January 2023 Energy Report

Well here we are in the second week of January and things are moving right along. Have you noticed how much is happening in the world right now? Everywhere you turn there is another level of 3D dis-integration and chaos and that is exactly what is supposed to be happening with ascension. It has been happening for decades, it is just moving forward a lot faster now.

This is an exciting and eventful week as we have Mars finally going direct after being retrograde since October 30, we have had dozens of solar flares, and a Friday the 13th, one of two we’ll have this year. So all of that pent up energy that has been swirling around for months now has an outlet. And with Jupiter in Aries while Mars is in Gemini we are going to be watching a rise for the righteous and the fall for those who call the density their preferred hangout. It’s going to be intense, exciting, and a little bit of a bumpy ride.

This is what we are here for so enjoy the scenery as we undertake the joy ride that is January 2023.

I usually get these energy reports out at the first of the month but this month, as it also coincides with the beginning of the year, I decided to do something different. I published a guide to making the best use of 2023 energy for the first newsletter, as well as the 2023 annual predictions and the new GPS 2023 Program, your energy toolkit for 2023 success. And I’m glad that I waited because what has happened in the past 10 days sets the tone for this month and its multiple energy movements.

First we had the new year and entry into 2023, a 7 year in numerology and a year with a lot of spiritual power. Now just because the power is there doesn’t mean that we are going to use it but we do our best and we have spent the past 3 years living through the example of what happens when we do not own, acknowledge, integrate, align with, and claim our power. What we saw in the past 3 years was the full display of the 3D paradigm whose energies are grounded in control, domination, power over, coercion, limitation, restriction, disconnection, and tyranny.

Can you think of any examples of that which occurred during the past 3 years, from 2020 to 2022? Me too.

January is an energy portal for the rest of the year and sets the stage for the big events that include March’s energy shifts and the Alpha Omega portal we’ll have in March and April. An Alpha Omega portal occurs when we have two new moons in the same sign, the first one at zero or 1 degree and the second one at 29 degrees. This will happen with the March and April new moons, in the same month that Saturn and Pluto change signs. That is significant.

The energy theme for January is ‘Shine and Rise’ and no that isn’t backwards. We have to shine before we can rise, our understanding of our soul mission and life purpose require clarity and acceptance before we can expand into new energy potentials. While we want a quick release from trauma and pain, their bigger story that is part of our path of spiritual initiation can be the path to release and energetic freedom that we crave.

We set intentions to create something in our reality and it is a process of ‘real-izing’ energy. How do we know whether we are successful? What matters becomes matter. That’s why we can set an intention for something and get something different. We create from what matters, no matter what else we intend. So while the outcome of our intention may not be what we expected, it is a reflection of what matters to us and sometimes that is not the intention and its outcome but what other people think about it, our expectations, assumptions, our fears, and the energetic resonance of our past timelines.

This month we get a glimpse of what matters, what is important to us, what we value and what we think is worthy of our time, energy, and attention. Part of our intention should be the consideration of what we are making real, what we are creating for our reality, and how we are going to deal with the consequences. In a year whose theme is the Reckoning, we are going to experience our own reckoning in January.

Now we are in a new year and the 3D paradigm is on full display and is also in full dis-integration. I could write a lot about the shift in perception that has happened in the final months of 2022 and now in 2023 but you know what they are.  Mars retro in Gemini should have been a warning bell for those engaged in the darker aspects of 3D but they did not take it seriously. In their arrogance they thought they were beyond reproach and above the law and more importantly, that they have been getting away with crimes for decades and longer, they had no risk of apprehension or prosecution. It’s a little like playing hide and seek with a 2 year old. They cover their eyes and believe that since they cannot see you, you cannot see them either.

We are going to see more of the Divine Justice in 2023 and it begins now, with Mars going direct in Gemini and Jupiter in Aries. Why is this significant? Gemini is the lower octave of Sagittarius, the sign that rules higher thought, law, philosophy, and justice. Gemini rules karma and when partnered with its higher aspect Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter which is currently in Aries, we get the karmic boomerang.   Mars in Gemini is in mutual reception with Jupiter in Aries. Now with Mars going direct on January 12, we have a perfect storm of divine justice delivered to those who think that they are allowed to do whatever they want to do without fear of retribution. The karma boomerang always returns its blessings.

Just a reminder here, karma is not always bad, it is good too. Rewards are based on the energy of our actions and intentions. Put out good energy and receive blessings you enjoy. Put out bad energy and receive blessings that not only repay your acts but expand that energy because there is no place in 5D for lower frequencies and sometimes the Universe lays the retribution on a little thick just to remind us that our free will can be used to do good as well as evil.

If you have ever wanted to see a display of justice against those who think that it’s spelled ‘just us’, take a seat and pass the popcorn. This is not about revenge, it is divine justice, the return of the karmic boomerang delivered with perfect timing and superb accuracy.  But don’t limit your gaze to those in the seats of public office, this is the first month of the  year of divine Reckoning, which I explained in the 2023 Predictions. This divine justice applies to everyone.

I have also been talking for a few months about spiritual charlatans, self proclaimed teachers, mentors, evangelists, coaches, and the like who prey on weak, needy, desperate people and inflate their hopes with the promises of joy, love, freedom, and empowerment for multiple thousands of dollars. They are going to get their comeuppance too because they intentionally harm people for their personal gain, showing off their expensive fripperies which they bought with the money they get from their hopeful students, while promoting more vaporware and the never ending path to emotional nirvana that is available for a price with a lot of zeros.

The karmic boomerang has an extra special payload for them. Watch what happens to them over the next four to six months, for some it’s going to be sooner than that.

Our greatest attribute and downfall is our free will. It allows us to act in ways that we believe are best suited to us in what can feel like experience of driving with our eyes closed.  We are in control of our reality and we have to maintain our path but being good, right, or perfect isn’t part of that mission. We must trade trying to be perfect for the expansion of our possibilities, to view our life as an experience of expanding potential rather than always trying to make sure that we are doing the right thing for everyone, and then allowing ourselves to suffer and to be limited in what we can have.

Don’t confuse self direction with entitled self interest, they are not the same thing. Our free will allows us to act individually while also maintaining our connection to our spiritual community, this is one of the pillars of 5D.  As we expand our spiritual awareness and embrace our spiritual potential through the filter of our 5D integration, we don’t have to choose between doing the right thing or doing what’s best for us because they are the same.

When we become part of our 5D communities we are with like spirited people and everyone in that community mirrors our energetic frequency, and shares in our energetic purpose and mission. I know we are all looking forward to that, I am. Like you, I am tired of living in places where I am the energy anchor, light beacon, Portal Keeper, where I hold a frequency that no one else shares. Our homes become energetic prisons where we are isolated and It’s lonely, depressing, and isolating. And this year it ends.

We see that begin this month but fulfillment may arrive in March and then June, when it really begins to gather momentum. If you aren’t preparing to move because that is what you want to do, you should be. Go through your things, give away what no longer serves or resonates with you, start looking at neighborhoods and areas, set your intention for the community and connections you want and let that guide you to making your choice for your new home. This applies to all of your relationships too. When you focus on the connections and the energy and call in your 5D partners you are creating energetic space for this in your life.

In January the portal to the powerful March shifts opens up, preparing the way for the big March events and encouraging more awakening and energy shifts to allow it to happen. It is not very often that two large planets change sign at the same time but that happens in March. It also happened in December 2020 when Jupiter and Saturn both entered Aquarius at the same time.

Now we have both Saturn and Pluto changing signs in March. Saturn goes into Pisces, recalling its previous transit there in 1994 to 1996 and Pluto goes into Aquarius, a sign it last visited in 1778. Is this the Age of Aquarius? I think that began in 2003 when Uranus finished its previous transit of Aquarius.

And what else happened in 2003? The start of this ascension cycle. Remember we moved into ascension 2.0 in January 2022 and the first ascension cycle began in 2003. See the 2022 energy reports for my discussion on that topic.

Mercury starts the year in retrograde in Capricorn and it goes direct on January 19. Oddly enough, at the same degree of its direct motion in January 2022. This has been a dominant energy in the past 3 years and our focus has been on the corporations, governments, officials, and systems that seek control and domination. This is the Capricorn domain. Before we can embrace the light we have to know where the dark is.  And we sure got a big lesson in that for the past 3 years. A lot has happened in the world since Pluto entered Capricorn in March 2008 just as it did when it previously entered Capricorn in 1762. These are transformational times and we have a front row seat.

Actually we’re more on the front lines which is why we’re experiencing so many ascension symptoms now, that include fatigue, muscle and joint aches and pain, food cravings, coma naps, disorientation, multi-dimensional multi-tasking, insomnia from 3 to 5AM, and so much energy downloads and integration.

The full moon on January 6 sets the stage for this month and for much of the year as it highlights the need for balance at this time of great upheaval. We have to manage our energetic resources as we seek to undo eons of 3D limitations while also expanding into the full expression of our 5D selves. It is a balancing act, one that works well if you know my famous Revolving Door method of energy exchange. And rather than being the world’s healer and light workers, we have to reconsider where we use our energy and who and what receives the benefit of our shining lights.

And we have a new moon on January 21 at 1 Aquarius which rings the 5D bell once again as Aquarius is a 5D aspect. Freedom, self expression, transformation, and community are all part of this new moon which is also setting the energy for the Alpha Omega portal of March and April.

If it feels like we’re taking a small step forwards and two giant steps backwards that is only an appearance, it is not exactly what is going on in the world. The more light we shine the more darkness we expose. Then we bring in more light to displace that darkness and the process starts all over again.

There is something for everyone now, an energy to match every frequency. It all depends on what you decide to focus on. If you choose to see the darkness then that is what you will see but if you choose to know that the darkness is there and choose to see the light instead, you will be in a place to know just how far to expand your light to move one step forward.

This balancing act in January is key in understanding how to best use the energy of this transformational year as we make our way through the final throes of 3D dis-integration and embrace our 5D paradigms. Onward and upward, it’s time to shine. Give it all you’ve got, there is no such thing as too much light and joy. Have a great month.

Copyright (c) 2023 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved. You may quote, translate, reprint or refer to this message if you mention the author name and include a working link to http://enlighteninglife.com

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  1. K

    I am wary of the possible origins of the word ‘bless’ and it’s because I am wary of those who sought control of our spirituality, wanting us to be helpless in regards to empowering ourselves.
    Is bless really from Be Less or b’less?
    If someone sneezes I now say ‘abundance to you’