Who is Kejraj?

Greetings to You! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj. The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. Tune into the light within you.

Today I wish to give you a brief introduction about myself. Who I am, where I come from, and how EraofLight.com came to be.

I am KejRaj(KayRy). I am an Eloah(singular for Elohim) of the Blue Ray, journeying from the 12D octaves, incarnated on Earth at this time. I entered the the Milky Way galaxy via the Pleiades star system from the Andromeda galaxy. I’ve chosen the Pleiades star Merope as my home.

I’ve had lifetimes in many different star systems, Lyra, Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus, and Orion. Since taking part in creating the hue-man and the lowers planes, which were not intended for suffering, but the project was hijacked later on, I decided to incarnate and contribute my energies to restoring the original purpose. So myself and many others have returned to set things straight by reactivating the original blue prints and restoring the original plan for the beautiful planet known as Earth.

I have chosen the name KejRaj, which was first revealed to me. The name is from a different lifetime in the Pleiadian star system. My Earth name in this lifetime is Halil, which means ‘honorable comrade’. The name KejRaj, the first part of the name, Kej is pronounced simply like the letter K. The second part, Raj, the ‘aj’ is pronounced like the word ‘eye’, the letter R and ‘eye’, KejRaj. To simplify things, KayRy. The name itself is etheric in origin, which again to over simply its meaning, it means “that which shines the brightest”, or simply ‘lightbringer, light master’. It is a name which I have used while in the Pleiadian star system.

On Earth, I was born in the little country known today as Kosovo(ancient Dardania, part of Illyria), South Eastern Europe.

Before ‘today’s Earth’, there were two other planets that were destroyed in the Galactic Wars.

Our modern Earth today is the Third Earth, that very much resembles the other two. This Earth today is coming closer with Sirius star system, and the Pleiadian Star system; Earth will lead the rest of the Galaxy towards the light.

About 215,000 years ago I came to Earth as an extraterrestrial with friends and family from the Pleiades, where I spent time in Lemuria, simply observing and learning as much as I could.

It was not long before I returned back home and made the decision that it would be worth the experience to spend more time on Earth. So I left everything behind(all is in the heart) and decided to come to Earth and anchor the higher light. I incarnated here on Earth, first for a short period in Lemuria, and then went to Atlantis, where I remained there ’til its demise.

After Atlantis I went to what is known today as the Balkans(South Eastern Europe), which once was known as Pelasgia, later Iliria(land of the free). What remains of the Pelasgians today, the people are known as Shqiptar or Albanian. And the ancient language which is Pleiadian in origin is still spoken today by over seven million Albanians in the Balkans. Of course over the millennia the language has evolved, nonetheless the ‘seed of the fruit’ has not changed.

I spent lifetimes in modern day Ireland, Egypt, Germany, Switzerland, Pelasgia(modern Balkans), Rome, as well as other parts of the world. In rome I was beheaded with a group of people for standing up against the tyranny of Julius Caesar. I’ve had many lifetimes in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa.

I have been here on Earth for over 215,000 years. It isn’t quite easy to wrap my mind around that. Now I live in America, in the state of Michigan.

As we move forward, this nation, known as America will lead the world to peace. Though this has not been the case in the past, this is America’s destiny. A revolution will unfold.

The soul always seeks to serve, through that, the light within expands. And that is the position I found my self in. How can I serve this world in a broader way?! I do not have the means to travel, to hold conferences around the world and such. However, I can serve via the web, and join the internet collective. So I decided to create the webpage, EraofLight.com and share as much as I can with humanity. There’s been great times and tough times between everything, and while managing the webpage by myself. I must say it still brings me joy when I know how many appreciate what I do here.

Through the years the webpage has changed, it has evolved in a way I will say. The number of posts we make daily has increased. We have added more categories. The number of visitors has grown exponentially. I must say the page has grown immensely, and reaching far more people than I had imagined. The positive feedback received is amazing, it feels great, it makes me want to do more and more, and so I shall.

If you have any questions about me or related to the website, please feel free to contact via email; EraofLightblog@gmail.com

As always, from heart to heart, I am KejRaj!


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  1. mark scofield white

    beloved brother,
    today is 3/25 and for some reason I was guided back to your 2/7 message. wow, what a beautiful and powerful summation of past and present earth, with great insight and profound truths.
    much love,

  2. Evan Azwinndini Nonge

    I am so pleased and so grateful that today, I managed to get to know who Kajraj. I will contact you via email, for we are in this together.

  3. AzureLeaves

    Good day Don Spectacularis. Don’t know how late this reply is due to my timezone here in Asia and if you will be able to read this but I’d like to thank you as well for your comment.

    I’ve pretty much gotten used to people just ignoring me in terms of my posts, or even not saying if they agree or not or even add another info of their own as an augment. But it does feel nice to get noticed in this way so thank you I appreciate what you said here.

    Though I get it not many people has time to read long posts nowadays, even I, sometimes.

    As for the articles, please be assured that a blog in blogspot is in the works. Once I start posting there, I’ll submit the same-day posts to Kejraj for this website, as it’s part of my personal spiritual assignments too.

    I always have this urge to share my experiences, realizations, insights and such on various things to those who will be receptive of it.

    As well as present my own methods/share methods that I know so that people can start taking steps to using their metaphysical and spiritual abilities to better their life and others and help become their greatest version, the same way those teachings helped me grow.

    1. Don Spectacularis

      Well, luckily, I did find your comment here well in time (well, this time anyways). Asian here too, by the way. Waiting to see your posts on here and blogspot soon soon soon! Wishing you all the very best for this truly exciting project!!!!! 🙂 🙂

      1. Raksha

        Oh and Don, it’s been a while. Are you okay ? Last time we talked you were not all that good. All the best.

        1. Don Spectacularis

          Haha thank you Raksha I am SO MUCH better now than what it was when we met last. Made a few major life changes. So now, all’s good (though there’s a way to go for complete perfection – but I’ll get there too) 😉 🙂 🙂

          Hope you’ve been keeping well too!!!

    2. Raksha

      Hello AzureLeaves, I read most of your posts and enjoy them, But the lifespan of a topic is just what it is. Help me put pressure on KejRaj to have a proper forum without time limit haha 🙂

  4. Desert Flower

    Dear Kejraj,

    Thanks so much for introducing yourself! I appreciate everything you are doing and I believe you are achieving what you need to with this global site (no “conferences” required).

    Your own messages are inspiring and resonate with me.

    Blessings to all.

    1. Joyce

      In loving gratitude to you Beloved Kejraj🙏.
      Really appreciate hearing your story as well. And thank you for your daily messages. So needed at this time. God bless you.

  5. Alicia T

    Thank you for this post. Era of Light is responsible for my spiritual awakening (so to speak). Realize now I have always “been awake”, but covid and rabbit holes reignited my truth seeking mission. Somewhere along the line I landed at era of light and had my mind blown. Atlantis, Lemuria, Pleadians, etc. were new to me in most ways, other than hearing about them in the sense of fiction (raised in the Christian paradigm). Now know that I am a starseed, and that I had trouble making ascension out of cycle on my own planet, so I was allowed to come to earth for one life because of the ascension window opening. Still so much for me to learn, but I am so so thankful for Era of Light and all of the content that has helped me on my spritual journey. Also really like your new “Daily messages”. Inspiring and easy quick read! Thank you for all you do in this fight to raise humanity’s consciousness!!

  6. Aly

    BLESSINGS TO YOU KEJRAJ… for all you do, and for all that you are. There is such deep resonance within me as I read your words. It’s like being wrapped in perfect LOVE/LIGHT, hope and JOY too, each and every time you express all that you are! From the bottom of my ❤️ THANK YOU…🦋


    It is our honor for what you are doing for us and our mother earth.
    It was a surprise to learn about your origin-lifetimes and your
    today’s creation of ERA OF LIGHT, which by all means is of great
    help to us.

  8. Mi Od

    Chi e veramente Kej Raj.La storia racontata e impresionante,ma spiega poco o niente.Ogniuno a la sua storia,qualquno forse ancora piu imponente.Importante e racontare come si e arivato a conoscerla.Come e stato il risveglo,quale e la storia della transformazione ,come e .arivata iluminazione.Queste esperienze sono preziose.
    Sei umano,Nato in Kosovo,vivi in Michigan.Perche alora ti separi dai umani:Per queli de voi…
    Perche ti separi pure dal mondo umano:Quello che state vedendo ora nel vostro mondo…
    Parli come un mentore:Devi lasciar andare…Devi rilasciare la paura…
    Parli al nome di un collectivo:Quindi vi diciamo…Ma chi veramente lo dice.E con quale autorita.Tanto che dici sempre le cose gia note,racontate molte volte nei messaggi angelici. Fai promesse da parte del imagginario voi:Ti prometiamo che non ci manca molto…Quale veramente e la tua fonte.Dici delle cose anche dubiose:Stai vedendo la fine della religione…O leto nei messaggi angelici qualcosa di diverso. Certo,fai un grande lavoro gestendo questo sito.Grazie, Non intendo fare polemica con te.Pero certe cose chedono una spegazione piu profonda e piu veritiera.Con rispeto.

  9. gao


  10. Douglas A James

    Thank you! I must ask..Law of One states humans have been on earth only about 72,000 years and many were brought here from Mars after wars and nuclear weapons destroyed the atmosphere etc.. also there is a harvest every 13k yrs I believe or 26k and the last harvest very few were able to qualify … This time we need almost all of humanity to ascend in 3 waves …which per law of one was supposed to start around 2011
    Thanks Doug

    1. Raksha

      75,000 years is the date when the current Great cycle began, there were humans before. One cycle is approx 25,000 years, and 3 such cycles make for a Great cycle. According to Ra.

  11. AzureLeaves

    Thank you for what you do as well, Kejraj. It’s nice to know more about you.

    I actually planned on asking you about these on email before, but held back since I feel you’re quite a busy person yourself, too. But thanks to this post my questions about you have been answered.

    Though, just one question: How were you able to know your past lives, was it through certain spiritual practices, or help from someone with highly developed powers or something of the sort?


    As for me, all I got is feelings and intuition, and relying on my personal “affinities” with various entities and “kinds” of nonphysical types of individuals.

    It appears I am to play my part in this Grand Play without knowing my past lives at this time and be expected to muster enormous spiritual power for these Spiritual Assignments without knowing my past identities, only relying on my feelings and what my intuition tells me.

    It’s quite challenging but perhaps it has its benefits of not weighing me down with memories and allowing me freedom to define what “I AM” at the present without restrictions and past baggage.

    Though that doesn’t mean I’m not curious as heck; someday once things calm down, I should be able to spare more efforts on finding more about myself outside the confines of this body, and hopefully have access to good assistance if needed.

    Anyways, looking forward to your continued operations through this website as well and to continue to give voice and platform to useful and important information from various individuals that can potentially help people at these chaotic times.

    Thank you once again.

    1. THE Don Motherfucking Spectacularis

      Greetings AzureLeaves. Don’t know if you’ll ever read this comment or not. But in case you’ve ever wondered whether the long comments that you write with such dedication and commitment (and quite possibly, sheer will) are at all worth the effort, I just wanted to say that I read them ALL in FULL. And that many of them contain some Truly. BRILLIANT. Fucking. WISDOM. Wisdom of the very HIGHEST light, at least from what I myself can sense of it anyways. (Doesn’t mean that I agree with all of it, though).

      You should be writing articles for this site. It is a little sad for me to see such well written and deeply-effort-ed and long write ups of yours hidden or lost somewhere deep within the comments sections or someplace. You deserve better. The people coming to this website for higher knowledge and wisdom deserve better.

      You deserve to be known. Your writings, your work, deserve to be known. For the benefit of one and all. And perhaps, for a little bit of personal satisfaction for you as well — that someone actually read and benefited from YOUR truths.

      Just my two cents. Much love, light and gratitude to you for all that you do and are.

  12. Sophia

    Thank you KejRaj

    I am so thankful that your tweets had shown up on my twitter account. On the very first moment I already know that I am guided by my Guardian Angels to read your messages and teachings. You are the light house of my soul to direct me home. Thank you so much “SoulLight”. I love you so so much.

    I am Sophia

  13. Dana

    Dear KejRaj, great revelation. Is message sharing sufficient for system disruptor activities? Do you have any idea what a ruby planet is?

  14. harrrrrie

    It’s delightful to find out who you are. And you are hu-man who knows so much. I would love to hear more about us and this great planet from you. Thank you for your sharing, generosity and caring about us and our future. I feel privileged and blessed to read the articles and given opportunities to express myself. Thank you so much KejRej.

  15. Vincent Jake ,

    What more can I say … All has been said for your great work and for my part , hoping that one day I will have the very great pleasure to meet You in person and give You a big hug… We are all ONE and this is the way
    it will be … avec beaucoup d’Amour …

    The Jake ,


    I could feel your energy the moment I looked at your picture. It grabbed my heart and pulled me into you like a magnet. I sat, mesmerized for a very long time.I feel I know you so well…probably from Lemuria. Thank you for being here and your service to Creation. In Love and Light I honor you always.

  17. H.S

    Thank you KejRaj, for your dedication
    I found this page about two months ago and have been a keen reader since – I feel very fortunate
    Thank you for connecting people, and connecting Earth people and so many supporters in Heaven

  18. Bonnie

    I am blessed to have found your work and I thank you and all others who contribute to this beautiful and sometimes what appears to be a very difficult journey of personal and in turn, global awakening of who we truly are in essence.

  19. Jean-Christophe

    Merci pour ce site internet et pour tout ton travail, mon frère galactique. (thank you for this website and for all the work done, my galactic brother)

  20. Makhosazana Tshuma

    Thank you so much for this page KeyRaj, it is my daily dose of Sanity in this emotionally unstable planet of ours. Sending you so much Love and Light.

  21. A.S.

    Thank you so much for your site and for your beautiful messages, KejRaj. I think you are an amazing and evolved soul and I am grateful for this website that you maintain, that allows us to read and post our own messages.

  22. Yup

    It is so wonderful that you are so awake that everything is crystal clear for you. It is important not to get drawn into the circus that is this world and you have managed that admirably.

  23. viloyon

    What one consumes with the eyes is something to be mindful of, and Era of Light has long been a dependable staple of spiritually healthy content. Thank you for all that you do.

  24. LibertyBelle

    KejRaj – A million heartfelt thanks!
    You truly honor us with your wisdom – and this website. Such beautiful blessings. It raises my vibration every day ❤️
    It’s the last thing I read after a long day of digesting the mercurial events of our amazing planet.
    You lift and inspire me, and that wondrous energy spreads to those in my energy field like a beautiful bloom of love & light.
    Namaste from Hollywood,
    where the Light is so very needed! 🧘🏻‍♂️

  25. Sharon Crowson

    Thank you for introducing yourself KejRej! For years now I look first for your articles and have shared them widely. I so appreciate the work you do. I especially appreciate the spiritual articles as I look to be encouraged by them most of all. I feel a resonance with your articles & what you have been accomplishing. You are a bright light in our world, thank you!

  26. Carla

    Thank you for sharing your past lives with us all!! Having this experience in this lifetime doesn’t seem quite so insurmountable now!
    Just look how long you’ve been doing it…. Awesome!!
    Thank you so very much ❣️
    Love and Light to you for eternity!!

  27. Christed

    We at africaresearch.org have shared and continued to share insights from your website for our local African and world audience. The ones that resonate ring clear and lucid to readers and visitors. Past lives do not matter so much as present unfolding. Victory of the Light!!

  28. Iosefina Borcea

    Va Multumesc din inima și sufletul meu pentru informațiile pe care ni le dati.Namaste

  29. IngKJ

    KejRaj, thanks for the great website and sharing your past, which makes me curious if you have known your origin during all or most earthly incarnations.

  30. Jana

    Thank you KejRaj, I share so much information with friends and family from thsi website. I feel like this is where we find all the real truth of whats happening around the world. Also about ourselves and our lives here, and our purpose. I have always felt I really did’nt belong here, and still don’t, like I should be somewhere else, and am from somewhere else. Doing the best I can while Im here to spread my love and light everywhere I go. 🙂

  31. Gerlinde Mantey

    That was my question all the time – who this lightful being KejRaj really is. Thank you!
    Gerlinde (from Plejades, the physical form of An-Ra from Andromeda, since she – my higher self – walked in.)

  32. Lisa Ruth

    KejRaj, Thank you for establishing this website and the insights you provide. I look forward to reading the posts on EraOfLight it is one of my daily routines! Thank you all, keep up the great work! Towards The Light We Go <3

    1. Irena Arndt

      Sorry lieber Gordon , habe diese Seite gerade entdeckt.
      Aber erlaube mir bitte die Frage wieso steht da das Datum von 02.05.2023 ?
      Alle Daten sind so angegeben.
      Kann es sein das hier zuerst der Monat angegeben wird und dann erst der Tag ? Also der Februar der fünfte 2023 ?
      Denn den 2. Mai. 2023 liegt ja noch in der Zukunft richtig?
      Ich danke für die Antwort und die Mühe.
      Lg herzlichst Irena