Unlocking the Veils

Since the momentous unlocking of the veils and global control matrix on 12/21/2012, we have been experiencing continual purging and releasing of traumatic earthly history from our body, heart, mind and aura. The dense veils are gradually lifting, initiating a spiritual awakening in all who are seeking a better world. We are witnessing a global transformation at the cellular level, an accelerated evolutionary leap into higher consciousness, rising out of darkness and the shadow world we were born into.

These dense veils are dissolving on all levels in our human experience. From the primal, rigid ego veils, the traumatic, toxic emotional veils, the delusional, mind-control programming veils, the generational ancestral lineage veils, and the karmic reincarnational veils…all energetic barriers, blockages and density walls are gradually releasing. The incoming plasma solar waves are altering the magnetic time barriers, thinning the veils between the particle field of matter and the wave state of spirit.

Since momentous 2012, the world of infinite possibilities is peeking through the collapsing veils. Through the subsequent unlayering of trapped information and unhealed trauma, the realms of spirit open to us. It is the stair-step process of peeling away the false programming, patterning, code and unconsciousness that kept us trapped in a never-ending cycle of devolution and disconnection from the divine.

As we break free of the collective numbing amnesia, the spark of creation awakens within our being. The diamond Light permeates the inner chambers, illuminating the Soul’s crystalline light body waiting for activation. Not only are we unraveling centuries of shadow entrapment, we are also transmuting and clearing our earthly history in fallen consciousness. In 2022 the galactic veils are starting to dissolve for visiting Starseed Souls actively resolving their karmic earthly trauma and awakening their god seed codes for Ascension.

2022 offers more ease and grace to all who’ve been persistently doing their deep healing Shadow Work. It is a time of respite after two very challenging years. We are still encountering massive shifts and global change, but with more palpable stability and balance. We are emerging from isolation into a new world paradigm. As the veils lift, the field is looser, lighter and more receptive to our visions, dreams and intentions.

2022’s cosmic alignments and solar activity continue to enhance this extraordinary time of rapid shifts. On April 4th, today is the Mars-Saturn conjunction at 22° Aquarius. When Mars, the sign of action, desires, goals, meets Saturn, the sign of discipline, practicality and strong work ethic, we are blessed with determined conscious focus. Apply this powerful duo to initiating and manifesting your divine will and Soul’s passionate desires so they become earth-bound.

On April 12 Jupiter joins Neptune at 23° Pisces, dissolving more veils between the realms. Reach for the stars! Jupiter conjunct Neptune enhances spiritual self-development and the study of esoteric principles. Pay attention to your intuition, dreams, psychic visions and spontaneous insights with grounded discernment and application. As the veils lift, the human psyche is entering new territory, not fully comprehending the illusional nature of the spirit realms. Expand your horizon with caution and care…but embrace the mystical field of pure potential.

We enter eclipse season with a partial Solar Eclipse occurring on April 30th at 10° Taurus, visible from SW South America, the Pacific, Atlantic, and Antarctic oceans. The Solar Eclipse meets Uranus along the Taurus-Scorpio nodal axis. It is a time to strengthen your sense of security and cultivate earthly resources: garden, home, and body. This is perhaps the most important New Moon Eclipse of the year, with Uranus bringing unexpected changes and opportunities.

Join other New Earth Wayshowers, Master Alchemists and Star Beings from all around the world on Saturday, April 30 for the Solar Eclipse Gateway Activations. Experience quantum time-jumping with AA Metatron into the galactic realm of unity consciousness. The show is recorded for replay. If you would like to participate, register here.

Lovingly, Meg


3 Replies to “Unlocking the Veils”

  1. AA-G

    This was all said to be happening TEN YEARS AGO. I think all those who make predictions should give it a rest for the rest of the year. These endless predictions aren’t helping any more now than they did ten years ago.

    1. PS

      Instead of telling people who make predictions to give it a rest, consider stepping into your own free will and not reading predictions for the rest of the year.

      It’s your life. Your time. Your energy. You choose where you put it. If you are tired of predictions, then don’t read any more predictions.

      1. Douglas A James

        Actually you can’t blame anyone for being upset about all the dates and events that don’t happen …credibility is at stake …most channeling sadly are not of the light they are negative ETs…archons grey’s etc… Many you can tell right away by the tone…well 10 years since law of one even stated harvest wld occur around 2011 and that was per a blue avien names Ra who could look forward and that was the date it would occur…so to say it’s delayed to give people more time…actually those who awoke are wondering now …are we being played …chemtrails still in our skies…no nesara yet…no mass arrests made public…I am positive we just need something to convince all of us…