October 2022 Energy Report: Renaissance, Transcension, Transformation

It’s a new month and a new frequency, along with a new energy that is different from what we have had in the past few months even though we have some strong energy aspects in October including the Saturn/Uranus square and we have an eclipse.  October is a month of challenges and blessings and we will see more of the energy gaps between dark and light and much more multi-dimensional integration. No matter what appears to be going on in the world, the light always prevails over the darkness.

To help you see the progress we’ve made this year and to remind you of your own progress, this month’s Energy Report includes an overview of our monthly themes since January and you can read the previous energy reports and articles and listen to the podcasts on my blog and podcast page, the links are available on the pages.

The Spiritual Pilgrimage energy of September carries over into October but this is not the  trudging ahead and we cannot get distracted by what appears to be happening around us.  The darkness has always been and will always be around and we’re more aware of it because we are less integrated with 3D and more integrated with 5D. You’re more aware of the darkness when you’re separated from it by the light.  No reason to fight the dark – let the light do the hard work for you, all you have to do is shine. Let’s look at October’s energy with the October Energy Report.

I am so glad that September is over. Some months are harder than  others and September was one of those long months with one OMG event after another. If we’re so far ahead on the ascension journey why isn’t it being reflected in what’s going on in the planet?  It is but we’re looking for more examples of what we believe are evidence of the light when we really need to be celebrating the revelation of the dark.

October’s a mixed bag of energy, up and down, tough and easy, with more reveals and truth, and its theme is A.I.M – align, integrate, master, and its message is to ‘Rev it UP’, a message to us to take a step forward and move out of our own darkness enough to step into the light. October is a juggling act with a wide variety of energy movements and we are in the center ring.

October promises some excitement with a long list of energy shifts and as I write this, we have already had 2 X-class and 3 M-Class solar flares and the energy is building. We get some relief as Mercury goes direct on October 2 and some of the heavy retro energy begins to shift as early as October 8, when Pluto goes direct on October 8.  For the next 3 months, we are going to be catching up on opportunities and seeing the potential portals opening up again after a long dry spell. It’s time and we’re ready.

The spiritual pilgrimage energy of September continues in October, reminding us of our journey of initiation into spirit. This is our life purpose or, more accurately, the purpose of our life. I know the term ‘finding your life purpose’ has a lot of emotional cachet but we need to focus more on the soul mission aspect of our lives and less on life purpose because it’s the soul mission we came to accomplish.  Our life is the purpose of that mission’s fulfillment.

But this is not a time to jump into the first thing that presents itself to us just because we’re so ready to do something and get ourselves out of whatever energetic logjam we’re in. This is a time for purposeful action, divine movement into intentional and orderly outcomes that flow from our potential into possibilities. We can override our impatience with spiritual maturity because we know that divine timing is not concerned with time, it moves according to energy flows and seeks to create the most perfectly aligned, benevolent outcome.

October 2022 is a 7 month (10 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 7) and this is a blessing for us. Numerology describes 7 as the number of the hermit, solitude, and introspection. I agree in part as 7 represents the spiritual journey, the transcension process from 3D to 5D. 7 is the number of the spiritual initiate. Not as the secretive, invisible seeker though, we have done enough soul searching. It is now time to align and integrate with the soul’s energy, to let our divinity rise and shine.

This month’s 7 energy is about integration, intention, and inspiration (we also had a 7 month in January) so we are using our spirituality in a powerful, forward moving way. I am not into lengthy meditation (I get bored and fall asleep) and this kind of spiritual energy is perfect for me because it is motivated, invigorating, and it rewards action.

We just finished a ‘6’ month which is the ‘descension’ energy. Any time we have descension we have to take the energy through the process of alignment, integration, and manifestation (In my Becoming 360 program this is my AIM for AWE formula), which is transcension. Then we move into ascension.  Part of that process is personal but in October we have to move out of the personal energy retreat model where we close ourselves off to focus on using energy for healing and complete that process to start our engines and get onto the track. We need movement this month.

Not huge leaps of faith into the unknown though. This is the congruent forward movement taken by those who move with confidence, clarity, and purpose.

There are times when I watch what is going on in the world and wonder what’s the point of trying so hard, holding energy, shining the light, and focusing on the ascension path. I know many of you have these moments too. Everything seems to be sliding down the side of the cliff faster and faster and so many people just don’t seem to be aware or notice that there are some huge problems in the world. But then I’m reminded of the energy gaps and how we’re seeing the dark because we are in the light. I’ll have a random conversation with someone who wants to talk to me because they notice my light and energy and I know that this is what it’s all about.

One person at a time, one conversation at a time, one light at a time and with millions of us doing this every day, we are a movement to be reckoned with. Ascension is working and we’re on track even if it doesn’t always feel like it. I know it’s hard to keep moving forward when we do not seem to be making progress but we are. And now more than ever we just need to continue with our ascension journey and not let the dark’s perversions distract us from our soul mission. 

In October we have more of the ongoing Saturn/Uranus square that has been a dominant energy since early 2021 and continues through the end of the year. We have had several tough aspects since 2019 and this is one of them. October features the square all month and it is exact for the first 3 weeks but its impact and influence will lessen by November as Saturn turns direct and starts moving away from its proximity to Uranus.

Pluto’s direct  motion in Capricorn is its final pass through that sign, and it last happened in 1762 to 1777. Notice that the real transformation happened at the end of Pluto’s Capricorn transit. I think we’re going to see the same thing happen today. We had a US and global Pluto return in February 2022 and we’ll have one more on December 31, 2022.

This is a monumental paradigm shift for humanity and the same spirit that launched the revolution against tyranny and domination is working to repeat that effort. Notice what is happening around us. This is the light at work. 5D integration grows every day. Remember that chaos is a by-product of the 3D paradigm dis-integration.

And for all of you who have personal planets or points in Aquarius, you have been having a tough time since 2021 because you have a Saturn conjunction. I wrote about this on my Facebook page because I’m impacted here – I have 3 planets in Aquarius and this has been one tough period for me. Also if you have planets or points in Scorpio and Taurus, you have a Saturn square and that is not an easy transit either. And those with Leo planets and points you have a Saturn opposition, another challenging aspect.

The good news is that Saturn is moving out of Aquarius in March 2023 and with its multiple retrogrades it has already crossed your degrees several times so when it goes direct on October 23 you may be ready to have learned Saturn’s lessons and start taking action. If you have late Aquarius degrees, 25 to 30, you’re going to get a Saturn pass over your planet now, but only one, then you will be finished with it for another 30 years.

Saturn was previously in Aquarius in 1991 – what were you doing then because those lessons, soul wounds, and karmic issues are coming around again for you. Saturn cycles are always tough because they connect to us at our most vulnerable places and challenge us to heal, attain wholeness, create energetic congruence at a new level, and then move on.

1991 was the beginning of the rise of the technology that was eventually going to become the public community of the internet. It was also the early stirrings of the tech boom that would change the world’s way of communicating and connection.  Aquarius rules technology so this Saturn placement is timely. As we move into 2023 we’re going to have to make a choice – our spirituality will either be focused on humanity as a being part of the ‘internet of things’ or we will fully embrace our Christed Awareness and become fully integrated divine humans. This is what so much of what we’re seeing today is all about. Energetic sovereignty or energetic enslavement and we have to choose our own path, as will every person.

How far have we come on our ascension journey now? I find it’s helpful to refer to the monthly energy reports, which I first began writing in 2007 or 2008. I created the concept of the monthly energy report, something that others have copied from me. The original monthly energy report originated here with me writing them every month and my readers, who have found them to be very accurate and helpful in knowing the month’s energy..  Let’s take a look back at the monthly energy themes of 2022:

January’s theme was discernment with a ‘power to the people’ vibe and it was also the month we began a new ascension cycle that I called Ascension 2.0.

February ‘s theme was freedom and self awareness. And we had a lot of solar flare activity, the Chinese New Year, and a big personal empowerment portal.

March’s theme included awareness, alignment, acceptance, and acknowledgement, to help us make decisions about our karmic journey.

April had two big themes, repossession of our energy and rise and shine, which encouraged us to reclaim the energy we have ignored, shared, given to others, and limited and use it to raise our vibe. April also featured the rare Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces, an aspect that happens every 151 years and always heralds a spiritual awakening.

May’s theme was self awareness, self confidence, and self reliance and another opportunity for us to repossess our energy and to use it.

In June we had themes of accelerated ascension also means accelerated dis-integration and chaos – both are byproducts of the ascension process.

July’s themes was energetic freedom with karmic booms, releases, and a focus on energetic sovereignty.

August themes were  intentional action, motivation, movement, and mastery, and taking  Divine Action.

The energy theme for September was “It’s time to shine” and an opportunity to acknowledge how we have hidden, dimmed, and blocked our lights long enough. We are ready to go and to glow.

Notice how much self-awareness has come up as an energy theme this year? Since 2005 I have pointed out the difference between the terms consciousness and awareness. Consciousness is a physical state and awareness is a multi-dimensional state. This fits our ascension paradigm of moving from 3D polarity to 5D multi-dimensional duality, where duality is the ability to hold both 3D and 5D energy.

Self awareness is more than acknowledging our self, it is being aware of ourselves as multidimensional beings, as our fully  integrated spiritual and human selves, the self and the Self.

Now we’re in October and the final quarter of 2022. If we’re going to start something now is the time to do it. This month may include some stark revelations about global situations but remember that the more we become aware of the darkness the stronger, brighter, and bigger the light that is allowing that density to be seen.

Since May we have been experiencing a growing retrograde presence culminating with 7 retro planets in  September (that’s a lot). That retro focus releases in October although Mercury is in retro until October 2 and in shadow retro until October 18. Mars goes retro at the end of the month (just in time for Halloween), and Jupiter enters Pisces in its final connection to Neptune for another 151 years. This is not going to be exact, as it was on April 12, but Jupiter in Pisces is a strong blessing.

The full moon on the 9th is in Aries and it’s going to offset some of that tough Saturn energy we have been experiencing, especially those who are really feeling the Saturn transit to Aquarius. Then on October 25 we have a new moon eclipse in Scorpio which is the first part of an eclipse cycle whose counterpart on November 8, at 16 Taurus and conjunct Uranus, should be very interesting since it’s also the date of the US midterm elections.

With all of this activity, how are going to handle the energy downloads, the shifts, the challenges, and what’s going on in our personal lives as well as what is happening in the world? Our work is so important and it appears that we now have to work harder, longer, and more to keep everything on track.

No we don’t.

The 7 energy of October is not the spiritual journey of the hermit, it’s the ongoing integration of ascension energy, and we are just going to have to become more efficient at aligning with, integrating, and manifesting energy. This is our focus in October. Don’t think about it in terms of how we help others, this is about helping ourselves first and foremost.

One of the reasons we do not feel that we make progress is that our energy is so diluted, spread so thin, and we are so distracted by the dozens of things going on around us that we don’t have the energetic bandwidth to focus on our own energy.

I know what is going on around us is important but we won’t overcome it by trying to take on yet another dozen energy assignments. Instead, we need to focus on what is important which is ascending our own energy space, focusing on our little place in the world.

This is about setting our priorities and that is one of the lessons in my Energy Boundaries program. What is the most important and it is not always the things that is screaming the loudest for our attention although that is what we try to take care of first.

It reminds me of when I went to my daughter’s house a few years ago, when my youngest grandchild was a baby. It was the day after I had arrived and I went to the kitchen to have breakfast. All of the children were up (my daughter has 12 children, most are adopted or foster children), they were all hungry and everyone was talking at the same time. The baby was crying in her high chair and my daughter was trying to fix breakfast for the children while also trying to fix the baby’s food and was not succeeding.

My granddaughter loves yogurt so I put some in a bowl and started feeding her while her mother finished in the kitchen. I told my daughter to go and sit down in the living room and enjoy a cup of coffee, and I would feed the baby her breakfast. She did so and returned 20 minutes later looking refreshed and a lot less stressed. And the baby was now fed and smiling instead of hungry and grumpy. My daughter just did not have the attention span or capacity to take care of everything so the priorities, such as feeding a hungry, demanding baby, had to be made. And asking for help was the only way to get everything done.

We can’t do it all by ourselves either and our focus this month has to be on us, and on our priorities. What is the most important now? When we were all ‘light workers’ the light work was the work, of course. But times have changed.  Now we are light beacons and our job is to shine, and that does not involve as much work. Enough people are awake and looking for the light, let yours be the one they see.

The most important task now is our own ascension path, our peace of mind and heart, and our joy.  As you have heard me say many times, ascension is a relay race, not a marathon. There are many people who need to take their laps around the ascension track, who need to add their energy to the process, and we need to step aside and let them make their contributions of energy and effort.  We may have started the race but we don’t have to be the ones to run the final laps. There are plenty of people who can and want to do that.

We have come a long way since the earliest days of our ascension awareness. I can’t believe that I have been the leading presence in this effort for nearly 20 years. I have seen many people come and go, quite a few are now sharing their energy from the other side, and I’m still here. In fact, we’re all still here. Those who have committed to see this through to the victorious finish, those who participate from any point in the game – on the field, the sidelines, or in the bleachers – we are all united by a common point of light, our desire to achieve victory for the light, and to see this ascension cycle reach its goal.

In October we have to learn to balance a lot of different energies but that doesn’t mean we have to juggle a growing pile of multiple items like a circus performer. We need to become more efficient at releasing what is no longer aligned with us, to manage our own priorities, to consider our own journey into integrated 5D instead of making sure everyone else is on board for that, and to become more self-indulgent when we know we’re tired and need a break, and to manage our ascension journey from our energy lane.

Everyone gets to their own ascension point – it is not a contest and there is no standard of performance or completion. The best way to use October’s energy is to follow your guidance and intuition.  Learn to let go of what is wanting to let go of you and assess your options and choices, consider new things you have not considered until now and let the light into your own life. We are so busy lighting the ascension path for others that we forget to shine the light on our own path. Your car’s headlights allow other cars to see your car in the dark and more importantly, they light the road so you can see where you’re going.

Shine on and keep your lights  bright. Have a wonderful month.

**By Jennifer Hoffman


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