Welcome to November 2022 Galactic Numerology Energy Map

In this transmission, you’ll learn about key dates, numbers, and cosmic energies, Galactic Numerology™ energies that are tools for manifestation that are available specifically in November 2022. See how this energy map sets the stage for maneuvering and creating your life. During these potent and specific energies windows you are given the opportunity to magnify your purpose and intention, and harness the powers that are available unconditionally for you! The key is to harness that power with Love!

Galactic Numerology™ welcomes you to this Month of November 2022 and is transmitting supporting and nourishing energies for you in this transmission.

There is an infinite amount of happenings under way in the energy realms, and here we bring specific highlights and key insights that FLOW from our vibrational streams with the Divine Cosmic Alchemy happening from and through Galactic Numerology™.  We also take a brush stroke to the surface, to acknowledge some of the many events and expansions happening within the cosmos and astrologically as well. All of this is being transmitted to support you as you navigate upon your life path, and it is our JOY and delight to assist you.

November is the 11th month of the calendar year, and reflects the energy vibrations of remembering ONENESS with all that there is. And, with that remembering is a deep, deep connection back to a place within that gets separated from this truth, when there’s the incarnation into separation and the dense energies of illusion.

And, 11 is a Master Number in which the energy of that number is powerfully reflecting the INFINITE nature of all things, and provides a deeply connecting energy to spirit and the unseen realms.

It is a highly spiritual number, and those whose life path/ruling number (or in Galactic Numerology we call this the Cosmic Soul Path Mastery Number) that adds up to 11 – have set themselves up, through their birthdate, to an increased potential for ONENESS unification with the higher-self.

Of course this potential is innate in everyone, so the power of 11 can be utilized as an energy for connecting even more awareness and energy to that ONENESS, thus the energy of November as the 11th month.

Many are drawn to 11 as a repeating number like, in the time 11:11 or the date 11/11.  This particular number sends out a powerful signal of recognition that, even those who don’t usually pay attention to numbers and number sequences, are drawn to it.  This is the beauty of 11, to connect realms of spirit to the realms of matter, through a remembering and knowing that there is much more that meets the eye, much more than what is happening in the outer reality.

This assists in drawing from the outside world to the inside – to bring both  awarenesses into ONENESS. So, what is perceived through the physical eyes, of what is happening in the outer world, get shifted to looking more deeply within. Because, there is that soul knowing – no matter how awake or asleep one is to Source consciousness – and there is a connection made.

The soul knows its INFINITE nature and connection in unity to All That There Is, and is continually sending reminders, nudges and sparks of Light to assist in that awakening and remembering.

The first week of November brings, on November 1st, the Celtic celebration – begun at sunset on Oct 31, of Samhain (pronouced: Sah-win).  There is a recognition and celebration of the harvest, and the bounty and gifts that fill and fulfill, so that within the darker months of winter, the soul is fed and can retreat into the quiet inner reflection to rest and complete or bring ending to all that no longer serves. 

For within the place of night – the soul retreats into a deep inner reflection.  What are you grateful for – bringing attention and awareness to all of those gifts – harvesting all of the bounty of what you have mastered thus far this year – and to really, really appreciate yourself, not focusing on what you have not done, yet feeling truly fulfilled in what you have done.  And we say “done” and yet we also mean “As you BE”. Really look deeply, perhaps month by month for all of 2022.  Then, perhaps, writing down all that you’re appreciating about yourself, all of your expansions, until you feel that sense of being fulfilled.   This is what you bring with you – the fulfillment and nourishment to go deeply within, as the light of day in the Northern Hemisphere, brings shorter days and longer nights.

On November 8 there is the Full Moon Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse within the sign of Taurus.  Eclipses bring endings, and the final closing out of those events within the soul’s growth and path that are ready to be fully completed. These are highly transformational opportunities for soul growth and evolution.

The Earth’s atmosphere filters the light through the shadow to create that reddish effect – and glory of the moon – thus calling it a “blood moon”. Blood in the physical body is the life force circulation that keeps the body alive. And, so where can this Full Moon – fully illuminating all that can be seen, and with the eclipse passing over as the shadow, to then once again reveal – what is it that your soul is asking you to pump more into it – to keep the circulation of your path and purpose flowing?

What shadows are asking to be looked at – within the emotional, mental, physical and etheric bodies?  What wants to be revealed, to be let go of, to be totally in the flow?   The Full Moon Blood Moon Eclipse in Taurus brings the focus of the physical body.  What brings your physical body into fulfillment – that is connected to what your soul truly desires?  This is connecting to the body through the heart to ask those questions, and to receive those answers.  Astrology brings forth the attention of what house on the birth chart is being highlighted – to further refine your focus and attention.  Letting go of all that no longer serves may seem difficult, because it’s the comfortable place that’s been held onto for so long.

Stepping out of that comfort zone, as we have brought forth many times before, is actually stepping out of the illusion of comfort from a separation perspective, and gives you the opportunity to open new doors and see things from a different perspective – leading to more Lightness.  It is in the releasing of the fear – of stepping out of the comfort zone- that actually gets the circulation going, gets the flow moving into the higher frequencies of the Divine.  Releasing that grip, and trusting is key here, Dear One.

November 11 is 11/11/22 – a highly spiritual energetic portal that offers unprecedented opportunity to tap into high dimensions and realms of the Divine.  This is highly transformational energy that like Eclipses, that offer openings for Quantum shifts and leaps in consciousness.

And, 11 as we have indicated, is an access point to higher consciousness planes of Source, and with the month/day/year all made up of 11s, this is an exponential resource available at this very time within your Earthly dwelling – for all of the Earth and her Beings.   When there is a focus upon these portals each month, through the Light Collective, there is a drawing in of high dimensional Source energies and the expansion of them that creates evolutionary change.

For you are INFINITE and on this day of 11/11/22 – that focus on your heart – your INFINITE state of ONENESS and in harmony to all, is the perfect place from where to build your dream.  Consider ritual and ceremony to set aside time to harness the power of this incredible energy.  Perhaps setting alarms for 11:11.

We love to also bring forth what we call the mini portal dates for the month, because they give yet another opportunity to revisit and expand all that is brought forth on the portal date.  This date in November includes the day the 29th day – as 2+9 adds up to 11 for that day of 11/29/22.

Then, on 11/22/22 the sun moves into the sign of Sagittarius, and is yet another highly powerful portal date of the multitude of 11’s within the 22s, and the movement of the sun to the new sign of fire, opening the mind to connect more with the heart so there’s a total shifting of perspective into more optimism, happiness, hope and joy.  Where does your heart want you to travel to as you are in this sun/Sagittarius portal until the Solstice on December 21, 2022 – which in itself is a nexus point of the cycle from the Age of Pisces (completed in 2012) and into the Age of Aquarius. And, as we will bring forth in next month’s transmission, the so called “second half”  going towards 2032, after 12/21/2022, does not have to span the full 10 years (time perspective wise) as did the first half, for all of the beautiful evolution. Energies are speeding up, and you are creating in new ways, multidimensionally, Dear One, in co-creating this New Age.

Where are you ready to be exploring where you’ve never gone before – with enthusiasm in the total trust of your soul’s longing and desires?  Shake off any last residue of doubt, and step forth into new adventures of the soul.  This is another amazing opportunity to go into ritual and ceremony to bring awareness into your consciousness and outer reality.  Perhaps again, setting the clock alarm for 11:22.  Where can the fire of your soul’s passion and destiny burn even brighter, to then also be a lamp for the world to see.  To be the illumination of the Divine to the world?

On 11/23/22 within this amazing portal energy of 11/22/22, the New Moon steps forth for even more transformation and metamorphosis.  A new cycle begins with the beauty of the moon, and the work that’s been completed from the previous few weeks of the eclipse opens up a lot of space from which to begin anew.  Once again, bring in your capacity to dream to create, and set intentions for the abundance to flow in – there’s so much space that is now attracting the positive manifestations from the higher frequency energies available.

When we say ‘Once again’, the moon cycle comes around, we do not mean from the place of coming around again in the same place, for you are ever expanding and widening your consciousness – so each cycle of the beloved Moon is a new opportunity within the cycle, yet there’s no repeating.  When there seems to be repeating cycles in your life – mostly unpreferred – like challenges – know that there have been shifts and changes already, yet the lesson isn’t complete – meaning all that wants to be learned has yet to still come forth.  There is still realization that is asking to be OBSERVED in order to see the WHOLENESS of it, and no longer being in separation with that lesson, with that energy.

Are you ready to explore even more of what brings you your greatest fulfillment from the place of your heart and soul with this New Moon?  Ritual and ceremony, once again – can ground in that which you are calling forth – that abundance that is your birthright.   Writing, singing, dancing are all forms of connection to the joy of your heart and creates the energies of delight that draw even more of that to you. And, also on 11/23/22 Jupiter returns to stationary direct, and is no longer in its retrograde, and this gives opportunity for expanding that creative energy that is awaiting expression.

And, we also bring forth the expansive collective energy of Thanksgiving, celebrated in the United States.  This day of celebration of freedom, and in its original energy of liberation, was set up by the founding peoples with the heart and desire for sovereignty.

This day brings the remembrance of that original intention aligned to the highest purpose.  And this day, there is an energetic increase of higher frequencies expressed through gratitude, and for the bounty and joy in life.

General George Washington held the belief that freedom in this new land indeed came from God, for all those seeking liberation from oppression, who forged into the new world to create from hearts of truth.  This was indeed the true beginning, and foundation that was set up from a place of ONENESS, and before separation stepped forth upon the land.   This foundation of the celebration of freedom, and, as it is celebrated by so many on this day, contributes to the high frequency vibrations that contribute even more to the evolution of the world.

No matter where you live upon the Earth, can you celebrate the freedom of your soul, from all that has transitioned for you through this journey upon the Earth, and through this most transformative year of 2022? Bringing so much gratitude to yourself, and to all.

We send our love, and our blessings are with you.

And our transmission is now complete.

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