Countdown to 2023

Well it is the last week of 2022 and I am glad to see this year end. This has been a tough year and in fact the last 3 years, starting in 2020, have been hard for everyone. I think we all agree that we saw things happen in the world that none of us ever thought would happen. We have been witness to a facet of the ascension cycle that I think we have not done yet and that is the widening energy gap between the dark and the light. It’s so wide now you could fly a jumbo jet through it and it is going to get even bigger in 2023.

I believe that this is the part of ascension that we do not realize is a key element and a confirmation that we are making enormous progress, the very clear separation of dark and light. This is the dis-integration of 3D, something you have heard me talk about for many years. The byproduct of 3D dis-integration is chaos and we have evidence of it all around us.  Because 3D’s main energies are power and control, and it is literally a house of cards that can tumble down with the slightest breath of awakening and truth, unleashing the chaos and making room for the light.

Now this goes against what so many have described as the divinity, peace, and connection of ascension. From these interpretations we thought that ascension would be a happy, effortless journey into the land of unicorns and fairy dust. Instead of that we got separation, disconnection, rejection, betrayal, and a full frontal exposure to a dark world we never knew existed.

This final week of December 2022 ends with some of the same energy aspects as 2022 began. We have Mercury, Venus and the Sun in Capricorn, Mars retro in Gemini which is the opposite sign of Sagittarius, its January 2022 placement. In January 2022 Jupiter was at 1 Pisces and in December 22 it is at 2 Aries – another Alpha/Omega moment. The path of spiritual initiation is complete.

We end as we began but far wiser, more aware, and more energetically aware, mature, and congruent than before.  Our naivete and innocence may be gone but we have matured spiritually and graduated into a greater awareness of both the light and the polarity of the dark.  We may look back longingly at the days where ‘ignorance is bliss’ and we could go through each day with total abandon and a lack of awareness. But ignorance is not bliss and everyone ignores the other half of that statement, ‘tis folly to be wise.’

The price of our ignorance is our own limitations, our belief that we are here to heal others, and our desire to be loved, valued, and appreciated by everyone. We have the energetic scars from those battles that we have fought for so  long, fought so hard, and fought so valiantly. But we did not lose, we learned a valuable lesson. We are a gift of light and truth and energetic awakening for those who are in the darkness and if they choose to reject the gift, we are not obligated to do anything else.

Our new 2023 paradigm is our release from our CORE energies which finally frees us from all of our karmic obligations. Not because we have succeeded in converting everyone to the light, but because we have decided we are no longer going to hold light for those who have clearly decided that they are much more comfortable in the dark.

Whether you are noticing this on a global scale or in your personal life, one of the central lessons of 2022 was the realization that you have no control over what people think, do, or say. And you have no influence over anyone other than where they are ready to align with a new truth and awareness.  Again, this is Ascension 2.0, the movement into integrated 3D/5D living and it’s karma free. So be prepared to release those final karma cords and the chains that bind you to a life of suffering because it’s no longer part of our soul mission.

We now have access to an energy aspect that we were not able to align with before, and that is the Zero Point or the Point of Potential. This is the point of pure presence, where the past, present, and future all flow together in perfect alignment. The past becomes a stepping stone to the present and the future unfolds with deliberate intention with each choice we make in the present. I first introduced this concept in 2010 in my book, Ascending into Miracles – The Path of Spiritual Mastery. And like many of the concepts I introduce, they were out there for everyone to contemplate but it would be a few years before they could be integrated. We’re there now and we’re ready for a new paradigm of joy, peace, love, and prosperity.

If you took my Pearl Timeline Transformation Method program, this is one of the blessings of doing timeline work, to be able to reconfigure the past timelines to end the suffering and pain they cause us and to use them as a source of empowerment. In The Pearl Method program we do this in three steps, re-visioning the timeline, re-vibing it, and then re-newing the timeline with a new perspective and energy, to create a new energy pathway. I will be offering The Pearl program one more time at the 2022 price because it is such a powerful program and our ability to heal timelines and get closure with the past is essential to being able to create a new paradigm for 2023.

If you look at the monthly Energy Reports for 2022, and you can find them on the blog, they describe a process of growth and transformation that has been accelerated so we could come to this place where we are now, on the verge of what appears to be global annihilation or global ascension. I believe that we are going to achieve ascension even though annihilation is not off the table for some of the darker forces working against humanity.

A key aspect of 2022 was our graduation into Ascension 2.0. We started Ascension 1.0 I April 2003 when the node went into Taurus and look at what has been accomplished since that time. I made that observation because 2003 is when many of the teachers you have known throughout the past 20 years, including me, began to receive the information that they have been sharing with the world. I know many of them and we all received our calling at about the same time. Many of them are no longer doing this work  or have passed on.

This month we have the fourth and final exact Pluto return for the US and for the world. While many focus on this being the US Pluto return because it is at the exact point of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, Pluto in Capricorn from 1762 to 1778 was a watershed shift in the world. Then the shift was from physical servitude to self sovereignty. Now we’re  moving from energetic servitude to energetic sovereignty. And if what is happening today shares an uncomfortable link with this past Pluto in Capricorn transit, it’s because we are at a similar place but this time we’re not dealing with monarchs, we are dealing with energy although there are plenty of tyrants who would want to enslave humanity once again.

The energy of this week as we prepare for a new year which is going to be a real shift in energetic frequency and vibration, creates the birth of a new awareness and a new generation of teachers, healers, mystics, and light beacons, is one of reckoning. A reckoning is a settling of accounts and in this case this is a divine reckoning where we choose which side of the light we are going to be on.

The reckoning covers many areas including people who have been scamming innocent, hurting, trusting people in the form of offering ‘spiritual advice’ for years. I have noticed them for a long time and have been very vocal about people who use dark energy in their business. Their day of reckoning  is coming in 2023 and if you have wondered how people could make ‘so much money’ in their business as a coach or a self proclaimed spiritual leader, consider that it would take a few successful lawsuits with damage awards that can wipe out even a multi-million dollar fortune.

I have been writing about the ‘separation of the wheat and the chaff’ for several years and we’re here. There is no more neutral or middle ground. We could be on that fence for quite a long time and hope that we could stay there long enough to make sure that everyone boards the ascension train with us but that is not going to happen. This is an imperative for this time.  We do not need everyone to be at the same level of energetic frequency to move up the ascension spiral but we do need to have those who are committed to the light to get off the fence and start creating their 5D paradigms. And you can’t do that when you’re stalling your own ascension path because you feel guilty about ‘leaving people behind.’

We never leave anyone behind. Instead, we allow people to have their choices as part of their energetic sovereignty, even if we think they are making the worst possible choices. Those are the choices they are aligned with.  And we have our own reckoning to do now too, which involves how we are using our energetic resources and what is  next for us on our path.

Are we living at our highest potential?

Are we creating our 5D paradigm?

Do we have our own heaven on earth vibe happening because that is what we should be doing right now and if we aren’t then we are not using our energy in ways that serve our own ascension path.

The reckoning energy of this week touches everyone and we are seeing its effects everywhere. What is being revealed about the events of the last 3 years, beginning in early 2020? What secrets are being shared with the world? What is the long term impact of this going to be? Well, I can tell you it will not be good for those who have dark agendas. And how interesting that this is all happening right now as we end 2022 and the 3 year cycle that began in 2020. 2023 is a 7 year, the vibration of spiritual initiation, the number of energetic alignment, integration, and mastery.

If this makes you worry about your own situation, I would not be concerned. This has the strongest impact on those who are sitting in the dark shooting arrows at those who are in the light. They know who they are. It does not involve those who are in the light except to remind us that our journey is our priority and our energy is sacred. We are ascending for ourselves first, as is everyone else. It is your turn to shine and to use the full volume of your light. No more dimming your light for any reason, as you’re going to need it in 2023.

In addition to Mercury going retrograde this week we have Venus at the same degree of its December 2021 retrograde station, and Jupiter is just entering Aries, closing the Jupiter cycle that began in January 2011. And we had a historic Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces on April 12, 2022, something that happens every 151 years and always heralds a spiritual awakening. We have some very strong energy cycles that will be happening in 2023, especially in March.

The past 3 years have brought us more historic energy aspects than any  other time that I can remember. These include the Saturn/Pluto conjunction, the Saturn/Uranus square, Jupiter/Neptune conjunction, US and global Pluto return, and powerful eclipse cycles. If you’re tired and feeling worn out, it’s because you have been working hard and 2023 will be time for a reward.

We have been witnessing the greatest energetic purge and surge of our lifetime and of many lifetimes. It is not over yet but starting in 2023 I believe we are out of the worst of it. This is the part of the ascension cycle that we don’t realize is just another phase of the process.  That won’t be true for everyone but if you’re reading this article or listening to this podcast it is probably true for you.

Where do we go from here? Onward and upward. The ascension spiral doesn’t stop moving and we have a first class ticket to ride. So look forward, not behind you. Set big intentions and stop worrying about what other people are doing. Everyone is doing what is right and best for them.

And if you wonder whether you are on the right path because you think your life is not mirroring the abundance, peace, joy, and love that you think it should be, take heart and know that your awareness sets the energy in motion when you ‘stop whining and start shining’. Use this week to take your energy inventory and notice the wealth and energy gaps in your life. Then start thinking about how you want them filled.

Counting down to 2023 now, do not look back, look ahead. What is going on in this moment. Step into your Zero Point, your Point of Potential. Find the perfect convergence of past, present, and future and stride forward with confidence.

**By Jennifer Hoffman


3 Replies to “Countdown to 2023”

  1. Denise G

    Thanks but no thanks, more of the same bull. You think this is fun? Torturing people for your theater experience? At least we don’t watch REAL suffering, we watch actors.
    Dumping us back in 3D was supposed to be impossible yet here it is, that horrible vibration back in my chest after you said it was impossible to go back.
    More of the same

  2. linda

    Spot on, so ready for 2023, and new horizons ahead, and the reminder that we can move ahead and accept our friends and family who are not moving ahead at all, I can be at Peace,, understand that we all have a path .

    1. Denise G

      Good for you, seriously. You’re lucky but you better pray REAL hard that you don’t do something to upset them cuz they abandon you REAL quick with no explanation when you do.
      At least your prayers don’t make the suffering of others worse which is what they’ve spent the last few years doing to me, almost like a damn experiment to see how long I would keep praying for one thing while they give another.
      I hope it works out for you, I just retired from service today, I’m not acting in their play any longer.
      Good luck to all of you, I’m really hoping y’all can light up this world and bring them home where they belong, I just won’t pray for it, better for you if I don’t. Lol