June 2022 Energy Report

It’s June and we’re nearly halfway through this year. This month will be a welcome relief from the highly charged energies of May and offers a little break from the full on energies we have been experiencing this year and for the past 3 to 4 years. Things won’t turn around overnight but they are moving forward at a very fast and expanding rate. In June we have several rare energy aspects, a brilliant full moon, Mercury leaves its retrograde as Saturn begins its retro period (which is much longer), and we get a chance for romance towards the end of the month. Welcome to June and its themes of refresh, renew, redo, rebook, release and re-vibe.

Welcome to June with a new vibe and an opportunity to get creative with the energy that was stirred up in the 11 month of May 2022. This month we have a rare astro aspect, Mercury goes direct, Saturn starts its annual 5 month retrograde, Pluto retros back to the 27.38 degree of the US (and global) Pluto return, and we are going to see more awakening and action taking. We have gotten through May’s 11 vibration and have been through a lot this first half of the year. Now it’s time to jettison the ballast, raise the anchor, and open our wings wide to see how far we can fly.

Are you as glad to see May end as I am? It was not an easy month. If you have been following the story of the flooding damage to my house that happened in late January, in May I had the restoration crew out to my house 5 times to fix unfinished or improperly repaired work. I think they are finally finished. I hope so. It has been a difficult project for them mainly because everything went wrong and they never seemed to be able to finish.

I am not sure why but I tend to bring that out in companies. If there are holes in their process or issues with training or performance, my project will be the example of everything that is wrong. From being the person who could always (and does still) find bugs in software in my tech days to the person who has been the victim of terrible content and IP theft and has become the voice of public revelation and condemnation for these illegal activities, I must be the Portal Keeper for out of synch energies in the corporate world. Maybe that’s why I just could not get the hang of the corporate world and my corporate career ended after having six layoffs in eight years.

Quite frankly, I am getting a little tired of this and if you know this is true about yourself, you probably are too. It just seems to be something that I am wired to do. Do you have the same experience with people and in certain situations? Do you see the out of synch energies, energy gaps, and situations that are not congruent? Do you notice that you attract the people who need help, healing, support, and advice for their problems? Is this a long term trend in your life? Are you ready to change it? If it is what you are ‘wired to do’ you can be complete with that mission and instead, connect with people who support and nurture you. If you’re ready for that June is a great month to get started.

Are you ready to take a different path? Is it time for a big change in how you work, who you work for, what kind of work you do, and doing work you really enjoy and are passionate about? If you have been looking for a life change or expanding into something new or even taking something you’re doing now in a different direction, you will get support for it in June. I have a lot of experience in this area and am completing a project to help you with that so stay tuned and watch for details in the coming days.

June moves us our of the difficult 11 master number of May into a more creative and harmonious 3 of June 2022 (6 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 12 and 1 + 2 = 3). 11 months are always tough because while 11 is one of the master numbers, it is the number of the initiate, the beginner.

As beginners in any new cycle we have to create new energy pathways and let go of the old ones that won’t be appropriate for our new path. Have you noticed that when we have a month with an 11 number vibration there are a lot of changes and upsets, bigger energy downloads, more ascension symptoms and fatigue, and it is full of challenges? That’s because we are being shown where things in the status quo have to go and we sure have seen a lot of that during the past few years.

Sometimes we become aware of these by ourselves and other times they make themselves very obvious. Either way, it is our choice to shift the vibe and let go or not but we do not always have full control over that process.

Sometimes things let go of us no matter how much we want them to stay and we can’t do anything to get them back. As I always say, we are not in control of others’ energy or choices.

If you have listened to my enlightening life LIVE on Wednesday evenings you know that I get a lot of relationship questions and sometimes someone will ask whether a person who has moved on will come back? Do they really want that person back? Maybe not but what they want is the return of what was once comfortably normal and the old ways before they were forced to change.

Or someone from their past shows up and they want to know if this is a good option. The past won’t be resurrected just because someone from your past shows up although your memories of the past will return and that itself can cause some problems with regrets, guilt, shame, and anger. What can you do differently today if the past holds strong emotions? What does the other person want from you? I believe that is often the purpose for these blasts from the past. Listen to the podcast for some examples of this.

Having to let go of something you had great expectations of or really wanted to maintain is not easy. Let’s give this the seriousness it deserves because it can be very difficult. If you do not think so, ask anyone who has lost a cherished loved one, had a committed relationship or valued friendship end, been removed from the job they were counting on for their financial and career security, or had a loss forced on them.

No matter how beneficial that loss can be in the long run, in the short term they just want things to get back to ‘normal’ and they want to have more control over the changes that they feel are forced on them.

The big question we should ask and never do when we are facing any kind of transformation is whether we are ready to integrate the consequences of our decision to let something go.

We’ll see a lot of that in June, the back and forth of decisions on how we’re going take action and make the changes. Considering the loss factor as we decide to stay or leave, hold on or let go, refresh the old or create a fresh start, is important because it removes the ‘I didn’t think about that’ factor.

The decision to resurrect, rebirth, refresh, renew, are all part of the process as we charge forward this month into accelerated ascension transformation.

Remember we’re in Ascension 2.0 as of January and if it has felt like we are at the starting line, just revving our engines, making a lot of noise, we get to take off this month.

June’s energy themes reflect these choices – resurrect the old or birth something new, refresh an old energy into something that is different, more fulfilling, and more aligned with our new intentions, or renew a forgotten, abandoned dream or life wish. Do we want a reboot or a fresh start? Fresh starts are scary but reboots often come with baggage from the past that we cannot gloss over, wipe away, or pretend does not exist.

While we want to think we have control over what happens in our life, and we do, we do not have control over the energetic process that governs our connections – what we choose to connect to versus what can and will connect with us. And this is going to be a pivotal lesson in June. We have to learn to surrender, to stop resisting transformation and the changes that create it, and allow ourselves to follow the path of our intention without forcing any connections or trying to divert the flow of transformation when it is happening.

Why do we do that when we want transformation and we set our intention for it? Because our safety and security needs are paramount and we will do a lot to ensure those are met. That is why this is an integral part of my High Vibes Living coaching program and system because if you do not understand how much you will do to maintain the status quo because you want to preserve and protect your safety & security, you do not understand why you can hang on to the most unhelpful, unhealthy, and unfulfilling life situations no matter how much they hurt or limit you and who tells you that you really should let them go.

By the way, everyone has safety and security needs and everyone tries to make sure they are not compromised and are met. Now that you know that, can you see the reasoning and logic behind others’ decisions that do not make sense to you?

June’s energy can appear rather unremarkable after the excitement and challenges of the past few months but don’t be fooled, there is a lot going on this month.

The powerful and very sublime new moon of May 30 is still sending energy echoes into June which opens the month in a very beneficial way. This was one of the first energetically sympathetic new moons we have had in a while so we start June basking in the good vibes from that new moon.

Then on June 4 Mercury goes direct – finally. This has been a tough 3 week retro as many of you have told me and I have also experienced. Maybe it’s because during its retro Mercury has been both squaring Saturn and echoing the May 16 eclipse degree, forcing us to face our karma and look at how we are using our energy. What path do we want to take now and what are we willing to let go of?

This the answer to our need to be vindicated, validated, recognized, acknowledged, and appreciated by those who can’t, don’t, won’t, and don’t want to ‘love, honor, and respect’ us. When we realize that we will understand why we have our energy drains, unmet expectations, and seemingly unfulfilled soul missions hanging over our heads.

Can we let it all go? Yes of course we can and when we do we cancel out our obligations to our karmic past and establish a new timeline for our lives. Does this sound like something that appeals to you? It may sound like the best solution but it comes at a cost of unconditional surrender to your potential and unconditional forgiveness (meaning energetic disconnection) from the past. If you are not ready for that don’t worry, there will be more opportunities to step into that ring later if you are not ready right now.

I have to mention one thing that is significant on the energetic level and that is Mercury’s retro station on June 3 that is at 25 Taurus and that is the degree of the fixed star Algol, which the ancient astronomers called the ‘most unfortunate’ of the fixed stars because it represents beheadings, loss of life, loss of reputation, personal destruction, cataclysms, and dire circumstances. On the positive side, Algol can represent protection from evil, security, safety, a total change in circumstances that is beneficial.

And at the same time mercury is square to Saturn, the karmic and cosmic teacher, which is stationing retrograde on the same day which is also aspecting Algol via an opposition. That’s a lot of energy on Algol and it can show up as some interesting shifts in leadership and changes in the status quo on a very large scale. Keep your eyes on what is happening around you.

The Algol energy is significant in light of what is happening from June 14 to the 25th we have all 3 personal planets, Mercury, Venus, and Mars, in their own signs, as well as Neptune. This is a real ‘power to the people’ moment and it hasn’t happened since June 1958. Having all of the personal planets in their most powerful positions, their own signs, is a significant source of grounding and energetic alignment. You may feel more confident, self assured, and self aware.

You may feel ready to make some changes and decisions may be easier to consider to take action on. Try to avoid forcing yourself to take action or thinking that you ‘should’ be doing something and being critical of yourself if you don’t. We heal and release in layers and some of those layers are very deep. Be generous with yourself here and if you’re feeling it charge ahead. And if not, maybe next time you’ll be ready for it.

And all of this is happening around the June 14 full moon which is a super full moon and that heightens the full moon energies that can cause strong emotions, mental imbalance or extreme emotions, and create spiritual momentum.

We are in a powerful energy vortex that is moving faster every day and gaining momentum because its primary driver is the rate of awakening and the amount of light being held by each of us and the collective of humanity. Each of us is working on this in their own way. Try to avoid judging yourself because you think your work is not important enough. Every single one of us is important and contributes to this effort.

On June 22 we enter the Solstice and summer begins in the Northern Hemisphere, winter for you in the south. We are at the growth period of our cosmic cycle when we plant our gardens, nurture them, and start the harvest to maintain productivity. If you have ever grown green beans, zucchini, tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers, or any vegetables, you know that you have to harvest the produce every day to maintain growth.

You also have to remove the dead flowers, a process called dead heading, so the plant produces more flowers. Gardening is a daily labor of love and a big effort. I have a garden that I do something in every day, whether that is pulling a few weeks, trimming, deadheading (a daily chore) or surveying my lovely gardens and appreciating their beauty.

June is also typically called the wedding month because it is the traditional month for weddings and you may be thinking about romance, whether that is to reminisce about the one that ended, the one that got away, the one you are glad did not happen, or the lack of romance in your life now. Romance is a big issue and quite a complex subject because if we want love, romance, connection, companionship, and intimacy, we have to approach love from a much different perspective.

We need to be both givers and receivers in any relationship but first, we need to be healed, whole, and congruent in our own energy. We can no longer get involved in relationships with people we want to heal us or who we want to heal and make whole again. That is not going to work now and it has never worked before either. We also cannot allow the disappointments, unmet expectations from the past, and what we call romantic failures become the reason we avoid connections, commitments, relationships, and the possibility of becoming vulnerable. It is one of the ways we protect ourselves from future pain but it is also how we limit the expansion of our energy and the potential to find the true connection, partnership, and love that we secretly wish and hope for.

And to add more excitement to the mix, Pluto’s retrograde takes it back to the exact degree of the February 22, 2022 on July 10 but at the end of June we are very close to that degree. There will be one more pass at that degree during the final week of December and then a quick pass in late 2023 and then we’re out of the Pluto return cycle for another 248 years but don’t get too comfy because a Pluto return effect lasts for many years. This is dredging up the density to bring it to the light of truth. Where are we seeing that happening in the world today? Is it happening in your personal life too?

June is a step in a new direction that is built on the energy movement we have experienced in the past two years. Accelerated ascension also means accelerated dis-integration and chaos – both are byproducts of the ascension process. We have seen a lot of that lately and it has increased awareness and awakening by a huge factor. June is a month to consider transformation and to initiate it if we are willing to integrate and to live with the consequences.

June’s themes reflect this – refresh, renew, repeat, or release and I would add that an intention to re-vibe is going to be very helpful, to view every person and situation from the position of our highest possible energy frequency and to experience what is possible when we decide to ‘raise the vibe’ and live in joy.

Have a great month.

Copyright (c) 2021 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved. You may quote, translate, reprint or refer to this message if you mention the author name and include a working link to http://enlighteninglife.com