Awaken, A New World Is Emerging

Greetings friends! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj. The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart.

A new light from the Sun shines on Earth at this time. A new energy envelopes the Earth and all of her inhabitants. These are higher frequency light waves, which are bringing great change to life on Earth. One of these changes is the exposure of all the secrets. On a personal level, from family, to local, to federal government, and vast amounts of information kept secret for thousands of years by cults around the world.

The light is dissolving the veils and the lies used to enslave humanity for more than ten thousand years.

There is a group of entities, who work behind the scenes, they are rarely caught by cameras. The television media which they themselves own, do not give them any attention. These people, among many things, they are also trillionaires. They own the banking system. And the majority of the politicians, large corporations, media, and so on.

They can afford and do pay agents(their puppets) to go public with certain agendas, pushing societally destabilizing ideologies on the populace for the purpose of chaos, division, and ultimately control. While some of them are used to push larger agendas, such as climate change, vaccinations, wars between nations.

The aim of these entities who operate in the dark, has always been to destroy humanity. Particularly the nature and beauty of the family, and corrupting the peaceful nature of the human being.

For thousands of years the dark elites have manipulated and purposely mislead humanity into accepting their false ideologies in an attempt for total control and ownership of Earth.

The constructs of race, religion, and the monetary system are their invention. Religion, which has in fact stirred humanity further away from the true Divine Creator.

Humanity has been taught to fear God, instead of to love God, and fear nothing.

God does not want to be feared. For Creator has pure, unconditional love for all of his children.

The one who wants to be feared is Satan. Here we do not speak of Satan in a religious sense. We speak of Satan as an extremely dark, power hungry, malevolent extraterrestrial entity.

It is this entity who is worshipped by its malevolent extraterrestrial minions, and the dark elites of Earth who have chosen that path. It is these ones who gave you religion, precisely the image of a fearful, punishing, vengeful God. That is who you are worshipping in your Christian, Judaic, and Islamic faiths.

This entity we speak of here, has been forced to relinquish not only control of Earth, but this entire sector of the galaxy. They are no longer permitted to pursue further destruction anywhere else.

The very idea of ritual(blood) sacrifice has been invented by these parasitic entities.

The crucifixion of Jesus Christ is nothing more than an energetical implant into the consciousness of the Human Collective as a ‘reminder’ that should one seek the true Divine Creator, should one seek to be of service to the Light, and deviate from the dark path and evil doing, and serving malevolent entities, you will face severe punishment. Humanity has been doing a wonderful job of keeping their focus on the supposed suffering of Jeshua, instead of his times of joy and teachings on enlightenment. Why? Simply because humans love the victim role, which once more is pushed by the dark ones. Please understand that the true Divine Creator does not sacrifice or punish anyone for anything. It is each Soul that chooses their own experiences in every lifetime, and pay their own ‘debt.’

A simple law of the Universe is that every being must experience that which they’ve created. So if you bring light, love, kindness to people, that is what you will attract more of. The same applies when one brings lower frequency experiences to others. You will experience that, in this lifetime, or choose to go through that experience in another lifetime.

One more thing invented by the dark ones is that you only live once. Then after ‘death’ it is the end. It is either eternal hell or heaven. Another attempt to minimize the magnificence of the human life and existence. You only live once, so go ahead and do harmful things to your own being, because the parasites feed off of your lower energies. Party like a rock star, and drink yourself to death. For the dark needs your energies of misery in order to sustain itself.

In truth there is no death. You are the Soul. Your physical vessel is a vehicle which You the Soul use to operate on a planetary body. The Soul chooses when it will transition to the next life cycle, and incarnate in a different body, after spending many lifetimes on one planet, dimension, you will incarnate on other planets and dimensions.

These are simple truths. All that is required is letting go of fear, and being open to new truths, and seeing things from a different perspective. Allowing the light of the Soul to shine through, and collapsing the illusory walls of the Artificial Matrix, which has convinced you that you are separate from the Divine Creator, that you need a middle man if you desire to communicate with the Divine Creator. That is like saying a child needs a nanny to communicate with its own mother or father, when he/she is present with them at all times.

No sacrifice is ever needed on anyone’s part to ‘please’ the Divine Creator.

The true Divine Creator does not need blood sacrifice or sacrifice of any kind. Only a weak and fragile entity pretending to be God needs to feed off of the energies of others, and demands worship and sacrifice in their name. This is why the dark elites create wars. For malevolent entities feed on the energies of fear and suffering emitted by humans. This is why the dark elites want to legalize world wide the sacrificing of children. Though things have not been going their way.

They call it abortion. Which more than anything, it is a Satanic ritual. They consume the child’s flesh and blood. They also use the cells of the aborted child to create clones of themselves and their top of the list members of their secret ‘clubs.’ This occurs particularly in the different rooms of the Vatican, Hollywood buildings, among many other places.

The Vatican, the birth place of Christianity, and of Islam, which were invented by the darkest group of entities. Who also composed the bloodiest books ever written, the Bible and Quran. Jeshua and Mohammed did not give you Christianity and Islam. Their teachings were manipulated. They were human, as you and I. Only that through unyielding commitment, they achieved enlightenment, connecting with their Soul Self, therefore, the Universe or God. They shared their experiences, and messages of love. You can do this too. Many on Earth at this time are on the same path as the ancient masters.

While the parasitic entities have been doing all they can to prevent people from achieving what a few ancient masters achieved. Creating distractions on the world stage, so people do not spend time in solitude, and allow the whispers of the Soul to come through. Simply understanding that love is the way. The same bloodline that gave you the evolution theory, and says Earth is the only habitable planet, also gave you precisely the Abrahamic religions(the church, mosque, synagogue). The same ones have been sacrificing human children for over five thousand years on Earth.

This is why around eight million children a year are kidnapped and trafficked world wide. The vast majority of these children ending up in the hands of the dark elites, politicians, celebrities.

One of the main reasons why they demonized Donald Trump 24/7 is because he was shutting down their food supply, again, children/child trafficking.

The same entities have been pushing the transgender agenda, by paying certain people to go through sex changes and giving them media attention, thus manipulating confused people, who need healing, instead bringing them to hating the body their born into. It is the same ones who are trying to normalize pedophilia, and label it as a sexual preference.

These parasites refer to bacteria on Mars as “life.” While calling a child in the mother’s womb a “fetus.”

They pay scientists and doctors to push forward the climate change agenda, and for deadly vaccinations, when they know very well that they could not care any less about the well being of Mother Earth or her inhabitants.

After thousands of years of darkness in the world, it is all coming to an end. All their games are coming to a close. This is where we are at now. It is not the end of the world. It is the end of the darkness in the world. For with the higher frequency energies entering Earth from the Galactic Central Sun via our Sun, all that exists within the lower frequency bands is to be transmuted, integrating the higher light, or depart Earth altogether, continuing their journey of duality elsewhere. The dark knows this, so they think there’s something they can do to prevent this change from occurring. There is not. Nothing can stop this shift of Earth and humanity moving into the higher realms of light.

The dark elites of Earth would have to answer to non-human overlords for millennia. The vast majority of these overlords have departed Earth and abandoned their puppets in the 90’s. With the small remainder of them leaving in the last two decades.

What we have now on Earth are a few rulers who are in panic, lost without their masters, for they know their end has come.

In their last days, these beings are trying to bring about as much chaos as possible in order to keep Earth’s vibrational frequency low, in an attempt to delay the inevitable. They continue to fail, as the Human Collective rises in consciousness, more people are beginning to see the deceit. The dark’s plans and actions have lost their effect.

The rise in mass shootings in the recent years is a creation of these deranged beings, who have been repeatedly prevented by the Galactic Federation of Light to start a nuclear war, and anything that would lead to another world war. So they resort to lower scale damage in order to instill fear in hopes of having people surrender their freedoms.

Mass shootings are not carried out only by the one perpetrator you see on the news. These vulnerable individuals, who are on medication for various mental conditions, are targeted by your CIA and FBI agents. Who also use directed energy weapons to target the brain with different laser frequencies, which disrupt the normal function of neurons, leading to the individual’s confusion and breaking point.

The vast majority of people have started to question these events. And once again are beginning to understand that someone else is behind these carried out false flags.

It is truly time to question it all. To question everything you have been taught. You must question every branch of the so called science. Release all of your fear. Question the exaggerated religious claims which have their origins at the Vatican and (ancient)Egypt. For what you’ve been told by the system is nothing more than a deviation from the real truth, which has been purposely kept hidden, so the dark has control over humanity. The more people awaken, the weaker the dark becomes.

I would say question your beliefs. However, over 90% of what you believe did not originate from within you. It was taught to you. It was placed in your mind by outside influencers as you developed from childhood. Particularly cultural customs, religion, and the education(indoctrination) system.

Now is the time to break the chains, and reclaim your freedom. End the cycles of old patterns. It is time to end the cycle of ignorance, and be open for new, higher truths. Go within, and seek the wisdom that is part of your very essence, of your Soul, which awaits your return to and within the Heart Center. It is there, within the heart that you will once again realize and feel the connection and Oneness with that which you call God, or All That Is.

The time has arrived, to snap out of the amnesia, unplug from the programming of the matrix, and awaken, for a new world is emerging. Awaken to the divinity within yourselves, to the divinity of the Universe, and rise as the spiritual beings that you are.

That is all for today!

28 Replies to “Awaken, A New World Is Emerging”

  1. Light Worker 7

    WOW Kejraj, this post is a keeper! The best you’ve ever written. Keep it at the top forever. It explains everything.

    1. harrrrrie

      Thank you Kejraj. Very eye opening. Much Love to you for helping us.

      To the rest of us, you forget that it is not us who decides to rape, practice incest, or make a sexual mistake and conceive a child. It is our souls. Our souls decide if they want to be raped or be a victim of incest or be a perpetrator.
      Also, it is our souls who decide if they want to be aborted, miscarried, stillborn, die at birth or die as a baby or young child.
      So stop debating, arguing and fighting over abortion!!
      We have the morning-after-pill. There are many safe ways to bring about a miscarriage at home.

      The soul enters the fetus at time of conception. The baby’s soul also leaves and comes back many times to experience the Earth and humanity. It also occupies the mom’s body for her experience. The soul of the baby in the womb has already decided if it is going to continue living or leave the womb for good. If you have an abortion, miscarriage or stillborn, it’s because your soul and the baby’s soul planned it that way.

      So stop berating yourself if you have had an abortion. And stop fighting the powers to get it legalized. Use the morning-after-pill or a safe at home procedure.

      Abortion was made illegal to get the country riled up, creating more negative energy to keep life unbearable, to keep life at 3D.

      In the 50’s and 60’s we saw our beautiful future. And it was torn apart. Everything has been destroyed. I used to blame males for this. But thankfully I now know that the slow destruction of Earth was planned and carried out by the Cabal and the dark ETs.

      Haven’t you have had enough?
      Aren’t you tired of our government making decisions that you don’t agree with? You know right from wrong. You know what love is. You know what peace is. Vote in the people who represent peace, love, sanity, reason, logic and change to work towards utopia. YES UTOPIA !!!

      1. Iris

        I would love to vote for “the people who represent peace, love…and work towards utopia.” But so many enlightened souls don’t run for government because of frustrating gridlock.

        Plus, politics divides the Lightworker community like nothing else! It’s astonishing how such different versions of “truth” exists among us – and how folks deride others who disagree.

        Maybe if we all keep lifting our vibration from 3D polarity toward 5D Unity, we’ll create the conditions to support more visionaries running for office.

        Love, peace and harmony within will help manifest a loving, peaceful world for all.

  2. ArBen

    This is very clear, & easy to understand. I don’t see why the fuss in the comments. Some leaning towards *pro-choice, while others simply refusing to see the bigger picture. Its not as simple as *oh they agreed to go through that experience. This is why many *channelings are overrated. A whole lot of light & love crapola, while people still go through hell.

  3. Saphire

    To all, remember that we all plan our experience on earth before birth with God and our Heavenly Council. Nothing happens by accident all events have a purpose, lesson. The woman planned to get pregnant, then have an abortion, the child picked the woman and the experience of early death. The lesson for all of us watching is personal responsibility for our actions, live out the consequences. There are many ways to proceed. We don’t need to meddle in others life plan. The whole above argument is 3D. Healing and Love to you all.💜✌🕊

  4. mitchell

    Absolutely spot on message if you have any understanding of reality and not just the brainwashing media narrative.

      1. Julia

        Hi … I’m intrigued by this comment… can you please elaborate? I have heard similar… 🙏

  5. derek

    Thank you for this beautiful message. Just from these comments alone proves the programming and division the matrix creates. Love is the answer. We are all beings of love.

  6. Susan

    The spirit does not join with the baby until birth. The top of an infant’s head stays soft for a year to provide an “escape hatch” so to speak for that spirit in the event it decides the chosen life and family is not the ideal for soul growth after all. For most women, choosing abortion is the hardest decision she will ever make. And until men cease practices of rape and incest, it should be a right that women can choose. If this entire “right to life” crusade was really about saving babies, then we would have free medical and prenatal care, free education, better maternity leave, and other support for developing a healthy human life. All those right to lifers disappear as soon as birth occurs and their mantra changes to “no government handouts” while the government is handing $11 million in subsidies to oil companies every minute; “socialism is evil” when the idea behind socialism is to share the fruits of our labor equitably rather than allowing 10 old men to control half the planets resources; and all the other garbage they spout. I agree that child trafficking is one of the most agregious acts and must stop, yet denying women abortion is not going to accomplish this. This is not about saving babies, it’s about power and control over others. After all, the wealthy can afford to fly to a place where abortion is legal and safe. And they will. And men have forced power and control over women for centuries. Time for that to end.

    1. EraOfLight Post author

      Quite a bit of incorrect information there. Particularly this “The spirit does not join with the baby until birth.” Interesting that all things covered in the article, the abortion subject is the one that caught your attention. Understandable.

      1. Donny J

        It is well known that the spirit weighs 21g

        If the spirit enters “the body” at the point of conception where does it reside?

        The spirit needs a certain amount of space within a developing embryo to actually physically reside. It is not possible for the spirit to reside in an egg that has just been fertilised.

        1. Iris

          Hi Donny –

          The soul or spirit of a person is a “drop of the Ocean of God Consciousness,” far beyond the physical plane. It has no 3D qualities that can be measured, despite Dr. MacDougall’s well-meaning but flawed efforts.

          That’s why the Masters must open our Third (spiritual) Eye so we can see into the spiritual world, since our 2 physical eyes can’t.

    2. Iris

      Thank you Susan!

      Although my high-plane spiritual Teachers say that all Life is sacred – and begins at conception – I totally agree with how you describe the hypocrisy of right-to-lifers who won’t protect and support children once they’re born!

      I saw much of this firsthand as a teacher of young children for 35 years in rural New Hampshire. Shameful.

      Adding to your list is how the same political party that decries abortion, supports polluting industries rather than a clean and healthy environment where all Life thrives.

    3. Emerson

      Susan, the ruling wasn’t even about whether abortion is to be legal or not; it was to put the decision in its proper hands: each state. That’s all. To have decided otherwise would have been an overreach on their part, which is exactly what happened nearly 59 years ago, and this decision was simply correcting that error. NOW, we hope each state gets it right by allowing freedom to the people!..not dictating what we can and can’t put in our bodies, or take from our bodies.

    4. GEM

      Which way is it?..If someone kills a pregnant woman, they are convicted of a double homicide…yet the fetus is not another being, not a human until it’s born, and can be killed in the womb? I’m not really either way on this, but why the discrepancy?

    5. Gustavo Frein

      This post is a great example of what the attack on femininity has wrought. Not a shred of femininity left here, just unnatural feminism, which is a mental illness.

      BTW, it is under the guise of socialism and equality that populations are enslaved.

      1. James

        Disagree w/ you Gustavo – some random man does not get to decide/determine what a “shred of femininity” is or is not. And I don’t see mental illness in the differing female viewpoints being expressed here – just different levels of understanding about how things are beyond our (hopefully rising) 3D world here and now – just as any given collection of males will not have the same level of understanding as each other. The veil is thicker for some than others, but it’s still there for all of us to some degree. And I expect we’ll all be surprised at the things we misunderstood, once it finally drops all the way for us

    6. Linda Rosa

      Susan, Do you really believe that most of the abortions being performed on earth are a result of men committing rape and incest? That’s not true. Abortion is being promoted right now by the hateful beings that run this world, to satisfy their hunger and lust – and we women in my opinion have become extremely malleable. Intelligent, knowledgeable women sometimes use abortion as birth control, instead of thinking beforehand about whether or not they want to get pregnant. Blaming all of the sexual promiscuity in the world on men is unfair and untrue.

  7. Linda Rosa

    Thank you, Kejraj. This is vitally important for all of us to realize. God bless you, my dear friend.

  8. Gustavo Frein

    Great message Kej-raj. I thought there was a war on masculinity the last few years and there is, but I have realized there has been a war on femininity for 50 or 60 years called “Feminism”. The woke young women of today call a child in their womb a “parasite”, and proclaim they are not “incubators”. That and this never ending in your face LGBTQI agenda, child tranny grooming, and the inversion of all that is good and makes life enjoyable and full of love is making more and more people disgusted and much less tolerant of this sickness.

    Unfortunately, the dark ones have a stranglehold of the levers of power and state instruments of force and coercion.

    We will have to organize and push back. They won’t go away peacefully.

    I used to be very angry at Trump for the death jab he so vigorously promoted, but maybe it was a way of ridding ourselves of the most irredeemable elements of society, although I sincerely doubt Trump has the intelligence to play any 3D chess. After all, he has made some awful and disgusting comments about his daughter and wanting to have sex with her.