Strange New World (blast off time)

For many of us on the Ascension journey, the light is finally dawning on us that we are truly entering a new world. This means that we can no longer think, feel, and behave in our old ways. It’s these old ways that have kept us in the old world—and it’s these old ways that must be replaced with the new. We must break free of our pasts if we want to step into the radically new cosmic future.

As with the analogy of the fruit falling from the tree when it’s ripe, we naturally ascend into higher states of consciousness as we deeply understand ourselves and life. This comes about as we fully see through the limitations of our limited perceptions, pains, and actions. We then finally move out of a healing state and into a healed one. As we do so, we become ready to submit to the Divine Order and to begin flowing with its gracious and ever intelligent patterns and rhythms—and it’s the jumping-off point to Ascension. This is a profound evolutionary process that unfolds over time, and it can’t be forced—it can only be allowed as our inner beings ripen under the light of the Grand Spiritual Sun.

Now, at this most exciting time, there are many souls who are completing their healing journeys and are preparing to merge with the new world. And this is where things get strange. 

The behavioral patterns that used to govern us don’t seem to get us anywhere anymore. Our maps, compasses, tools, and old haunts just stop guiding us, and we’re left directionless. It’s as if the world is walking forwards but we’re now walking backwards. Nothing and no one makes sense anymore. When this occurs, it’s then time to exclusively listen to the inaudible whispers of the heart as the new way of operating. These whispers are the voice of our higher minds and this is what will guide us toward all that is wondrously and inconceivably new.

So what is this new world? The new world is a field of super consciousness, or pure light, and it imbues us with crystal clear perceptions, magnetic joy, radiant wellbeing, and pure fiery-charged actions. We can no longer force, cajole, or stress our way through life. These survival tactics won’t work anymore. It’s only through letting go of the directives and mechanisms of our old selves, our “ego minds”, that we step into our creative and ingenious higher minds which interface with and give rise to this enlightened reality.

In short, the laws of the new world are different than the old one. The new world is built on a foundation of eternal spiritual truths, not ill-devised man-made ones. So let’s allow ourselves to open up to these spiritual truths now: when we shift away from being materially concerned, we become surprisingly abundant; when we stop forcing circumstances, our lives begin to serendipitously flow; when we surrender our problems, divine opportunities and messengers appear; when we disavow misery from our experience, we feel the fundamental bliss of our beings; when we no longer anxiously cling to life, it miraculously opens up and shows us a kind alternative.

Whatever the old world demands to be true or tells us to do, we must know and do the opposite. We must allow ourselves to recognize that we’ve been duped not only by many of our (often times well-meaning) political, spiritual, and thought leaders, but by our communities, families and ourselves. The old world is plagued by a pandemic of spiritual ignorance and we must become immune to it by waking up.

For those of us who are ready, we are leaping across the great divide that has separated our personal consciousnesses from the vast ocean of cosmic wisdom and grace that the new world is made of. There’s no turning back—nor would we want to.

Within the cosmos, the new world has always existed, but it’s now becoming visible to those who are awakening. Here on earth, this field of super consciousness is ready to hold those ripe individuals who are dropping away from the old world. We are invited now to embrace, and even relish, the strangeness of this transition as we move through it. Completing and saying goodbye to our pasts, we begin to dance with the Divine Order. Its movements are different and highly unusual for us. Yet this is a wholly exciting and thrilling time that we are stepping into and that we are moving in step with. Let’s say yes to the strangeness. Let’s get wild with Ascension. Let’s go!

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