seeing it too. Don’t even have to look in the sky. Right inside the house, I can see energy coming off my cat, my mom these days. Maybe that is part of their auras, don’t know. And maybe you and I have a different role to play in this life. You, waking people the F up; and me, showing them how to use imagination to engage the miraculous for the highest good. As a retired environmental scientist, I gave up trying to change things the 3D way. It made me jaded and cynical, and it didn’t work. Maybe this will if we all pull our consciousness together and give it a shot.

        1. Neil

          I appreciate your thoughtful reply, Susan. Believe me, I do work the ‘other side’, but right now I feel it is imperative for some of us to still “be here now”, so to speak, in order to cut off the rampant and deliberate disinformation spewed by sources with little to no integrity, including the paid military psyops groups and also the omnipresent AI which I have found to be operating on so many comment boards across many different sites. We don’t always know who or what is behind the comments that are being made, but a clear trend is obvious and that is one with a nefarious agenda of obfuscation and division. As for Dan (if real) and others, many are still unaware of the scientific advances in weather modification since WW2, so I simply try to point people in the right direction for those who are willing to do a little research. And I agree, trying to wake those who are unwilling to face the truth is quite tiresome, and so we simply drop a few breadcrumbs and move on in that case. Have a good day, I appreciate hearing from those who actually care about our planet and will speak the truth.

      2. Stacy

        All in the eyes of the ” Beholder” Neil ☺️
        We are Creators, and we create our reality. I have seen and experienced the same Dan, and also lights in the sky.

  6. Bernard REMOND

    Comment ne pas être conscient que ‘la guerre’ actuellement faite par POUTINE (RUSSIE) à l’ UCREINE est le tout récent exemple de ce que KEJRAj nous explique dans ce présent exposé: CQFD.

    1. 大平マイケル

      Nope, everything is moving snail pace…. but I am patient….because Japanese proverb says not to rush
      慌てると穴に入らず It means “If you rush too much you won’t be able to penetrate the h.le”