March 2023 Energy Report

There are some really big energy events this  month as well as a lot of under the surface events and we’ll have energy and potential for transformation coming at us from every angle. March may have a sort of carnival atmosphere, like when you are walking around and everyone is trying to get your attention so you spend your money on their ride or buy their merchandise.

It is more than a turning point, it is an inflection point for humanity as the Great Awakening meets the New Potentials and the 3D paradigm takes its last turn around the  karma circle.

This month’s energy foundation is The Rendez-vous,  which doesn’t mean a meeting, it means to bring yourself.  And we have themes of freedom, miracles, motivation, truth, and energy mastery. No pressure here, we have gone through this before. No more rehearsals, it’s opening night and  it’s time to wake up, get up, stand up, and rise up and shine. This is a powerful month and it’s rich in potential which you can use as long as you get your possibilities on the table, your priorities in order, and claim your miracles.

One of the themes in March is miracles, a topic I have broad  expertise in, as you know. Now miracles are not magic and they do not happen randomly. They are the product of deliberate, focused intention and an energy tool that you should be using every day to manifest your reality. Miracles are simply the movement of energy from one place to another. Thinking of them as the movement of energy, something you are very familiar with if you have been following me for any length of time, takes the mystery and confusion out of miracle creation. If you want to learn more join my free 3 Day Miracle Mastery Challenge from March 2 through March 4, 2023.

The word miracle means something that creates wonder. Think of miracles as something wonderful and they are because they generally move you from a place of not having to having, from anxiety to relief, out of disaster into calm. That’s been the case for me whenever I created miracles, as they usually got me out of an absolute disaster into a truly miraculous series of blessings. I have shared my miracle stories with you many times and I’m going to be sharing my miracle process in my 3 Day Miracle Mastery Challenge, you learn  more at this link.

There is so much going on in March that I don’t know where to start so I will begin the March Energy Report detail by looking at the first aspect of March and that is its numerology. March 2023 is a 1 month, 3 + 7 = 10, which reduces to a 1. Interesting too, that the final day of February was also a 1 (2 + 2 + 8 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 3 = 19, 9  + 1 = 10 or 1). 1 signifies fresh starts, new beginnings, and the first step out. The longest journey begins with the first step and for us something else is true, the next step on any journey begins when we take a step in a different direction. That’s what we have in March and it’s fitting that it’s a month of beginnings after February’s full on 9 energy, the number of endings. And the cycle of energy continues.

Also as we begin March we have the Alpha Omega portal from the  February 20 new moon at play, it was a powerful new moon that activated a lot of energy and it was accompanied by very heavy solar flare activity, which we are still feeling now.  March also begins with a beautiful exact conjunction between Jupiter and Venus in Aries, which gives another level of emphasis to the March energy paradigm of miracles, energy mastery, truth, freedom, and motivation.

The first big day in March is the 7th when Saturn enters Pisces. This starts another energy cycle that began in February 1991, the last time we had Saturn in Pisces. I was contemplating that and realizing how long ago that was. My youngest son was  2 years old then, he is now 34. I know that a LOT has happened in that 30 year period and we’re facing down some very dark and dense energies today, many of which were activated during that 1991 period. Look at what was going on in the world then.

And as I am writing this I remember that in 1991 I lived in Houston, Texas and I had started doing a lot of channeling work. Not with Uriel, but with a lot of other energies, especially angelic. I had created a big spiritual group and we used to meet regularly and do a lot of channeling and energy work. It was fun and a start to the work that would begin in earnest with the 2003 Ascension cycle that we initiated. This was an early spiritual awakening that set the foundation for what we are doing today. And with Saturn going into Pisces again it’s time to take it up a few levels to reflect the spiritual understanding, maturity, and experience that we have accumulated in the last 30 years.

So if you have been confused about your spiritual direction, mission, or purpose, or if you have been dismayed by the spiritual charlatans who are using this movement to deceive and manipulate people, it comes to an end now. Saturn will be in Pisces until February 2026 and we are going to see a lot of changes in the makeup of the spiritual community over the next 2 years. New teachers will come forward, old teachers will leave, and the ones who have been manipulating their audiences will be revealed and will fall by the wayside.

Saturn in Pisces brings sense of order and maturity to our spiritual lives now, especially with Neptune in Pisces. Some astrologers say that it brings doom and gloom but I disagree. Saturn is the teacher, the disciplinarian, the task master that won’t settle for less than perfect and insists that we finish what we start before we move on to something else. I believe Saturn in Pisces is going to bring some order to the spiritual chaos and confusion that Neptune in Pisces since February 2012 has created.

I also think that Saturn in Pisces is going to rein in some of the tyranny we have experienced in the past 3 years. Much of that began with Saturn in Capricorn, especially when it was conjunct Pluto from January to March 2020. What happened then? I will go over this in more detail in the Energy Purpose & Soul Mastermind, and you can learn more about that here.

The full moon on March 7 is at 15 Virgo which is not spectacularly aspected but it does bring an interesting energy to the month as it forms a helpful aspect to Uranus now in Taurus. With  Mercury in Pisces and Saturn moving into Pisces on that date, since Virgo is the lower octave of Pisces, we have an interesting choice between Martyred Healer vs Christed Awareness.

Our question is, do we sacrifice ourselves for others’ healing and joy or do we serve ourselves? Are we ‘in service’ as a servant or ‘of service’ as an empowered master? This has always been at the core of our karmic cycles and soul groups and we will have more opportunities to make those choices this year. Our CORE karma pillars are being activated so we can move forward with the clarity of freedom rather than the energy prisons of our karmic CORE alignments.

Next we have the Equinox on March 20, which is our solar new year. This is when the year really begins. And the Equinox new moon at 0 Aries will be followed by a new moon on April 20 at 29 Aries, another Alpha Omega Portal. These bring opportunities for closure, for reconsideration, and energetic recalibration. We have double Aries energy which is going to bring motivation, excitement, and fear-free action into play. It’s also spring in the northern hemisphere and since I live in the South, where spring comes early, I am enjoying the signs of new growth and new life all around me. Those of you in the colder climates will be seeing this in a few weeks.

If you have not been decisive or have been feeling a little confused, get ready for a double dose of courage and a desire for freedom. Aries are the pioneers, the risk takers, the ones who peer into the unknown to find out what’s there.  While they do not always make the best choices, they do not lack courage, curiosity, and a desire to know what’s beyond the next horizon. And around March 15 Mars finally gets out of its retro shadow and we can have some real action and movement.

Then Mars, the action planet and the planetary ruler for Aries, finally leaves Gemini on March 26, after a very long transit that started in August 2022. That is a very long time for Mars to be in a sign, especially one that rules karma, communications, and travel while also creating confusion, doubt, and over-thinking. So if you have been wandering in your wondering about your next steps, the best path, or what’s the right and best thing to do, you may get some clarity by the end of the month as Mars completes its extra long time in Gemini and moves on.

This adventure seeking mindset will serve you well in March as you explore new horizons for yourself, leaving your tired, old ways behind you and that includes anything that is draining your energy. If you have not been willing or able to let go of relationships that truly do not serve you in any way, that steal your joy, and that do not ‘love, honor, and respect you’ March will point you in the direction of your joy.

Now what happens depends on your willingness to create your new, 5D paradigm, to rendez-vous with your new soul mission of joy and that’s a personal choice you will have to make.

Remember every choice has consequences and every energy shift includes a re-calibration that may exclude some people and situations but that is their choice too.

A key to success in March is discernment, deciding what is right and best for you and what serves you and your intention, and acceptance, honoring everyone’s choices as part of their energetic sovereignty.

Yes there is a lot of chaos in the world right now but chaos is part of the ascension cycle and it’s a sign that we’re dis-integrating the 3D paradigm and integrating more light and higher frequencies. So hold your light, shine your brightest, and set strong and powerful intentions for joy to inspire, encourage, and motivate yourself and others.

The world needs our light and we are creating our 5D communities now. There is support for you on your journey, as our frequencies rise and our desire for the 5D energized living and qualities of community, connection, collaboration, cooperation, and creativity to be our new paradigms compel us to find our energetic families and friends and create our energetic communities. It starts  this month. Have a wonderful  month.

**By Jennifer Hoffman