December 2022 Energy Report

What a relief to welcome December. I felt a huge shift in the energy when I woke up this morning and I had a song in my heart and some pep in my step as I basked in the glorious energy of the new frequencies that are bathing the planet.

Bring on the darkness now – we have plenty of light to overtake it. And that’s the attitude we have to adopt this month as we complete the warrior mission of November and the bigger work of closing this energy cycle we’re in which began in late 2019.

I’m ready for joy and no more pain, grief, sadness, or depression. It’s joy time now and we’re going to be joyful as we complete a cycle that began in January 2020. Laissez les bon temps rouler.

I am publishing the December Energy Report a few days late but it is not by accident. I had it ready to go on December first but I also got the message to wait for a few days because there would be more to add. So I did because I have learned to follow my guidance. Then on December 2 we had a rare and beautiful aspect between the moon at 1 Aries and Jupiter at 29 Pisces, something I have called an Alpha/Omega portal. Usually I talk about these when there are two new moons in the same sign, the first at 1 degree and the second at 29 degrees.

Here we have a much bigger aspect between the moon, ruler of our emotions, and Jupiter, ruler of higher thought, spirituality as an intentional path, which has only happened 9 times since the year 1 (I checked). Most recently, this aspect happened in January 1845, July 1913, and September 2010.

September 2010 is the one we can all relate to because it happened in our lifetime. I remember that period, it was a rather crazy time as the internet was becoming more mainstream, social media was taking off, and everyone was selling the best way to do online marketing (usually with a lot of hype and not much substance). On December 2 we saw evidence of serious crimes using social media platforms and the clear evidence of the illegal use of social platforms to target people.

The Alpha/Omega moment is a full circle, a becoming 360 moment of action and consequences. It has been intense and rather revealing and this is a milestone on our ascension path, a full revelation of the dark by the light. It created a lot of awakening too. This is going to continue through 2023 so it’s not an isolated incident. The dominos have begun to fall.

2022 is nearly over and I am probably not the only person who reads that with a sigh of relief. What a tough year this has been and it is just one more in the past 2 challenging years. Since 2020 we have been bombarded with energy and tough Astro aspects that have historically always heralded huge changes in humanity, society, and in the world when they happened. We had the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, the Saturn/Uranus square, Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces, and the US and global Pluto return. And in January 2022 we began Ascension 2.0, a new ascension cycle. That’s a lot and it is just some of the big ones, there were many more. It’s a lot to happen in a very short period of time.

We’re all battle worn and weary and we need a break. We’ll get that in December, along with a call to action that is more about inspiration than perspiration, expanding wonderful rather than doing more worry and work, and turning trauma into triumph. I have read comments from astrologers and people who issue predictions about December and they say to sit back, wait, and ponder. No thanks and I disagree.

You can do that if you want to but I’m going to use the wonderful, creative, inspiring energy of December to close some doors and open new portals. I looked up the tarot card and 7 of the major arcana is the chariot, hardly a vehicle for sitting back and waiting. When I think of chariots I think of the film Ben Hur and the chariot race, one of the more thrilling action scenes in film history. .

I have some joyful energy to bring into my life and clean out the dust of these past few years. I am ready for a fresh start and a new beginning at a new vibe, are you?

December 2022 is a 7 month in numerology, which is the number of the spiritual initiate. We have seen that theme since I first mentioned it in the September Energy Report. Our life is a journey of spiritual initiation meaning it is an initiation from our 3D humanity into our 5D integrated divinity.

Our 5D initiation is different from that which we have in 3D. In 3D we need to seek and integrate our spiritual energy because we have been denying or ignoring it and are separated from it. Light integration in 3D is a process that starts with creating space for the light to enter. That is where our focus is as we begin our initiation journey, just clearing out the energy baggage to find space for the light.

In 5D we have to expand this energy because we have done the integration and alignment work and now we need to put things in motion. We are already embodying light as we begin to work on multi-dimensional levels when we start crossing the 4D bridge. The 5D initiation is a process of energy and light expansion, rather than only focusing on integration. We’re working on a far different level now.

December’s mantra is Awake, Arise, Ascend and you may think that you have already awakened to 5D and higher frequencies, you are aligned with them and you are ascended and not ascending. That is true but it is not a one-time process. We do this every time we have to make a choice or take action.

Our awareness of our energetic path and choices based on energetic alignment can now be more important considerations in our choices now because we have access to the energy to make them happen. There was a time (around 2003 to 2012) when we had the motivation but not the energy. then we had the energy but not the motivation (2013 to 2019), then we had neither energy nor motivation nor the opportunity (2020 to 2022) and now we have it all, energy, motivation, potential, opportunity, and possibility.

It’s time to step up and step out (in that order) because we have things to do besides healing work, releasing limitations, and worrying about whether the world is descending into further aspects of darkness, chaos, and pure crazy. Moving forward without also raising our energy vibe and frequency is just taking us around the same karma wheel.

The density of 3D is a fixed energy which has a choice to integrate light or not. If it doesn’t then we do not have any more work to do there. There will be small, scattered pockets of dark energy left but they will be very few and limited to a very small group of people.

The more light we expand the more darkness is revealed, remember that because we’re seeing it happening everywhere. If you do not think so, what billion dollar fashion house is currently watching its empire exploding after publishing very inappropriate photos of children? How quickly did that occur?

What happens in spirit is mirrored in reality and ascension happens in spirit first, then it trickles down to our reality. The density of 3D, when compared with the light of 5D, is so perverted, strange, and off balance, that it shocks people into heading towards the 4D bridge. They may not know what they want but they certainly do not want that. Our efforts are bearing fruit and we need to hold the line and hold the light but no longer at the expense of our joy.

I wish I had a dollar for every time I sacrificed my joy, peace of mind and heart, my success, my own dreams, for others. Some of those sacrifices I made because they were the right thing to do but others were made because I thought that is what I needed to do, that it was my duty, and that I had to make others happy. If I could turn back time… have you ever thought that? Well, now is not the time because we cannot change the past but we can do things differently today and turn the timelines of the past into Pearls of Wisdom, Pearls of Worth, and Pearls of Wealth. If you’re in the Pearl Method of Timeline Transformation program, that is exactly what we are doing.

In December we get the final exact aspect of the US Pluto return on the 31st. We’ll have one more close aspect in mid October 2023. Then we don’t have to deal with that any more, just clean up the aftermath. And what an aftermath it is. Don’t focus on the changes that you think should have already been made, look at this through the lens of awakening.

Who has awakened, how many people are awakened and awakening, and how much light is being integrated into 3D?

Always remember that whatever density we become aware of has been part of the 3D paradigm for eons. It is thanks to the ever growing and expanding presence of the light and the higher frequencies and vibrations of the ascension cycle that we are now seeing so much being exposed. It is not new, it is part of the density foundation of 3D and as we ascend and integrate more 5D we move away from this dark foundation and without its shield of darkness, it is revealed for everyone to see.

Be on guard, some of the things coming up this month and into early 2023 are going to be truly unbelievably disgusting and perverse. You will be shocked, we all will, but don’t be discouraged. Everything that is not capable of integrating light and 5D will be exposed and rejected by most. Notice how there are subtle things being done to disguise dark agendas? Watch how those are revealed and just a hint, avoid wearing certain designer labels.

What is going on? It’s something that I first wrote about in the November 2016 Energy Report, how the difference between 3D and 5D can be defined by the difference between the profane and the divine.

The opposite of divinity is not evil (which is the word ‘live’ backwards), it is profanity, which is the absence of divinity. A profane reality is not one filled with four letter words; it is one which has no room for the divine; therefore, it will always feel incomplete because divinity makes us whole, complete, and congruent in our individual energy and brings us closer to being in congruence collectively. Profanity is represented by the most dense of the 3D energies.

The 5D frequency when fully integrated and embodied, is the express of our divinity but not in its spiritual state. This is the fully embodied and expressed divinity, the perfect synergy of spiritual and material, of human and divine. It is not about spiritual perfection or of being holy or good, it is the balance of spiritual and material, the fully integrated person who lives their life with the self awareness, confidence, self esteem, clarity, and congruence that expresses the balance of divinity and humanity

Rather suddenly, global events have shown us what a ‘profane’ world resembles and this has pushed many people in the opposite direction, seeking the wisdom and empowerment of divinity. Somehow the 4D bridge they have tried so hard to avoid suddenly becomes the obvious choice.

‘Every dark potential does have a light purpose’, when we remember that the light is always there and the darkness always gives way to it. If the events of this year have revealed the profane to you, make an intentional choice to integrate the empowerment of divinity into your life. This is the month to do that if it feels right to you. But don’t do it because you’re trying to finish ascending or reach the end faster. There is no ‘end’ to ascension and there is no way to speed up the process. This is a process of expanding our energy, raising our frequency and vibration, and doing the alignment and integration work. And that happens at its own pace. Now we can have some motivating factors that compel us to consider that the path we are on may not be quite the right one under the circumstances. If that is what you require to move the energy in your life, that is what you will get to help you move.

One interesting aspect that we have had all year is Jupiter in Pisces even though that happens every 12 months or Jupiter cycles. But what is singularly unique about this cycle is that Jupiter met Neptune in Pisces for the first time since 1851. And until December 22 Jupiter will be at the final degrees of Pisces which is also the final degree of the zodiac.

Do you think we’re going to see some spiritual awakening and more 5D integration during this time? I sure do and watch what is going on in the world. The spiritual integration process is usually the most challenging, un-spiritual process that happens when people just get tired of 3D density and want something different. Or, which what we are seeing now, they are so shocked by the disturbing nature and aspects of 3D density that they run the other way.

December features the full moon on the 8th right on Uranus in Taurus so we finish the year with another strong Uranus ‘surprise a minute’ aspect, which is how we began this year. The heavy Uranus activity shakes things up but it doesn’t demolish them like Pluto does. Instead, it reveals the uncomfortable truth and facts and shines such a bright light on them that there is no going back to the ‘blissful’ ignorance of the past. Uranus is a 5D planet and it rules Aquarius, the sign of 5D community. Look for more revelations around that time and more awakening. We have had two years of heavy Saturn and Uranus activity and it has revealed quite a bit, do you agree?

Then we have a new moon at 1 Capricorn on the 23rd which is another 2022 cycle completing because we had Mercury at the last degree of Capricorn on January 1. Mercury energy, the energy of karma, communications, siblings, and short travel, has been very active all year. Since I began writing and channeling in February 2004 I have always said that this is the lifetime we decided to end our karmic cycles and we are getting strong support for that. Use it wisely and well.

And as a long time student of astrology, I have also said that far too little importance is given to Mercury, the smallest planet and the seemingly insignificant ruler of Gemini and Virgo (although I think Chiron is a more appropriate ruler of Virgo). Is mercury important? How often is your life disrupted when Mercury goes retro 3 or 4 times a year?

This month is the holiday season and it’s a time when we celebrate with gifts, family, and friends, or not. For some of you the painful endings of the past 3 years will be evident. Whether these were painful goodbyes or blessed, relieved endings, losing long-standing or once loving connections is never easy.

Hold the course, 2023 will create opportunities for your energetic family and community. You will be happy again and you will feel connected, loved, and supported again.

The Solstice on December 21 is the beginning of winter in the northern hemisphere, a time of retreat, hibernation, and turning within (since it’s too cold to go outside). But in our new multi-dimensional reality that inner work does not happen in isolation, we must be in motion. Once again, as we had at the beginning of 2022, there is a powerful Capricorn presence but the harsh, single-minded, self interested Capricorn energy is being enlightened by the presence of its ruler, Saturn, in Aquarius, the 5D sign.

And the last day of 2022 looks interesting with the final exact US Pluto return degree happening on December 31 with a lovely conjunct with Venus happening, exactly mirroring the one on January 1, 2022. We have Mercury just entering its retrograde and Mars approaching the final degree of its retrograde.

We can almost say that the year ends as it began but that would not be quite right. We may have similar aspects but we are definitely in a far different place energetically than we were on January 1 and indeed than we have been in the past 3 years. I think that we are in a far better place, much more aligned, aware, and awake and that includes everyone, not just those who are doing the light and energy work on behalf of humanity.

That’s going to be a big theme for 2023, being more considerate of our joy, of our energy boundaries, of our own needs and the path that we want our lives to take. We will notice more energy gaps as the people in our lives pursue their own energetic paths and we learn the truth about who is aligned with us, without our energetic support, and who is not.

We do have a lot of support for this ascension cycle and its continued expansion as we continue to break down the 3D paradigms of domination, control, power over, competition, and disconnection from spirit, we have the energy to fill those gaps waiting in the wings. The events of the past 3 years were a wake up call to humanity and they certainly woke a lot of people up.

In December we get to tie up loose ends, make some plans for 2023, and start considering other options. Is it time for a move, a new job or career, a new relationship, to restart your joy, to let go of old timelines of regret, grief, guilt, shame, and anger and start living in the present, without the constant glaring presence of the past?

Some big choices to be made this month and we need to maintain our awareness that this is a closing cycle of 2022 and of the energy since 2020. What a wild ride it has been. The 5D energy we long to connect to, the movement out of density, the peace of heart and mind that we want to have are all possible for us, even this month, with all its energy movements and ups and downs. Remember ascension is the mission and our lives are constantly in fulfillment of that mission even if it feels like we are not doing it right or not at all.

As I say, ascension is a relay race, not a marathon, so don’t think you have so much to do that you have to do it all this month. Do what you can now and leave the rest. Be aware of your timelines that are playing out because they hold the keys to the closure of this part of your ascension cycle. 5D is a ‘bring your own paradigm’ while 3D is the fully karmic furnished reality you incarnate into. If you ‘re tired of that there is a solution but you can’t take your energetic and emotional bag with you.

In December if you get hints and clues about what needs to be released, the changes you need to make, the paths that have run out of energy road, pay attention to them. They are giving you necessary information to bring your new potentials to your light. Have a wonderful month.

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