Call For World Peace

The two worlds are on vivid display this week, in the bright spotlight since 2/22/2022. On the same day of the powerful 222 Goddess infusion of loving compassion and peace we also witnessed Putin command his military war machine to invade Ukraine. We are experiencing the dying patriarchal bullies grasping for power, prestige and prominence. As the dark, fallen Old Earth system slips away, we are witnessing the final death spiral of their destructive paradigm.

I shared last week ‘The divine 222 Goddess Infusion will alter and transform the global operating system from the dissolving hierarchical patriarchy into a more equitable circle of collaboration, community and expansion. This is a threshold moment for humanity and Gaia. It is an entry point in a new direction, away from rampant consumption, destruction, and disregard for life on planet earth.’

Although the shifts in consciousness ripple across the world stage, it is important to remember that the cosmic Ascension plan is an ‘inside job’. We live in a holographic universe – our outer reality is a mirror reflection of our inner environment. All that we create and imagine interacts with the fertile field of consciousness. The more Love and Peace we vibrate, the stronger it grows in the field.

Every time I read the energy of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, it has very little power in it. Since he started invading Ukraine’s border, it still felt ungrounded, very little energy in it. These actions go against the universal Laws of Justice. Harming any living being is NOT of the LIGHT. There is overwhelming global opposition to his invasion. The field is pulsing alive with an alternative outcome, a loving world of peace and collaboration. This is our New Earth!

Solar activity is assisting with energetic transformation, but it will not resolve your karma, clear your shadow or heal your trauma. Only you can do the deep Ascension work. Our beloved AA Metatron has gifted his Master Alchemy method for rapid transformation. It is my humble service to offer and teach his Quantum Access® technique to all seeking Ascension. The New Earth is already here, alive, abundant and accessible. A Solar Flash will not shift you there. I encourage everyone to take advantage of the 222 energies and get to work!

Lovingly, Meg


16 Replies to “Call For World Peace”

  1. John Robbins

    Something must have stirred/goaded Putin to launch an invasion into the Ukraine. What on earth was it??? I feel there is one final card left to play on -stage, after which the proverbial curtain will come swiftly down on this sorry state of affairs. I’m sure of one thing though. The msm farce is going to have lots of “egg on its face” for all the world to see sooner or later, hopefully sooner, which can mean only one thing. The (very sobering) truth of what has been really going on. I live in hope, but I’m not holding my breath.

  2. John

    Does it matter if one is awake or not awake, we all that come here to this eraoflight are wayshowers and lightworkers we all each have an individual perspective one that may differ from another this is the magic of our being, we do not need to convince anyone of what we are at heart our job is to shine by example to place the information out in the world it is up to every individual what they do with that information, to prove you are right is meerly ego, and if it is ego you seek then you still have further to go. much love to all.

  3. Douglas A James

    See how channelings promote no action.. Putin is kicking some globalist azz taking out bio labs.. and I suspect dumbs and other nefarious things just like we here the galactics and alliance are doing with dumbs and tunnels.. so don’t kill anyone while the satanists kill rape adrenachrome children.. nope of all is a movie all is an illusion then nobody is killed and this karma BS is archon trip…f karma I don’t know about past life’s and frankly don’t care all that matter is the now. The karma trap is a trap clearly if I don’t remember what is there to clear…total bullshit been reading this for years ..I am divine no regrets we have been on a prison planets thanks to the galactic …yep they allowed this to progress way beyond where it should’ve …slave trading humans by the millions …we are cattle.. oh but clear.that karma mates.. I would like to clear some cabal ..

  4. John

    I have heard of the factories set up by ukraines president as well these factories are developing and were about to release an airborne rabies virus which would have lethel results to 90% of the world population there are fragments of information before they are wiped by the media if you can catch them, president putin is saving the world from certain death we should be supporting him not condemming him. it is the fake media that is demonising putin. if you do your homework you will see putins forces are only targeting those factory locations and not the public in general, and do you know that the media are using game footage from ARMA 3 which is a modern combat simulator game its very realistic i have seen game footage that i recognise in media reports, putins invasion is not against ukraine it it against the cabal and Biden and boris are fully complicit, if proof is needed i can search again from my links and post here

    1. Jojo

      I agree. We know that if the globalist-controlled media is doing everything in its power to demonize Putin with fake news reports and altered images, the Israeli puppet Zelensky has to be the evil one. He’s giving out AK-47s and other weapons to untrained civilians to fomenting violence,and crying for NATO to start WWW3. Russian only wanted a change in governments without harming civilians or infrastructure – but Zelenky will insure that all of Ukraine is destroyed.

  5. Positron

    “Our beloved AA Metatron has gifted his Master Alchemy method for rapid transformation. It is my humble service to offer and teach his Quantum Access® technique”. Since when is ascension trademarked . Seems very contrived and very 3D. You do not need to follow a method! Many who focus on making money out of the ascension process are not really in TUNE with the nature of reality. It is a natural process.

  6. Julie Chrystal

    I am not saying that what you are saying about Russia is wrong but have we not learnt from the last two years.? Do you know that there are 11 bio chemical labs on Ukraine ? Russia is targeting them and I believe is protecting us from another pandemic which Bill Gates predicted . Did you know that itnis home to the largest Mafia in the world with money laundering and human trafficking?Did you know that Ukraine Gabe millions to the CLinton foundation. ? Tjisnis againy perspective but before of what is truth from media and corrupt end govts.

    1. PS

      It’s interesting. If you read Meg’s perception of the Russian “invasion”, she states that it is ungrounded. Well, when you consider that it’s a special operation to remove the Cabal, not an invasion, then IT IS ungrounded. Because it is not an actual invasion, it will not come across as any action grounded in domination. Further, half of what we witness from the “media” is a fake, poorly produced movie.

      Her inherent perception of the situation is correct, even if her final conclusion is incorrect.

      Funny how that is.

    2. Daedalus

      Why are so many folks living in utter denial lately ?

      Would you say the same thing for other wars or invasions ? Russia just committed to a full scale war just few days ago, and are failing badly in it.

      When you people realize you have been tricked with a fake saviour and lies that are served both ways, you will realize the whole world is a stage. Youre literally folks who are now saying “War is peace”.

      Millions of Ukrainians are defending and resisting the Russian invaders. If there were biochemical labs, dont you think that Putin would simply make a precision strike or covert operation, and not escalating to a full scale war, in which civilians always are dying ?

      How can a “positive force” start a war where civilians will die ? The conclusion is simple and obvious, Putin is not a good guy, and youre watching the scenario where both he will be dethroned permanently, but it will also pull the Western economy to the bottom. With current happenings. Then it will pull them all down. Ordinary people … are the good guys. Ordinary Ukrainians and Russians, not some petty cabal puppets.

      1. Mike Ohira

        Daedalus, wake up! You have an unbalanced view of the world. Need to re-educate yourself a bit.

        Here’s a good video that will assist:

        Why is Ukraine the West’s Fault? Featuring John Mearsheimer

        1. Daedalus

          @Mike Ohira

          Dont tell me to “wake up”, it is you and bunch of folks here who are completely in dellusion …

          How it is hard to understand that invading another country is not a good thing and that it is never done by any positive forces ? Positive forces dont initiate wars, they dont occupy other countries.

          You and bunch of people here are literally cheering for war. If there was any need to strike with precision, the Russians would do this – and not make a full all out war.

          Putin is not your saviour, and whether it will be too late or not for you to understand this, it depends purely on you.

          Both left and right are completely dellusional and manipulated in their ways. There is a third and correct way.

          1. Mike Ohira

            Daedalus, may I ask what is your nationality? Are you European, if so, what country? I can assure you this: If you are are a European, the source of news you get from the media, whether it be tv, radio or newspaper etc and if the news is about Russia or Putin, that is I am very sure CIA manipulated news that is called PROPAGANDA. You are not awakened to the truth. I live in Japan and the situation is the same because Japan is like European countries a vassal state of the evil empire USA. All news going out are controlled by the CIA so as to meet the interest of the US.

            We are living in a world of chaos so what is mostly important is for each of us to become independent thinkers and not to be dragged away by false media.

            For your info, here is recent video by John Mearsheimer about situation in Russia and Ukraine.

          2. Daedalus

            @Mike Ohira

            My sources arent any pro-West or pro-Russia MSM outlets. All of them are part of controlled narrative. Youre trying to put individual opinions on matter with those links, but I dont care about individual opinions, I care about deducing facts from footage from the ground. Certain attacks and movements of forces cannot be faked in any way.

            My sources are footage on the ground, from civilians or troops. I have seen corpses, explosions and wrecks – this is war, not some theater part.

            Im going to ask you again – do you think a positive force would make an aggresive full scale war against population of one country ? Do you think if there were bio-labs and similar targets, that Russia wouldnt make a drastically different approach, rather than full scale attack ? Do you think that Russia and Putin would be silent about the same bio-labs ?

            And the Putin’s action single handedly gave more power to NATO and MiC than they ever had – what is about that ? What is about nuclear escalation fright, do you think that positive forces would do this to population ?

            There is zero logic what many here and further claim, and thats because they linked their ego to it. They “must be right”, otherwise their ego will take a drastic hit – and the more they cling to it, the harder hit will be. As said for me, just before Putin’s invasion, my opinion about him was more positive. After that, absolutely not. There is no logic to support him after this in any way, someone who starts a war or escalates whole situation on a new dangerous level cannot be a good person, no matter which way I would put it.

            As a kid I have went personally through a war and have first-hand experience of it, unfortunately. Im fairly sure here vast majority of people dont have, and dont even understand what theyre supporting…

            This will be one of my last posts here probably, because I dont care anymore about people here and I see everyone is just plainly brainwashed, and thats just waste of my time and energy to communicate.

            Whoever wakes up – wakes up, I dont care anymore, nor I should care.

    3. Ed

      Julie… finally someone grounded in this reality. The next reality may be glorious but I came here to liberate this one. When the next one is ready i will transcend. Until then we have a planet to free from the clutches of evil.