Versions of Vladimir Putin

Greetings friends! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj. I am sharing this one more time, offering readers a different perspective, and perhaps a deeper understanding of the situation in Ukraine.

At this time in the somewhat informed community many remain uncertain about Vladimir Putin’s intentions. Whether he is on the side of light, or perhaps just another puppet of the dark.

You also have those who are convinced that he is fighting against the dark by destroying their labs in Ukraine. While at the same time he has fallen for the dark’s trap, and started a war. Which until now has lead to many casualties, including the deaths of hundreds of civilians.

So who is Vladimir Putin? A former KGB agent, and who is now working for the light? Is he another puppet of the dark? Or has he gone rogue, belonging to no party but himself.

We will refer to one version of Putin as the original one. The former ruthless KGB agent, with the mentality of a mobster, who was feared by his surroundings, and left many dead.

The original one departed his physical vessel around the year of 2014.

In that time, you had what is referred to in esoterics as a Walk-in. This is when one soul leaves the body, and another enters, and takes over the same body. In the vast majority of cases like this, all is done with prior agreement in the higher dimensions.

This is what occurred in 2014. A soul from the Pleiadian Star System came in and settled in the physical vessel which was known as Vladimir Putin.

This is the one who kicked the cabal out of Russia. And made it clear that their games would not be tolerated there. He took many of the actions behind the scenes, which aligned with Trump’s actions. From the corruption, cartels, child trafficking, and more.

In the year of 2019, this soul departed the body after being executed by agents of the dark, who received millions for accomplishing the task.

The cabal had already planned a replacement for “Vladimir Putin.” A body double, who you’d think is unrecognizable, to those who do not pay attention that is. This one, the cabal uses however they see fit, in order to continue their agenda towards world depopulation. Wrecking havoc in hopes of bringing a stop to Earth’s shift into the 5th dimension.

Of course, as it has been said many times, “Nothing can stop what’s coming.” Planet Earth’s shift into a higher frequency reality cannot be stopped.

The war in Ukraine will not escalate beyond that country. And it will come to a close sooner than many think. The new light entering our planet simply does not support the old energy patterns. Whatever chaos exists in 3D now is only fueled by the thoughts of the Collective of humanity. This too is becoming minimal, as the Human Collective is tired of the same episodes on replay.

The shift continues. Trust that change on a grand scale is occurring. What you see as chaos, is simply the old dense energy pockets being transmuted. We are in the last chapter of this old 3D story.

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  1. 一个深爱生命的人类

    i think the most important key is “who am i”, not just who is putin.
    if most human beings know who “who am i”,
    darkness can’t working on earth.
    and also no matter putin is,
    everyone can always doing the right thing from their soul&heart&love.
    this key beyond everything.
    who is putin ?really matter? don’t put your soulful wish on the leader, they will tired.
    put our soulful wish on ourselves !

  2. Douglas A James

    Right all those videos and photos proven to be not of the Ukraine war?? Russia could’ve leveled it all had they chosen too…I have seen videos Russian soldiers handing out food..talking with civilians ..the people know who the enemy is…it’s not Russia …sad liked this site but it tol has been infiltrated

    1. Gustavo Frein

      Patrick Lancaster is doing some great reporting from the trenches with the LPR, DPR armies and the Russian regulars.

  3. Douglas A James

    I don’t agree at all.. Why would the media be attacking Putin and Russia and sanctions if the DS wanted this to happen?? KejRaj your Intel is bad… Also neo Nazis infiltrated Ukraine .. plenty of evidence and all those bio labs had to be taken out the children rescued!! I don’t think Putin has a dark soul…not at all…Ukraine was the NWO stronghold …Zelensky is literally an actor!! He has a mansion in Florida…all is green screen…so like us Putin shld sit by and let the satanists take us out… Like the galactics seem to prefer.. oh we can’t intervene…galactic codex bullshit .. oh yah we did allow chimera archons Draco to take you all prisoners…eat your children…kill you.. slave trade you to Mars and elsewhere but fn that law of one book says we can’t directly intervene…forgot about the galactic wars in the past…we are waiting for you all to save yourself…we can’t even stop the chemtrail jets killing you slowly…sorry we are all here for the show..good luck…I wish I lived in Russia their leader has balls…our military does nothing…injects their own soldiers we have a military full of nanotech…trust the plan…so the plan included injectinf children …our soldiers ..and our people…seems divine to me…
    Why does Russian tanks have a Z on them..?? I think they are going after the Zionists .. clearly the neo Nazis aren’t happy about it.. go FRB!

  4. John

    This is not what I see. Putin as he is today is working with the Alliance.
    If he was working for the dark he could have handed Russia over to the cabal by now.

  5. Lightworker

    Then what should Putin have done? Let nazis and satanists genocide Russian speakers In the donbass, without intervening?

    I trust my own higher self over things I read on the internet, and he/it says Putin is mostly working for the light.

  6. david k gates

    Reminder for Folks…..Observe all these events but do not enter into them. Stay up on the fence and dont get down into the mudpit while keeping your energy clean and Light

  7. George E Hopkins

    This info contradicts a previous message that Putin is a clone made for cabal, but has been working for the Alliance, and is indeed removing and exposing bio labs and US responsibility. Saying deaths of innocent people are souls who agreed to this prebirth.

  8. Gustavo Frein

    I have been to Donetsk, Kiev and St.Petersburg twice. I was married to a Russian woman from Donetsk. I was last in Kiev In November 2021. I know the history and speak rudimentary Russian. The USA installed a puppet Satanic regime in 2014, by arming a mob of miscreant degenerates who managed to run off Yanakovic who was the duly elected president. Since then they have been bringing American values to to Ukraine like Tranny grooming young boys in schools. The so called great patriot of Ukraine is from Russia, and he isn’t even Russian he’s Jewish. This all took place under the guidance and funding of Soros, the Mossad and CIA.

    Kiev is a corruption machine. The mayor, a retired Jewish boxer. Vitali Klitschko is a thug and a mobster. He owns the 11 Mirrors hotel which he built with embezzled government funds.

    This so called Army, the Azov regiment, is another CIA creation, funded and trained by US Special Forces. They are Satanists, cannibals and worship the Baphomet. It’s cowardly Antifa scum repurposed and armed. Patrick Lancaster is an American embedded with soldiers from the DPR and LPR armies as well as Russian regulars. The Azov scum have been murdering Ukrainian women and children and the US MSM has been blaming it on the Russians. They have dragged Ukrainian women and children into the Azovstal tunnel complex to be used as human shields. You can watch Patrick’s war correspondence on Jewtube, amazingly enough.

    The whole east of Ukraine is Russian, and Russian speaking. This includes Mariupol, Kharkov and Odessa. These are Russian cities. They did not wish to be part of the decadent Zio-regime the West has empowered. My ex-wife has a sister in Donetsk still and they have been attacked relentlessly by the Satanic Azov Regiment for the last 8 years. Ukraine has never followed the peace accords they signed onto.

    I don’t know anything about a “Pleiadean” soul entering Putin’s body, working for the light, then being executed and replaced by a Doppelganger. I would find it easier to believe they have some cloning technology. I do know the US Federal Government and media is the most malevolent force on Earth. The lies and non stop demonization of Putin leads me to believe that while Putin certainly is not a character of the light, but anyone who fights against the Zio regime in the USA is doing the right thing. I operate under the premise that anyone the US mass media hates and focuses their attention on is on the side of right.

    I also know the US has done all it could to push Putin and Russia into this military operation so they can blame all the Hell and destruction they are currently wreaking on the USA on their boogeyman Putin.

    The USA has been providing advanced weapons to the Ukrainian military to prolong the conflict as long as possible and cause the maximum amount of death and destruction in Ukraine.

    Putin and Russia eventually will take this proxy war our Anal-centric government has been waging into a hot war against NATO and the US.

    1. Dubious

      [I do know the US Federal Government and media is the most malevolent force on Earth.]

      Never were truer words spoken.

      As for the rest, that is pretty much my understanding of the situation as well. There is one thing I know absolutely and for sure,and that is that the mainstream media spouts nothing but lies, hatred and manipulation.

    2. Douglas A James

      Well written and as an American it all makes sense to me…people still think 9ii was real… Anything our fake .media attacks is now know it’s the opposite …also Fatima message clearly ETs . Delivered it using mother Mary hologram tech ..Russia wld clean house in Europe…so ETs looking glass and all knew what would happen…also kej raj I said trump wld return long before now…and I think you posted how Putin is working with the alliance so either this site has been hijacked or you have… Disappoint but they said the roles people are playing will shock many and it appears this might be the case here..the galactic could stop all of it this easily if the chose to…what are they doing…oh that’s right sitting in their organic ships watching …back in 2018 literally Jan 2018 cobra on prepare for change blog posted galactics had engaged Draco ships and were clearing them out to liberate earth…2018!!! So 4 years later and the galactics supposedly here in the millions can’t defeat the Draco chimera etc after 4 years?? And we are supposed to do nothing just keep meditating …?? They can also remove anyone via teleportation they want…so any of these dark actors can be taken off easily…it’s all a movie right ?? All is an illusion right ?? LOL so which is it…illusion or reality ?? It appears we are entertainment …we are all 1 yet they can’t directly intervene …oh but we are them…so how does one intervene against themselves…it’s total bullshitz.. if all is 1 then the non intervention clause is contradictory …if you see children or anyone bring harmed you don’t keep going because I can’t intervene how in the hell is that divine?? It’s not…it’s a lie

  9. A Light Sister

    Thank you, Era of Light, for reminding us that “reality” is much more complex than can be encompassed by just one point of view.

    The sheer amount of suffering and death in this dreadful war – both of Ukrainians and Russians – should evoke great waves of LOVE and Compassion-for-All from lightworkers. After all, that’s why we came to
    Earth at this critical time!

  10. Denise

    I was like everyone else at the beginning of the fighting in Ukraine but 2 or 3 days into it as I was reading through that days headlines I had this strange experience where the knowledge was just dropped on me that the reality was much different than what I believed, like a brief snapshot of a bigger picture that I could only grab some details from, very strange experience. Lol

  11. EraOfLight Post author

    There are many on the alternative news sites who claim to be insiders. In reality, when it comes to the Ukraine situation, they’re reporting what they wish to be true, and happening there. And it is not the case at all. This has nothing to do with Putin cleaning house of the dark elite and their ties to Ukraine labs, etc. The real Putin as explained in the article above would never have done this, chaos and murder of thousands of people, destruction of half of the nation. The numbers of dead civilians are much higher than the media is reporting.

    1. Emma

      The media would LOVE to report on dead civilians, and blame it on Russia.
      Like with covid the number of deaths reported are HIGHER, than reality IMO.

    2. sea

      Many so-called ‘light-workers’ and fake patriots are now being exposed as they align themselves with the MSM so the ‘war’ is serving many purposes. We need this. It’s clear for those with eyes to see.