Neptune Retrograde & New Moon in Cancer, June 28, 2022 – Sensitivity, Intuition and Truth

Beloved Ones,

During this intense passage, that Guides name the Wisdom Passage, we will be immersed in a wave that began with the Solstice and that will continue with the 7/7 portal, until the 8/8 gate.

A passage in which we are blessed with the harmonic energies coming from loving Cancer, as we will have a New Moon in this sign at the end of the month, that will help us bring more balance into ourselves and rejuvenate, as we continue with our conscious choice of re-coding all that have been deeply damaged during eons.

This wave is one that comes with the Solar codes, together with the sixth and seventh frequencies required for us to create a total transformation in our DNA, for it is time for us to begin the authentic work that will determine ascension, and that is only achieved if we truly shift all from our original template.

On this same day when the New Moon occurs, we will also have another important planetary event, especially for those who continue focusing on retrogrades, as Neptune will turn retrograde. This is an opportunity to commune with our God Self, descend more light from Above, and revise our journey, what we have created, and where this is taking us now.

However, together with Cancerian energies, as Neptune makes a square with the New Moon, it can also be a time in which we can feel very sensitive, emotional and if we have not healed past wounds and balanced ourselves properly, fall into old patterns, as these two forces together come to show us where we have not yet work on unification.

Feeling sensitive, and emotional, is something that we all need, for we all release through tears, or in many other ways from time to time, what the emotional, mental, and physical bodies need to remove. What is not healthy is dwelling in this pain for long, as it is a sign that we have not properly cleared and healed timeliness, as well as the aspects of us that are not yet integrated, as if not, we will move from pain, and fear, to love and unity again, feeling the love, joy, and peace that comes when we become whole again.

This passage is a very profound one for us to receive new insights, revelations about our personal journey, and all we wish to clarify for the path we are creating. As it is with Neptune that we begin to distill illusion and we move to a space where we are more open to receiving the Truths that we are ready now to embrace, and that will shift our perspective of who we are, and our reality.

At a time when humanity is oscillating between continuing living in a false reality or stepping into a conscious and more harmonic timeline, the powerful feminine essence of Neptune is pivotal at a time when collectively many are awakening and remembering who they truly are. This is the main work that Neptune in Pisces is doing with humanity, for all these years.

Neptune’s essence is transpersonal, as it goes deeper not just on an individual level but on a collective one. Neptune is a macro representation of what is taking place globally – the return to our original Divine Self, searching for Truth and Wisdom. Neptune’s portal is open for those who desire to confront and embrace their shadows, commune with their soul to receive the truth, and regain wisdom to follow their unique journey.

As you know, Neptune retrograde is another collective belief. This is a conscious Era in which we already know that the Planets are evolving themselves within this endless spiral of Creation. Wanting to continue seeing Planets as retrogrades or as governing us limits our human experience.

We are all on different paths, for we are all unique. Neptune gives us the opportunity to retrieve wisdom, recognize our shadows and clear them, so we can grow spiritually. The most important is to recognize illusion independently of the inner work we have chosen to do at this time.

Discerning everything we receive is pivotal. We can receive from our egoic minds, from a programmed space that is not yet cleared, or we may truly receive from the depths of our soul, and Guides team, authentic information.

Our task is to keep ourselves grounded, purified, open to learning, and distill illusions we considered to be true, for the more we grow, the more we realize that there is always a higher truth that we were not able to see, due to our limited human view.

We are the pioneers of this New Harmonic Cycle, and as such our main task is in removing all illusions so we can live authentically.

This takes time, devotion, and many challenges. Although, it is too a blessed and wonderful path.

I wish you All a loving and healing passage, Beloveds.

Within Infinite Love,

**By Natalia Alba