Being a WalkIn Wayshower

I received a message from Spirit this morning to share a bit more of my personal Walk-in experience. 2022 was a global transition year of Ascension.

It was also a significant transition year for my Walk-in progression. Although my initial Soul Walk-in occurred on January 17, 1994, I lived as a dual Soul or Soul Braid till 2015, when I was finally able to assist the original natal Soul to transition over.

From my observation, most Walk-ins remain as a Soul Braid and live out their remaining life in the natal Soul’s incarnation. In my case, my Soul’s mission could only actualize so far in her bioenergetics. It felt like I hit the wall, flatlined. I was guided to initiate the death/rebirth blueprint. It was imperative that I shift into my Soul’s Light Body and Blueprint to continue with the mission.

Since disconnecting the Soul Braid, I’ve been experiencing a gradual decomposition of her entire incarnation, her genetics, her ancestral lineage, her karmic history, her soul contracts and even her human ego. It is a complete ‘death’ experience of her earthly bioenergetics and human psyche. On a physical level, I’ve felt very ill, weak, disoriented and listless. On the spiritual/energetic level, my own Soul’s Light Body was starting to activate.

During 2022 the transfiguration process accelerated. I began to observe my outer auric field being replaced with my own toroidal quantum continuum. I caught glimpses of my Soul’s crystalline vessel shimmering like a surfer’s bodysuit comprised of diamond crystals. Over the summer of 2022 I watched my Soul’s quantum lens shift into place at the 3rd Eye. I began to fire up my Soul’s Light Body and Blueprint as my new vehicle to live in.

The most dramatic shift for my human psyche has been relinquishing the natal Soul’s astrological chart/blueprint and igniting my Soul’s Walk-in chart/blueprint of January 17, 1994. This threw me into an identity crisis that I’m still processing. It is an entirely new blueprint to adjust to. Every day I embrace it some more. Every day I activate my own new incarnation. Every day the ‘Walk-in’ phenomenon dissolves and disappears.

My new solar chart/blueprint is a galactic New Earth template. It is written all over it. It reflects my Soul’s true mission as a New Earth Wayshower. The new blueprint will support and resource my Soul’s mission going forward in so many ways. It is more expanded, quantum. I can breathe easier. It allows me room to grow. It is alive as we launch 2023.

Lovingly, Meg


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  1. vaarrr

    The most important shift for all human psyche has be relinquishing the astrological chart
    listen your heart