Radiate Positive Vibes

Greetings to You beautiful Soul! Everyday you are anchoring more light into this world, preparing to manifest paradise here and now. This is being made possible through your pure intentions, holding of the light, meditations, remaining steadfast in the face of all trials.

This is why you are on Earth at this time.

You are very fortunate to be here. You exist in a world for which billions of souls lined up in hopes of being given the opportunity to incarnate and experience life here. And You were chosen.

A transformation is occurring, the likes of which the Universe and your world have never seen before. Earth, a planet once immersed in darkness, is being uplifted into a higher dimensional reality. One where love, peace, and joy are the dominant energies.

Love and forgive all. Free yourself from the burden and low frequency thoughts of anger, hate, revenge, which come from a place of fear and inner suffering. Allow those thoughts and energies to come to the surface, observe them, and see each one transforming into light.

Radiate positive vibes in every moment of your day.

Open your heart, and send your light and love into the world. The more you share of this light, love, gifts, wisdom, the more these will flow from your inner essence and Source, and manifest in your reality, creating further expansion.

This is a time to focus and infuse your visions and desires with the power and light of your Heart Center. It is a time of wonderful manifestations. A time to release the old within and without once and for all, and uplift into higher frequencies.

The new energetical seeds of love created from this transformation, are to be used for creating new worlds, and planted in already existing worlds which struggle in the lower planes.

You have yet to realize the true magnificent work that you’re doing by being here at this time, assisting Earth and humanity, while at the same time gaining much wisdom and expansion yourself.

The transformation of fear into love is the greatest task. Which leads a world to upliftment. This is what you the lightworkers have come to do on Earth. Only that you’re not doing it for just yourselves, or just for Earth. You are doing this for the entire Creation.

You are ready to take flight, and hold the world on your wings. Entering the new reality of paradise, completing the mission, paving the way for the rest of the galaxy and beyond towards higher planes of existence.

I am Kejraj!


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