August 2022 Energy Report

I am so glad to be finished with July and entering a new month, are you?  August is not easy by any means and it’s challenging but in a different way. If you were swayed by the karmic booms of July then you may be glad to see the clean out and upsourcing potential of August.

There are many powerful energy aspects in August, including the 8-8 Lion’s Gate Portal and the historic and rare conjunction between Mars, Uranus, and the North Node with Venus holding the wild card and Mercury standing in the background.

August themes are intentional action, motivation, movement, and mastery.

The August mantra for action is I AM   I CAN   I WILL.

But don’t be pressured to take action because you may be guided to refresh, rest, and relax.

This is going to be an interesting month and it’s the topic of this week’s newsletter.

If you were struggling in July you will get some relief in August and then some. We have had some very rare and historic aspects in the past few years but the one that opens August has not happened since 324 BC. This is a clean-up month which is good for clear outs and fresh starts and with the ongoing energy movements that have been building since January the changes that I have been saying would happen this summer are on the way. It’s a month to shore up our energy boundaries and maintain our energetic integrity because anything can happen.

August has important themes of intentional action including motivation, movement, and mastery. We have to acknowledge our own mastery because no one is going to do it for us. It is time for us to stop turning in circles, asking for permission, wondering when things will happen and just get started.

The August mantra came to me yesterday as I was thinking about the energy of this month and what it means to us.

The mantra is I AM I CAN I WILL

Let’s look at those phrases in more detail:

I AM is the full embodiment of our self that is healed, whole, and congruent. It is the first foundation of our mastery that allows full integration with our highest potential. I AM is the synergy between potential and possibilities. It is the

I CAN is the full embodiment of our belief that is clear, undiluted, and unashamed. It is the second foundation of our mastery and is essential to creating the clarity that allows us to apply our wisdom to inspired intention.

I WILL is the full embodiment of our action that is intentional, directed, and purposeful. It is the third foundation of our mastery and is essential to our physical and spiritual movement. Without will we are paralyzed by fear and limited by inaction. I WILL allows us to move energy and expand our reality into higher energetic frequencies and vibrations.

Let’s look at how this applies to August, a rare month indeed.

August opens with the rare conjunction of Mars, Uranus, and the North Node in Taurus at 18 degrees. This aspect has not happened since 324 BC when Alexander the Great completed his battles to conquer most of the known world, including Europe and Asia.

Looking at the history of Uranus in Taurus, which happens every 84 years, it always presages war and battles. In May 1935 Uranus was in Taurus when Hitler began his occupation of Poland. Interestingly, Uranus was also in Taurus in 1850 when major battles for land and control were being fought in Europe.

And once again with Uranus in Taurus we find ourselves engaged in battle but this time the war is spiritual and it includes the desire to dominate us energetically. We are in a war over our energetic sovereignty, which includes our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.  We are winning that war, one light at a time, but it does not mean that we can give up the fight or relax and think it is over. It is not.

The lesson for us in this battle is to be intentional with our energy, to intend our frequency and vibration, to be fully grounded in the spiritual and material realities that are meaningful to us, to use our I AM presence to define our reality by our intention, not by our karma, guilt, or belief in an unalterable destiny.

We need to see ourselves as energetic beings and to become more conscious and aware of our 5D mission of ascension integration.  That is our life purpose, based on our soul mission. It would also be helpful if we stopped looking for a purpose and start moving forward purposefully.  Action begins with the first step, as with any journey. You have to start the car before you can back it out of the garage.

But this is not just about avoiding, limiting, or transmuting spiritual or energetic conflict, it is about value, about what we value, the values we hold, what we will take a stand for, and what we will defend.

The Mars/Uranus/Node aspect includes Venus, ruler of Taurus, at the degree of the July 13 full moon. Do you remember that one? It was quite a blast of energy and here we are with this energy repeated in August and Venus is carrying the light of truth on this one. Venus rules value, worth, beauty, and self care that begins with self awareness.

This is a fitting aspect to have with Mars/Uranus in Taurus because it’s a battle for values and for the foundation of the truths of humanity, the earth, and our being.

It has become increasingly obvious over the past few years that this is a serious issue and we have learned that what we do not actively and intentionally defend is falling into the abyss of tyranny.

Hello Great Awakening, Good-bye complacent acquiescence.

In the August 2015 Energy Report I wrote that our rights were taken from us as we watched the fake action on reality TV. Unfortunately that has proven to be true. We can get our lives back but we’re going to have to put in some work and this requires intention, action, and effort. This is our battle to fight and to win, no one is going to rescue or save us but we are fully able to save and rescue ourselves.

Whatever we are not intentionally and actively grounding into our reality and our energy field has no foundation so it becomes optional instead of required. Do we require energetic safety and security? Yes we do but if we are not actively attending to them they float away,  like a helium balloon.

If the past few months have been a wakeup call for you, you are not alone. From the karmic booms of July we got a stern lesson in waking up to the reality that people are not who we think and our relationships are not always beneficial, even (and especially) those with family and close partners or friends. It’s time for a big dose of reality and we are getting it now.

But we’re ready for this, we have prepared ourselves, now we just have to take action.

The numerology of August is 8 + 6 = 14 and 1 + 4 = 5, which is the number of karma and it’s the midpoint of the number line and of our energetic timelines. At the number 5 we have completed 1 through 4 and we are embarking on 6 through 9.

A 5 vibration is incomplete, a little off balance and needs to move forward. We are uncomfortable with 5, we prefer the balance of 4 or the symmetry of 6.

In the zodiac, the 5th house is Leo and it represents creativity, children, falling in love, and things that make us happy.

But when this energy is not grounded, the creativity can become control, child-like can become childish, love can become obsession, and happiness can become an endless search for purpose, meaning, and pleasure.

The number 5 needs movement and definition and direction and this is where we are in August.

We may be tempted to pivot this month but that just means we move about a fixed point. We need to point our energy in different directions now and use the imbalance of August’s 5 energy to seek new directions and explore new opportunities.

Not in a restless, bored way but in a way that expands our energetic potential.

And not in a permanent, major life changing way but in a way that allows for a probationary period where we are assessing our alignment with something before we commit to it.  The idea that we have to fully commit to everything we do is one of our biggest limiters. We are forcing ourselves to commit to something before we are sure that we are going to like it.   Listen to the podcast for more detail about how that works.

Other August events include the August 8 Lion’s Gate Portal, which is more than the annual 8-8 date, it is the date on which the Sun in Leo, Sirius, the Orion’s Belt constellation, and the earth are in alignment. Although it peaks on August 8 it is active for several weeks before and after August 8.

This has been called a manifestation portal, an opening for new energy downloads to enter the earth’s grid, and it is those things and more. Most importantly, the Lion’s Gate Portal is a bridge between the northern and southern hemispheres of our visible sky.

It is also a bridge between dimensions, assisting us in our journey from polarity to duality, from 3D density to 5D multi-dimensionality.

Pay attention to your physical space around that time, as it is easy to lose your balance, fall, forget where you are, and have blips in awareness when you’re operating on a multi-dimensional level.

August’s full moon is on the 12th and it is going to ground the month’s Uranus/Mars signature as it squares Uranus from its position in Aquarius, the sign Uranus also rules.

The new moon in Virgo on the 27th has a dose of Mercury trickery as it happens on the last day of Mercury’s transit in Virgo. And is going to give an extra boost of karma, choices, family issues, and decisions to this period. If you wonder why we are having so many issues with family and close relationships now, it’s because they are the most challenging, most profound, and most traumatic sources of karma  and  past and current life trauma. They are our last line of CORE karmic healing and we have now worked our way to this level of healing and completion.

And to help us with that after August 23 all of the big planets will be retrograde, including Jupiter.  When they are all moving direct, as they have been for much of this year, we get a lot of energy stirred up but it is hard to get any actual closure done because everything is moving too quickly. It’s like trying to clean the rooms in your house by constantly emptying the closets. With all of the heavyweights in retro motion we can get some tidying up of the loose ends, get clarity on our options, and start moving old energy out to make room for new.

Another important note this month after the 21st, when Mars enters Gemini where it will stay for the rest of the year as it will retrograde from late October to January 11, 2023. It won’t leave Gemini until mid-March 2023. This is going to give us several energetic boosts during this long Gemini transit. First it’s going to create the openings for a lot more karmic booms and getting closure on the karmic cycles and with the karmic groups we are ready to free ourselves from.

Second, it’s going to open new potentials and multiple avenues for energy expression and expansion. If you thought you were limited in your choices you may find during these next 8 months that a lot of potentials are available to you and there are many paths that can bring about the fulfillment of intentions.

Be open to receiving a lot of information about new potentials – you may be surprised at what is actually possible for you.

Finally, in a month whose name means venerable, eminent, majestic, and grandeur, we can take some time to replenish our own well of joy. I know these times have been tough and what we have had to go through is not easy. I am also having sleepless nights, I have had physical health challenges, I am also a portal keeper in my area so I live in a place where I am working hard every day and it is not very enjoyable. I struggle with fatigue and the weight gain that we all have and I also get to a point where I have to say time out, I am taking a break, passing the baton, and I will be back when I have had some time to take care of myself.

Remember that we have other people in line who are perfectly capable of taking care of the ascension process while we spend some time enjoying the rewards of our labors, like checking out the 5D energies and giving ourselves a little bit of joy. The issues will still be there when we return. So give yourself some self love, appreciation, and self indulgence this month. See yourself as an august warrior for the light. Give yourself some admiration, veneration, respect, and love.  You have earned it and you deserve it. There will be plenty to take care of in September and through the rest of the year.  Have a great month.

**By Jennifer Hoffman